20. Gothic

Fandoms: , Card Captor Sakura, Tsubasa
Characters: Yanagisawa Naoko (that girl what liked ghost stories), Tsubasa!Vampire!Subaru
Rating: K+
Notes/Warnings: A bit cracky. A reviewer of 19 wanted the scene where Nakuru tries to put Vampire!Subaru into a dress. This is not that scene! (It is the aftermath.)



Naoko liked the grounds of the mysterious manor at night. They gave her inspiration.

So she was there when a frail slender figure in a wafty white dress threw open a second-story window, jumped, outrageously, to the sodden ground, and fled through the storm-struck woods.

A tree-root, a tangle of lace about desperate feet, and the fugitive fell! Naoko caught the delicately pretty person and brushed inky black locks back to see enormous yellow eyes flick open.

"H-h-h-" the fugitive gasped.





"You mean one of these?" Naoko brandished the frilly article helpfully.

Subaru's wail was heart-rending.