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Erik P.O.V.

Zoey was still mumbling things to herself when we got back. But at least she had yet to say fuck again. "Zoey!" Aphrodite rushed forward and said, "If you ever go off alone again I am going to kill you after this is over."

Zoey was still in a daze. I looked at Stevie Rea and mouthed "Get her out of her daydream." She did as I said and slapped Zoey up side the head. After they had spent about half an hour of saying her name and waving their hands in front of her face. That didn't work either. "Erik, would you go get a bucket of freezing ice water? Please," Stevie Rea asked. I shrugged and headed towards the kitchen.

I got the water and took it back. Stevie Rea and Aphrodite picked up the bucket and dumped it on her. Then she started shrieking. Everyone was alarmed. Then Blake came out of the shadows.

"Hello, to you too, Zoey. My love," He said. Zoey finally came around. "Wind, come to me. Spirit, protect them all," she commanded. Zoey flicked her hand and Blake was thrown against the wall.

"How did you come here your dead?" She asked.

"Let me explain. Neferet brought me back after Kalona rose. Well actually he did but whatever. I was forced to work as their slave until I was able to break free. It has been 1 week since your group came down here. I know it may be a surprise with the time that has passed but they did it in reality it has only been a day or so," Blake explained.

"How dare you come here! This is for us only get out. NOW," she screamed the last word.

"But the Raven Mockers will kill me," he protested.

"You are already dead," Zoey said.

"Who thinks I should be aloud to stay?" He asked.

"No get your sorry ass," Shuanee (is the spelling right?) started.

"Out that door right now, and never come back," Erin finished. At the same time that all the red vamps, Damien, Jack, Zoey, and I said, "Get out."

After he left we started normal conversations. Zoey's phone started ringing "Hello, Sister Mary. (Sorry if that is wrong name correct me please.) How is Grandma Redbird?" she asked. The nun answered and Zoey started to smile, but then she frowned. "My mom and Step los- dad are there with y'all?"

Zoey P.O.V.

(Bold- Sister Mary Normal -Zoey)

"Your so called Step father and mother showed up here yesterday. The only reason they are still here is because you mother is gravely injured, and Grandma Redbird wanted them to stay. She told off your Step father and told your mother that she should apologize to you and leave him because he had seen the Raven Mockers coming and put her infront saying 'Take her not me. Take her not me.' So she is thinking about making him leave."

The smile slipped from my face at that. "My mom and The Step los- dad are there with y'all?"

"Yes, but the step loser is leaving."

"How did you know that name?"

"Honey, you honestly don't realize that your almost said that?"

"No, I did not realize that." Then my phone died. "Dammit," I screamed as the phone died. "Zoey?" Erik asked. "What?" I said annoyed. "What happened? Why did you scream?" He asked.

"My phone died. And The Step Loser saw Raven Mockers coming and put my mom infront of him saying 'Take her not me. Take her not me.' Sister Mary was about to tell me what was wrong with my mom. And my mom was going to apologize. They forced him to leave," I said. "Awww, Z, I am so sorry. That must really suck." Stevie Rea said. "We have a charger so you charge your phone," Aphrodite all knew how much she loved Grandma Redbird because when she talked to her my grandma had said 'Aphrodite, you can call me Grandma Redbird'.

When we were going to bed Erik came and asked if he could talk to me without Stevie Rea.

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