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"What the hell is this, this bullshit," she fumes as she snapped the newspaper down onto the desk looking at the wide eyed blonde with a heated expression. "The Rise and Fall of a Rock and Roll Legend, he gave up the dream. Lady did you bother to check you facts with this or did you just write whatever dribble you thought would get readers attention?" Slamming her hand down on the paper she narrowed her eyes until they were nothing more than slits before she shook her head. "My grandmother picked up the paper and read this shit because you printed it before the family was notified."

Catlin Byrne, City Editor for the San Francisco Times, didn't know what to say or do at that moment and time. She had never seen anyone so angry and the fact that this woman didn't seem to be backing off any was alarming, she had found her story about the rock star Zane to be a riveting piece but it seemed as if some people didn't hold journalistic integrity in such high respects. Taking a step back she continued to look on at the woman trying to gather her thoughts enough that she could find something comforting to say or at least something that would sooth the monster in front of her.

In effect the monster before her was only nineteen years old but Shayne Emerson had no intention of backing off or backing away from the reporter. She didn't care if it had been a respected story or if it had been the piece of the century, what she cared about was the fact this woman was making her brother out to be some kind of monster and a quitter. To make matters worse she had gotten a frantic phone call from her grandmother earlier in the morning asking if she had seen the paper, Shayne of course hadn't but when she finally got a copy of it she had seen what the problem was. It had been three weeks since she had heard from Zane, but he'd been in good spirits when she had talked to him last and looking forward to performing. With little thought of effort Shayne reached across the desk and grabbed the collar of the blonde shirt before she pulled her forward so that her face was only inches from Shayne's.

"I don't give a damn if you're the Barbara Walter's of the Times, when I'm finished with you Ms. Byrne you'll be lucky if you can find anyone to let you print the horoscopes. Till we meet again though you have a nice day," Shayne snapped before letting the woman go and giving her a good shove for measure, smirking as the woman landed half in her chair and half struggling not to fall to the floor. "The lesson in this for you is that you should be careful of what you write but more so what you print, since you never know whose going to read it."


"She was horrible Julian but I think she was serious about what she said too," Catlin said.

To Lillie Langtry it sounded more as if she were whining than anything else, upset that someone had gotten the upper hand on her or was threatening to tarnish her spotless image. Granted she could understand Zane's concern she had known before embracing him that he was one a native of Hollywood, two he had a family though he was only close with his younger sister and his grandmother, and three Zane obviously wasn't his real name. The last being a fact that Catlin hadn't taken into effect when she had printed her story, casting a look to Julian she shrugged her shoulders as inwardly the Toreador Primogen was thrilled. For once her Prince's precious human pet had gone to far and there would be no way he could reason this one out, it was up to her to be the graceful savior in this instance and she was more than willing to step into the role.

"Oh Dear, Catlin I am so sorry but I'm afraid that sounds like Zane's little sister, Shayne and they were terribly close." Lillie started. "You can just imagine what a shock she got when her grandmother called her and told her the news of what had happened. I'm sure I can sit down and talk to her before she does anything drastic," or after she had done something drastic, either or it didn't matter much to Lillie so long as she could put Catlin in her place. "The poor dear must be wondering around the city terrified and frightened Julian."

Catlin blinked and looked across the table at the dark haired owner of The Haven. "Terrified and frightened, I don't know if this girl knows the meaning of the words. Chances are she's out there trying to dig up dirty on me." Catlin remarked before she looked toward Julian. "What are we going to do?"

"We?" He asked as if perplexed as to what he had to do with this, his anger was boiling over at Catlin's self centered attitude and Lillie wasn't completely out of the woods either but he could understand her concern. Zane had been her favored childe and his Final Death had been hard on her, saving his sister might have been some form of redemption. "Lillie I want you to talk to Cash and have him help you to look for Ms. Emerson, I agree with you in that she must be very upset and probably wondering around the city aimlessly."

"Yes we Julian, you let me print the article," Catlin countered.

"I assumed that you had checked your facts and to be frank with you Catlin I am appalled that you didn't," he stated before he turned his attention back to Lillie. "I think it would be best for you to go talk to Cash now rather than waiting any later Lillie, the sooner that she can be found the safer she'll be." Someone that was as relentless as the Nosferatu and still human could endanger the Masquerade, but it also left him to wonder if she would be as easy to deceive as what other humans were. "If I were you Catlin I would think about going to the Hollywood Hills and apologizing to Elizabeth Emerson."

"The actress, from the 20's. She was Zane's grandmother?" asked Catlin as she twisted a strand of hair around her finger. "I didn't know that."

Lillie looked over before she slid out of her seat and rose, straightening the dress she was wearing and soothing out the wrinkles in it. "Of course you didn't, had you checked facts and asked questions instead of assuming Zane to be some sort of drifter you would have found out the truth." So she was still a little bitter and hell hath no fury like a Toreador scorned, well unless she did make the trek to Hollywood and then Lillie was certain Catlin would find out what pure evil looked like.


