Title: the same broad strokes

Series: Naruto

Character/Pairing: Zabuza/Haku

Word count: 517

Rating: R

A/N: Seven Deadly Sins Porn Battle. Themes used: dressing. The only one that actually qualifies as porn, woo! Also this totally happened in canon, it was just offscreen. And before anyone comments on briefness, the rules state in that contest that it has to fit into one comment, thus uh, yeah.


It was less conspicuous to be a traveler and his young wife, and Haku donned this mask as any other. He tied up his hair slipped into a dress with appropriate padding tied on. He could easily pass as any woman, and in truth he could play the part so well other women would envy his snow-pure skin, the night-flecked hair. As this role of wife Haku was just as imperceptible. He was the ideal wife, obedient and demure, listening to every command.

From inn to inn, Haku reapplied this mask. It was an simple role to play, for it was not far off. A ninja's tool, a wife, in broad strokes they looked the same.

They were closer to Konoha now, at a place in-between with those kinds of border establishments which offered shelter and never asked too many questions. Zabuza was reclined in bed when Haku entered. Zabuza had ordered one bed, for any other would be suspicious. Even going as relatives, as father and son Zabuza always ordered one. To save gold, of course.

As the day waned Haku slipped off the dress and undid his hair. It fell about him, dark as the shadows that fell across the room. His skin was moonlight slipping in, bright as snow.

"What are you doing?" Zabuza said.

"I am your wife, am I not?" he said. He lifted his chin in a way that was defiant in its sheer complicity to the role. "Wouldn't they grow suspicious if I sleep upon the floor?"

"You're a tool," Zabuza said as he always did when Haku must be reminded. His voice lacked the sort of conviction to truly back up such a phrase.

"Then use me," Haku replied.

Haku climbed into the bed and kissed the neck of Zabuza, felt over the rough, scarred body he had healed countless times. He pressed lip to lip and waited and was rewarded with a fierce, violent sort of unleashing. It was unsprung passion, desire held and then unfettered and that much more powerful for the wait. Zabuza held at the back of Haku's head, ran his fingers through that coal dark hair and belied more love than he knew.

Haku felt over that broad, battered chest as he had so many times under the guise of healing. Let his fingers train lightly, pattering down over abdomen until he gripped the base of Zabuza's hard, pulsing cock. It was in this total obedience, the eternal tool that he bent down and licked the tip, swallowed the head until Zabuza groaned. Zabuza's hands were tangled in Haku's hair, patting him on the head.

It was over in a flurry, Zabuza could not last long against such an assault. When he was done and sated Zabuza brushed away the come from the side of Haku's lips. It was the closest facsimile to love that Haku could claim.