Chance of a Lifetime

AN: My husband gave me a virus for Valentine's Day. I'd much rather have had a box of candy....

AN 2: I just found out Vanessa Sgroi's beloved dog, Levi, passed away today. Please extend your condolences to her for what I know was a terrible loss.

"A rare beauty is this next lot," the auctioneer crooned.

Unable to speak or move, head and neck locked in a brace, arms and legs tethered tightly, Dean was shoved before a table seated with a dozen figures whose heads were draped with filmy fabrics of varying hues, only their black eyes visible.

A clawed finger trailed past his ear. "A face to die for, to be worn with pride and envied by all. The lovely green eyes," the smooth voice added, "will be sold separately, of course."

"Ladies and gentleman, this face can be yours. What am I bid?"

End notes: I wasn't sure if this was too subtle. I hope not. It's not my best. Be sure and look up the site for KAZCON '09, August 6 thru 9. Kazcon .us, it was a LOT of fun and so good to meet the faces behind the names. Hope to see you there! I finally got the rest of the illustrated Moonstar done on my site, thruterryseyes .com and there is also a link to the KazCon site on the home page.