This is my first attempt at writing Daria fan fiction. I have placed the characters in a situation and have portrayed as accurately as I could what I assume their reactions would be. If I have made some terrible canonical errors, please point them out to me and I will try to fix them. I willingly accept any and all constructive criticism.
I do not own Daria, Quinn, or anyone else referenced in this short story. They are owned my MTV and Viacom.

Daria's New Look

What if Daria examined her own relationship with her sister in the aftermath of Erin's wedding?

Daria stood outside her sister's door, hesitating. "This has got to be temporary insanity" she thought. After wading through the carnage of her cousin Erin's wedding with Aunt Amy she contemplated her relationship with her sister. After many cheese fries and lots of laughter at Brian's expense she made the decision to reach out to Quinn. However, she had no idea the first step would be this hard.

Daria took a deep breath… and knocked. Quinn swung the door open. "What do you want?"

"Quinn. Jane invited me to go to the Zon later on tonight and I was wondering if…" Daria faltered and then gave herself a mental shake and spat it out "ifyouwouldhelpmewithmyhair." Daria flinched as if she were expecting a slap.

Quinn, however, lit up like a jack-o-lantern. "Daria! I'm so excited. But a grunge club? Well, this will take some thought." She paused, "I've seen that, that Trent you hang out with. We can't change much."

"Wait, wait. This has nothing to do with Trent. I just thought that I might try something new with my hair?"

"Right. Keep it your secret to cherish always." She paused and studied Daria up and down.

"So, I take it you'll help me?"

"Duh. I've only been waiting for this moment for seven years." Quinn grabbed Daria's arm, pulled her into the room and shut the door, ignoring Daria's surprised "eep!" She continued to study Daria when suddenly she snapped her fingers and exclaimed "straight!"


"We're going to straighten your hair."

"Um, Quinn?" Daria spoke as if to a two year old who was insisting the sky was red. "It is straight."

"Dah-ree-ah, it's wavy. It won't take much, but we'll be able to make it much sleeker." Quinn walked over to her makeup table and plugged in what looked like a medieval torture device to Daria. As if in answer to her sister's unasked question Quinn remarked "it's a hair straightener. The two ceramic plates heat up and then we'll run it through your hair." Quinn giggled at her sister's expression. It was somewhat of a mix between incredulity and horror. "It's not going to hurt!" Daria attempted a smile.

"OK, while this heats up I want you to brush your hair. Then I'll spritz it with some therma-care heat protectorate."

Daria decided she wasn't going to bother asking. She brushed out her hair using the paddle brush Quinn handed her and was quite surprised at how her hair started to gleam. Already her hair looked different, almost…. touchable. Quinn broke her reverie "OK Daria, let me spritz." She began coating Daria's hair with mist and then separated a lock and picked up the iron.

Daria felt the heat before the apparatus even touched her hair. She braced herself, expecting the worst.

The pain she was waiting for never came. All she felt was the gentle tugging as Quinn pulled the iron through her hair. She heard some popping and sizzling, but Quinn said that it was just the sound the spritz always made.

"It's evaporating" Daria explained.

"Ooooh kay, whatever." Quinn exhaled, but Daria caught the sparkle in her eye in the mirror.

Once Quinn finished Daria turned her head from side to side and could not believe how gently her hair swished after her. Quinn withdrew a silver bottle and sprayed a cloud of mist around Daria's head.

Daria managed, between coughs, to sputter "what was that?"

"That," Quinn replied as she put the bottle away "was a mega-shine formula." Sure enough, Daria's hair looked as if it had light emanating from within the dark brown.

"Wow Daria, you don't even need highlights. You have, like, natural ones." The 'I-must-always-be-cuter-Quinn' fret for a split second, then relaxed. Daria, no matter what she looked like, wasn't a play-the-field type of person. She was smart, cynical, and would never buy into the fashion club mentality of treating guys like personal couriers and errand boys.

"Well, I'm thinking we need a different outfit to go with your new hair." Daria looked like she was about to protest, then thought again. Quinn looked carefully at Daria; then disappeared into her closet. She reemerged almost instantly with a pair of black jeans and a one-sleeved hunter green shirt. "Here, go try these on."

As Daria left the room she had to admit that her sister seemed to know what she was doing. And, so far, she had not even attempted to turn her into a Quinn-clone. She thought that Quinn must have had the same reaction to the Helen-Rita fight as she did.

Daria began dressing, noting with satisfaction that her combat boots not only fit comfortably under the jeans, but they looked pretty good. Then she put the shirt on. "we may have a problem here," she called out to Quinn.

"What?" Quinn entered and let out a gentle, almost pitying, laugh. "Oh Daria," Quinn began shaking her head "don't you have a strapless bra?"

A few moments later Daria looked much more presentable. "It's a little tight," Daria remarked.

"I know, but you're a bit better developed then I am in that area. But at least you know it won't fall off." Daria's eyes nearly popped out of her head and Quinn laughed out loud.

"It happened to me at a seventh grade dance back in Highland. I was wearing an off-the-shoulder black velour top." Quinn shivered. "I was so angry mom wouldn't let me get velvet that I 'borrowed' her padded, strapless bra." Quinn paused. "Halfway through the Electric Slide I realized I had two bumps on my stomach." Quinn was actually blushing from the memory.

"How on earth did you get out of the house wearing a padded bra?"

"Duh, Daria. I had it in my purse." Quinn smiled. "Wow Daria, you look really good. I know you don't want to turn into a plastic princess, but how 'bout some very lightly tinted lipgloss?"

Daria faked a sigh "let's see it." Daria had to admit she was having fun. Quinn grabbed a tube of Café Latte Liplicious lip gloss and handed it to Daria. Looking into the mirror, Daria applied the lip gloss. Unlike the 'lollypop' she wore to Alternapalooza this added the slightest beige brown tint and shine to her lips.

As Daria was taking in the effect of the gloss Quinn sprayed her twice with something from a light pink bottle.


"Chill out Daria; it's just body splash."

"Body what?"

"Body Splash, it's a lighter version of an Eau de Toilet." Quinn pronounced it ow-day-twalay. "This scent, Sweet Pea, is very light; people won't know immediately that it's coming from you. However…" Quinn had a mischievous glint in her eye "if someone was to come close enough to smell your hair…. he'd know it was you."

"Yah-uck" Daria half smiled, half grimaced at Quinn.

"Well, you better get going; it's almost 8:00"

"It is? Wow, I didn't think this would take so long." Daria turned to leave. "Hey Quinn, thanks, I um, kind of had fun."

"No problem, what are sisters for? I mean, I don't like fighting all the time."

"Me either, Quinn. Hey, I've got to run, but why don't we talk more when I get home. I'm sure you'll be interested in how my new look makes my friends think I've been possessed by aliens."

Quinn laughed. "As if. I have a date."

Like I said before, this is my first try at a Daria fanfic. I thought at this point perhaps I could introduce myself a little. I am 23 and a senior Early Childhood major at a small University in South Carolina. I did not discover Daria until 2005, thus I am a very late entry into the Daria community. As soon as I had watched every episode I could get my hands on I hit the internet for a way to keep the characters alive. Much to my surprise and delight I discovered whole networks of dedicated fan fiction authors. Thanks to everyone who gave me hours of fantastic reading. I know my first attempt is not up to the high standards that have been set by some very talented authors, but I thank you for reading, and encourage your suggestions at