(Our group is traveling and chatting.)

Trixie – Hey, Jacob! Why does everyone fear Edward?
Jacob – If I answer you, will you answer my question?
Trixie – Sure
Jacob – Well, two years ago this land was happy peaceful place. The King and Queen ruled the land. I know it is very fairy tail-ish . But they were oh so nice and generous to us. Because they were king and queen, they were the strongest of everyone and everything. They control one thing that no one else in the world can use as a benefit and not yield bad results. The one thing man has not design machine to dominate and master. And anyone is susceptible to it: Time. Adaptations over time. Personal decisions and taste can change over time. Everything you know can just change and diminish before your eyes. Like a collapsing building or a fragile eroded rock. They were the only ones who could pass through this barrier and the next. Like every living being, they grew old, yet they still had the appearance of persons in their youth. Like my beautiful face is an example and your wrinkles an example of how they would look like if they if they didn't use magic.
Alyssa – Hey, watch your mouth dog.
Jacob – I'm just saying. (Jacob hunches his shoulder with hands up against his chest as if he was being arrested.)As I was saying before, one evening, the king was across the barrier and was being "mugged" (Says with air quotes.) He managed to escape toward the river and fled. The "mugger" was Edward Cullen. He wanted to know why the man could just disappear. He made up this crazy philosophy about him and was right in his illogical thinking and outrageous plans. He started believing in this place. He told his wife Bella about it and she thought he was absolutely crazy. Since she didn't believe, he divorced her and left her alone with her five vampire kids. One evening he went out and stared into the river and it appeared before him.
Trixie – How did he get here ?
Jacob – IDK(Shrugs his shoulders)
Caleb – I think I know. He got here by finding the son of the king and queen, that happened to live in that world. He forced him to give him the power to travel here. With this jewel thing. He defeated the king and queen with his one strength.
Trixie – What was the strength?
Caleb – Vampire do this thing and it's kinda strange. It's called "glamouring". Not only can it hypnotize, it can brainwash. Our honorable rulers were brainwashed into hating each other and it all went down hill from ther. The King and Queen fought until death and the battle took a toll on citizens. If a person ever was caught in crossfire, their head or some part of their body was surely gone. They stopped for no one. While fighting, there was no one to oversee the land and make sure nothing bad happened. The demons and evil spirits rose from the sealed land and went on a rampage for human blood and flesh. Bodies lay torn apart on land and all Edward did was laugh with a smirk on his face. He laughed and laughed and laughed. He knew he had gained control and no one would dare stop him. He was the upmost power now and there was no one greater. There was one rebellion that we rather not talk about.
Trixie – I see. That's how he took over. It seems like he would attempt to do something greater. I guess he didn't want to get his hands dirty and let tem destroy themselves.
Jacob – Now, let me ask you my question. Where are you from? Who sent you? Why are you here?
Trixie – (Clears her throat.) We live in a different place, far off. We run a detective service. Alyssa cleans houses and we also sell novelty coffee mugs and t-shirts. One day, a man named Saj was baking a baby and it was stolen b Edward. He told us he lives here and it is invisible to those who don't believe. It's almost like Peter Pan. Most people do not know about this and only believe it as a rumor, so they don't believe at are basically here to solve the problem.
Caleb – Aaaahhh! But what does this man named Peter have to do with it. And why does anyone care his pan.
Trixie – It's a story. But that wasn't the point. If the true king and queen can pass the barrier. How did Edward get through?
Caleb – He did force the son to let him through. If so, how did you get here?
Trixie – ?!Where is Alyssa?
(The thereof them stop in their footsteps and look around. Two of them whiff the air for her scent.)
Jacob – There!
(Alyssa is having a tea party with a raccoon, Hello Kitty lunchbox, Cardcaptor Sakura action figure and a rock.)
Caleb – WTF?!We need to find the magical taco and you're having a little tea party! We should've left you at home if this was what you were going to do.
Alyssa – Well, you don't always have to be on the move. Live your life to the fullest.
Caleb – Yeah but we need to find this taco, find Edward, so you can go home.
Alyssa – SHUT UP! Maybe I don't want to go home. Maybe I'm tired of cleaning dirty homes of lazy bums, okay!
(Everyone tried hard not to laugh but still burst out laughing very hard.)
Alyssa – On second thought, I do enjoy meeting new people. So I take back everything I said.
Jacob – So come on and let's go. Besides what did you use for tea if you didn't have any.
Alyssa – I used healthy cow milk from Darnell-Cookman's refrigerator.
Trixie – But how did you keep it cold?
Alyssa – If you didn't know already, at Darnell-Cookman everything is frozen at 29° below 0. Then, food is heated to thaw out and served. DUH!
Caleb – What's a refrigerator? And what is a Danell-Cookman? What's a -29°F?
Alyssa –You have a lot to learn about me and my world.
Jacob – It's my world and I. You've been caught ya'd!
Alyssa – Thank you, Jacob. I definitely needed that. (Sarcasm)

20 minutes later…

Jacob – Let's take a break.
Trixie – Yeah, My feet are killing me. Anybody want an apple?
Caleb – I'll take one.
Alyssa – Me too.

(Trixie pulls out her iPod and turns it on.)
Jacob & Caleb – WHAT IS THAT THING?! It scares me.
Trixie – It's just an iPod. It won't kill you. It's a machine that allows you to listen to music when you want. Here give it a try.(She hands the headphones to Jacob and Caleb)
Trixie – Here put it in your ear and listen.
("Don't Cha" by PCD is playing on the iPod)
Caleb – Umm…Why do I want my girlfriend to be hot like her? Skanks.(He pulled the earphones out of his ear.)I think I will go for a walk
Trixie – Don't go too far.
Alyssa – I'll go with him.
Caleb – I'd rather have heart worms.
Alyssa – Why?
Caleb – Because I said so.
Alyssa – Why?(They vanish into the forest behind the wide, dark trees)
(Trixie turns her head and lays down next to Jacob.)
Trixie – I see you are enjoying my iPod.
Jacob – Actually I don't. I just don't want to talk to you.
Trixie – Why do you have to be so rude to me?
Jacob – Because you are a nuisance. We are trying to find this taco, then you two arrive.
Trixie – Well, you didn't have to come with us to find it. Why do you guys want it either?
Jacob – I have to destroy Edward Cullen and restore peace. Plus, if we weren't here you'd be dead.
Trixie – Well, nothing has attacked us and I can defend myself.(She gets up and walks away. She trips on a rope and catches here in a net. Two guys that sort of resemble pirates pull-up the net and run away.)
(Trixie whips out her sword and tries to cut the net.)
Pirate Guy#1 – It's useless you're not possibly strong to cut this net.
Pirate Guy #2 – You're so right. She's justa woman. She's useless other than cooking, cleaning and childbirth.
Trixie – Hey, who told you that lie?
Pirate Guy #1 – SHUT UP!
Trixie – Help me!