Title: Feathers and Flame

Series: Inkheart (series)

Character/Pairing: Dustfinger/Roxane

Word count: 280

Rating: PG-13 or light R.

A/N: Seven Deadly Sins Porn Battle, themes used: magical. Also in conjunction with alphabet_love's '17. Quetzalcoatl' because I've been meaning to do this pairing for that theme. I OTPed these guys so hard after Inkspell. Uh, I'm listing this as PG-13 as there's only one vaguely explicit reference to sex, enough to pass for a PG-13 movie, I think. Right?


There was magic in all things. Magic in a dance, in a step, magic in fire. He had watched her dance from across the hall where the motley folk had played and she took the center as their uncrowned queen. She wore a patch quilt of once fine things, wore feather and bits of gold that twirled and arced as she spun. It was a dance of glances, a waltz, neither leading or following. He called up feathered snakes of flames to his command. He courted fire like a lover, and it responded in turn, shifting and flowing. He courted her with the same restrained desire, the same smouldering touch.

That was the start of her obsession and the last days of her freedom. At once she had taken lovers and cast them aside at will but that glance, that fire captivated and captured her. She would not be satisfied until she had Dustfinger in her bed, tethered to herself in the waves of passion. She wouldn't rest until she was bucking underneath him and he laid those flame-hot coarse hands over her breasts and deep within her.

She was a thing of fire, after all. She was passion and heat and just as he tamed the fire she was invariably tamed the same hands that made the sparks dance, made her dance as well.