Hey everyone. This is the first chapter of my Kingdom Hearts parody! Just like my POTC parody, this will not be like any other. So enjoy

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I've been having these weird thoughts lately……thoughts that didn't involve Katara naked……I keep thinking……is any of this for real….or not?

In a world of pitch black, where nothing but darkness could be seen. A boy wearing red and yellow monk like clothes, and with a bold head with an arrow tattoo on it, fell through the never ending darkness. He fell and fell in an almost endless cycle. His name was Aang

'Damn it…..I knew I shouldn't have tried Sokka's cooking' Aang groaned, thinking he was hallucinating from food poisoning

At the bottom of his path a light appeared from a huge window like circle. Aang eventually landed on the glass and found himself even more confused

'Okay…I've heard of bad indigestion but not this!' Aang remarked

So much to do, so little time…

'What was that?' Aang almost screamed, shocked by the sudden voice. He looked around the circle, but saw absolutely nothing

I would say take your time….but we're on a tight schedule so I'm gonna hurry this all up…

Aang just stood there, now frightened. He kneeled on the ground, and put his hands over his ears

'Just ignore the voices! Ignore them and they'll go away!' Aang told himself over and over

Suddenly around Aang three pillars appeared out of nowhere. Aang looked up at them and gasped. They had come out of nowhere!

Power sleeps within you…

He looked at the first pillar, which held on it a weird shield

If you give it form…

He looked at the second pillar, which was a weird wizard's staff

It will give you strength…

'Whoa! Are these weapons?!' Aang asked the voice

No they're candy! OF COURSE THEY'RE WEAPONS!!

'Oh! Well what do I do strange voice?' Aang asked

You must choose which weapon fits you best. Be warned though the weapon you choose will affect you through your adventures. Though I'll guess you'll do what everyone does and pick the swo…

'I pick the wand!' Aang revealed, holding the wand

E..E..Excuse me?! You're picking the wand and not the sword?

'Err yea. Why what's wrong?' Aang asked

B..But no everyone picks the sword! I've never met someone who doesn't pick the sword! Jesus this is a first!

'So….what next?'

Oh right! Sorry I'm still in shock! Anyway next you must fight that black thing

'……What black thing?' Aang asked confused

That black thing standing right behind you

'What?' Aang turns around and squeals as standing behind him was small creature completely black, with two bright yellow eyes and weird tentacles on his head. He was only half Aang's size, yet it was still scary

'Wh..What is that thing?!' Aang screamed

That's left for another chapter. Now take it out wuss!

Aang was reluctant and frightened, but he somehow got the courage to fight. The small, black creature leaped at Aang, who swung his wand at the same time

In one slice Aang sliced through the creature killing it easily

'Oh yea! That was easy!' Aang cheered

Not bad, now can you handle three?

'What?!' Aang screamed as suddenly he was surrounded by three of the creatures. They leapt at Aang who rolled quickly out of the way

'Screw this!' Aang spat. He swung his wand at the first creature taking it out. He quickly jumped over the second before it attack him, and in a stabbing motion took out the second one from midair. He landed on the ground and slice down on the final creature taking them all out!

Heh, guess you aren't so useless after all. Okay you're about set! But first, let me ask some question about yourself

'You wanna know about me? Sure I can tell you lots about me!' Aang stated getting into a hyperactive mode

Well I'm gonna ask you questions…

'No need! I'll tell you everything about me right now! It all started when I was born. My parents were told that looking bald was the new fashion, so they shaved their heads bold and they made sure mine stayed bald….'

5 hours later…..

'…And that's how after a drunken night out I got this tattoo! Do you wanna hear it all again?'

OH GOD NO!! God I was gonna save you from your shadow but now I won't!

'Wait? Save me from my shadow?' Aang asked confused. He turned around to look at it and gasped

His shadow had somehow turned into a gigantic monster. It was like the gods had came down and was about to crush Aang

'OH CRAP! SAVE ME VOICE!!' Aang pleaded

I would've! Had you not wasted five hours of my time! Now you can deal with it on your own!

'What?!' Aang panted. There was no way he could win against this!

The god like creature look down on Aang, and it seemed to collapse. It fell down and down straight onto a helpless Aang!

Aang was not crushed, but he was suddenly surrounded by a sea of darkness. He struggled to free himself, but he could not free himself from it

'The Darkness…..it's killing me!' Aang screamed

……Look kid don't be afraid of the darkness! You hold the greatest weapon of all! A weapon that will destroy the spreading darkness, and free this world

Aang listened, but was still in fear as the darkness slowly engulfed his entire body

Remember kid…you are the one who will open the door………yep that sounded just as stupid as I thought it would!

And so chapter 1 is done! I hope you enjoyed and please review! Stay tuned