"Don't worry Grandma I'll find out what happened to him," Shayne said as she leaned against the wall next to the payphone. "I paid that reporter chick a visit and asked her what she was thinking." Flicking the ash from her cigarette down onto the ground she cast a look around before she rolled her neck from side to side. "She looked kind of like a deer caught in the headlights of a car and then she had the nerve to look offended when I called what she had written bullshit." Smiling in the darkness she rolled her eyes before clearing her throat. "Well what else do you want me to call it because it wasn't Pulitzer Prize winning material?" There was a lull in the conversations as the youth looked down at her fingernails. "Don't worry Grandma I'll be alright, I can take care of my self but I'm not leaving until I have answers."

Hanging the phone up and stepping out of the phone booth Shayne tossed her cigarette down and crushed it with the heel of her sneakers before she looked around the darkened street. Pulling the heavy leather coat tighter around herself she started to walk along the sidewalk, taking in the sleeping businesses and wondering if her brother had at one time walked the same path that she herself were walking. A part of her doubted that since even in youth he hadn't been much for walking to see the sights so much as he had been the type that enjoyed cruising around and looking for girls or indulging in dope. Shayne on the other hand preferred the night, it made things come alive, the colors seemed to be more vibrant and lively and the sounds were different more unique at night.

In all honesty she couldn't wrap her mind around the whole idea of her brother having committed suicide on a train track, being arrested she would have bought but not this. He had enjoyed his life far too much and in the end Zane just wanted to make music, unless of course it was drug related and just assumed to be a suicide. If it were drugs than Shayne could have accepted that, he'd always had a problem with it and it had constantly been a source of conflict. She herself had her own vices, caffeine, nicotine, and sex, all of which were lethal in their own right and she could give up one but never all three so she tended to alternate between them. Zane, or rather Daniel, as he had been known to their family, he'd always had a problem with women and drugs but they had been so sure getting his big break would clean him up for a while. Bottom line was that she smelt something rotten with this entire thing, something very rotten, which was why she planned on her next stop being the police station. A look at the records and reports that they had involving the incident wouldn't hurt and maybe it would shine some light onto something that she hadn't thought of already.


Cash was exhausted, he had been driving around the city all night looking for Shayne and he had yet to find her. He had gone to the police station to see if maybe she had been arrested and to fill Sonny in on the situation and that had been where he had found her. Locked in a battle of wits with Frank and judging by the baffled expression on his face it looked like Shayne was winning that battle.

"So your telling me that a man walks onto a train track, takes his own life and you don't bother to take a photograph, record what happened, file any reports or records, you just what go back on a coffee and doughnut break,' Shayne asked lifting an eyebrow. "Wow and here I thought that the cops in LA were lazy pricks, you make them look dedicated and hard working."

Frank grimaced before he shoved his hands deeper into his pockets; she had a look that could cut right through you. "I'm telling you that I don't have the records."

She held her hand up before he could say anything else and rose from the chair looking down at him. "You're lying to me too, according to the cop at the desk you were the lead investigator on this case. Now I'm going to go and find a hotel for the night, when I come back bright and early in the morning I expect you to have those files for me alright." Leaving no room or time for him to speak or ask questions Shayne pivoted on her heels and left, slamming the squad room door behind her.

"Problems Frank?" Cash mused as he took the seat Shayne had previously been occupying. "Sounds like she read you the riot act and then racked your balls while she was at it, but don't take it personally that's just the way she is."

"She wanted the police reports on Zane and I don't have any of them," Frank replied before she shrugged his shoulders. "Even if I did I'm not sure that she would buy the fact he just stood on the train tracks and let the train hit him."

Cash looked across the table before he leaned forward. "She will believe that what remains were left had high traces of heroin in them and he passed out though, she knew he had a drug problem in life but Frank and this is the important part. Shayne is smart don't go babbling about us to her because if you do she might get suspicious about things and someone might get the wrong idea." He snickered before the Gangrel Primogen stood and smirked widely at Frank Kohanek. "I think she has a little too much of that old Hollywood charm, either that or she is really just that pissed off about all of this."

"Or she's suffering from PMS, but honestly and you need to tell Luna this I could have busted her for that gun that she's backing." Frank explained, he could have busted her for it if he had noticed it before she walked out of the police station.

"No you can't it's registered to her, she has a permit to pack it or at least that was what Zane said when I asked him about it," Cash explained as he continued to smirk, a part of him really enjoyed seeing Frank being put into his place or it was simply because he had a soft spot for his former best-friends little sister. "Leave her alone Frank, while she isn't protect by the Kindred of this city she's a lot like you." Cash said, leaving the cop with the ominous warning.


Walking along the streets of San Francisco and not really worrying where it was that she was going Shayne continued to let her mind wonder. Pondering things such as why it was that her brother would take his own life, why he hadn't called her when he reached that critical breaking point, and more importantly why people seemed to act as if there were some huge secret in it all. If it was a simple suicide wouldn't it just be easier to give her the information and let her mourn in peace, the moment the sun came up the next day she was going to start checking around. Zane's apartment, the club he always played at, and if she got no answers there she would start hounding his friends until they talked to her.

Either way, the bottom line was that she wasn't going back to Hollywood until she had an answer even if it killed her.