Author: Sparta

Title: Foolish Games

Pairings: RJ & Casey Cam & Hunter Blake & Dustin Ronny & Rose mentioned

Rating: R

Categories: Slash

Series: N/A

Genres: Action/Adventure, Mystery, Crime, Romance, Tragedy, Hurt/Comfort

Crossovers: Jungle furry/Ninja Storm/Operation Overdrive

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Death, Mayhem, Past Abuse, Stalking, Femslash, Male rape, torture, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 1/10

Completed: No

Summery: When several Pai Zhuq Masters visit the Wind & Thunder Students Casey never expected to find his mate, but why would anything be easy?

Chapter Summery: the Wind and Thunder students are excited

Authors Notes:

this is a strange little fic I thought up while writing my parenthood fic, I'm apologising now there will be some RJ bashing in this and it might be a little out of character for RJ but I have a reason for this. This is based on RJ reason for not talking to his dad in Master too Many so please bear with me.

Foolish Games


The waterfall entrance to the Wind Ninja Academy was were Casey sat sketching in his art pad, while Cam and Hunter were swimming in the water as the sun beat down. Despite being, a student Casey had formed a quick and strong bond with the Ex- Rangers, it had been a couple of years since Lothor had been defeated and final everyone felt safe and secure at the Academy.

It was this reason why the whole Academy had been filled with excitement for the last few days, everyone knew that there where three major Academy. The Wind Ninja, The Thunder Academy and The Pai Zhuq Academy all dealing with different spiritual elements. It wasn't unusual for them to recruit from each others Academies and this day was no different.

It was rumoured that several Pai Zhuq Masters were coming to the Academy, it had only been confirmed that mooring when the students were given the day off. Therefore, that was why Casey now found himself in his favourite spot with his two best friends.

"Oh for the mercy of the goddess put him down, didn't Sensei teach you not to put icky or thunder related in your mouth?" laughed Casey as Hunter flipped him off as he and Cam refused to break their kiss.

"He's right there bro even if he did just insult our Academy" laughed Blake from the lakeside as Hunter looked up and smiled.

"BLAKE BRO" yelled Hunter as he swam over and greeted his brother leaving a very unimpressed Cam in the lake.

"Sensei sent word about the visit so I headed back, after all who would miss the arrival of the Pai Zhuq Masters?" laughed Blake as he hugged Hunter before Cam pulled him back in by his boxers.

"Hey Cam how's he treating you?" laughed Blake as Cam just grumbled about Thunder Rangers and too much sex.

Blake just laughed as he noticed Casey sat beside the lake, smiling he nodded.

"You must be Casey?" asked Blake as Casey nodded and shook his hand.

"Well now that you're joining us how about we hit the lunch hall?" asked Hunter as they all burst out laughing.

"Nice to know something's never change" laughed Blake as he grabbed his brother an after helping Cam out of the water, they headed back into the Wind Ninja academy.


The lunch hall was alive, a buzz with excitement as the rumours that the Masters had arrived filled the air, Cam, Hunter, Blake, Casey, Tori, Shane, and Dustin (who had joined them in the hall) just got on with lunch until they we're sent for.

Casey went back to his lunch, as he wasn't a Sensei so he wasn't needed, that was until he found himself being dragged along by Hunter and Dustin. They laughed as they hit their rooms and changed into their traditional robes, before taking their places as the Master's arrived.

Casey was in ore of the five Master's stood before them, Cam kicked in to Sensei mode as he introduced them.

"Welcome to the Wind Ninja Academy, I hope your trip wasn't too rough and you fond us ok?" asked Cam as he greeted them.

"I'm Sensei Watanabe Jr, these are Sensei's Shane Clarke wind, Tori Hanson water, Dustin Brooks earth and these are our Thunder Sensei's Hunter and Blake Bradley. Casey is one of our water students who will show you round, my father sends his regrets but he was called away by business though he will join us later," said Cam respectfully as he bowed to the other Masters.

"Thank you, I'm Master Mao and these are Master's Swoop, Phant, Finn and his son Master Lunar. We are grateful for you're hospitably and are glad to see that the Wind and Thunder Academies have recovered from Lothor's attack," said Master Mao with a bow.

"It took some doing but we did it," laughed Cam

"Now you must be tired and hungry from your journey, Casey will show you to your rooms. We will also see that food is sent to your rooms and some tea," said Cam as they all bowed and Casey showed them to their rooms.


Casey showed them all to their room and made sure they were comfortable, before he headed back to his favourite spot after getting comfortable Casey started to draw again. He was lost in his drawing so he didn't hear the approaching stranger; Casey yawned and stretched out finally noticing the stranger making him jump.

"Whoa sorry kid didn't mean to make you jump, I was just enjoying watching you draw" said the stranger with a smile.

"It's ok Master Lunar I just wasn't expecting to see you again so soon?" said Casey as Master Lunar sat down next to him.

"First of all call me RJ I've only just got the Master thing and I hate being called by it, secondly I'm a Wolf so sue me closed spaces drive me crazy" laughed RJ as Casey blushed a little a reaction that didn't go unnoticed by RJ or his wolf spirt.

They continued to laugh and talk until Cam and Master Swoop came looking for them.