by Thimble

Disclaimer: Pauper sum ego; nihil habeo.

Fandoms: Card Captor Sakura, Clamp Campus Detectives, Man of Twenty Faces, Tokyo Babylon, X/1999;

Summary: Put two random characters together; shake and stir;

Ratings: Gen, K, with the exception of "Exorcism", which is het, T;

Notes/Warnings: Readers are assumed to have a working knowledge of the series and not be potentially traumatised by spoilers. Individual notes appended to each drabble;

Beta Reader: Thanks again, Daisy Ninja Girl.

1. Yuki to Hokuto

Fandoms: Card Captor Sakura, Tokyo Babylon;

Characters: Tsukishiro Yukito, Sumeragi Hokuto;

Warnings/Notes: They are referring to the high school play in the CCS anime, the one that is interrupted by fog.

Under the striped awning of the cafe they gleefully work through a mountain of icecream. Yuki says to a girl small and dark and buzzing as a hummingbird, "So To-ya as Cinderella, and... me?"

Hokuto cocks her head. Behind his faux-innocent glasses Yuki is so thin and pale she can almost see through him. She grins.

"Now you, Yuki-chan, should beeee.... an empty can of mackerel! Valiant, tragic, an object abandoned and forgotten returning to help others in their need and in that journey finds its own power, fortune, and love!"

Yuki claps his hands.

(100 words)