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Sometimes not everything should be said in a chat room.

Konoichi's Only

HotSh*t: Yo babe what did you get the #1 sexiest man in Konoha?

ParadiseGrl: I got him the special edition of Icha Icha Paradise and it's autographed ^^

HotSh*t: You only bought him that b/c you wanted it

ParadiseGrl: Hey what's mine is his and what's his is mine^^

SaiBaby: Well I got Sai a book on Karma Sutra XD

SxS: O_O

HotSh*t: Woot, you go girl!

SxS: Is he not living up to your expectations?

SaiBaby: Cha, whatever! We're just running out of ideas

ParadiseGrl: That's why we prefer Icha Icha, we never run out on ideas

SaiBaby: What did you get Mr. Stick up the Ass?

SxS: 1 he doesn't have a stick up his ass & 2 a camera

SaiBaby: A camera?

HotSh*t: I can think of quite few things to do with a camera XD

ParadiseGrl: Do you even have a date for V-day?

HotSh*t: Yep! 1 for the morning 1 for lunch and 2 for dinner

ParadiseGrl: O///O 4 dates?

HotSh*t: Hey, I got an appetite to satisfy^^

Fang: Hey, it looks like everyone is on today

SxS: Hey, Sis. What are you doing next week?

Fang: Why?

SxS: I was wandering if you and Itachi wanted to come over for dinner?

Fang: Sounds good

SaiBaby: Yo, Hana what did you get Itachi?

Fang: Uhm…we're just going to have a night to ourselves

SaiBaby: Well duh we all are but what did you get him to spice things up?

SxS: Not everyone is like you Ino-pig; they don't need new ideas every week

SaiBaby: You're just jealous that I get more than you

SxS: Whatever

Fang: Actually Itachi is very creative^^ He creates something everyday

SaiBaby: Everyday!

SxS: WTF?!

Fang: Hehe, yeah….the trick is finding a break

SxS: Ok…I really didn't want to know that about my brother-in-law

SaiBaby: DAMN! He sounds worse than a rabbit. I'm surprised you're not pregnant yet

SxS: Wait, are you?

Fang: I…don't think so…


THEUchiha: Where's the Dobe?

Sai?: I believe Dickless is with Hinata-san

Wolfman: Dunno, why?

THEUchiha: Nothing. What are you two doing online?

Wolfman: Hey, I can be online if I want to!

Sai?: We are talking

THEUchiha: Hn

Wolfman: What did you get Pinky?

THEUchiha: An outfit

Wolfman: What type? XD

THEUchiha: None of your damn business

Sai?: Is it the pink bunny girl outfit you were looking at?

THEUchiha: ….No….

Wolfman: Damn! I bet she would look hot in that

TheUchiha: You better leave my wife alone!

Sai?: Why?

DarkRaven: Little brother your "mother-in-law" is looking for you

THEUchiha: I'm not here

DarkRaven: Like that's really going to work

THEUchiha: Hey, I'm not going to have her ruin my night with my wife

DarkRaven: Hn, do you even have anything planned?

THEUchiha: Yes, unlike you

DarkRaven: Actually we do have something planned

THEUchiha: Like what?

Wolfman: Yeah, like what you dirty bastard?

DarkRaven: I don't think you young ones want to know

Sai?: Why?

THEUchiha: We're not little kids! I'm married!

Wolfman: If you weren't my brother-in-law I'd kick your ass

DarkRaven: You can try

Wolfman: If Hana hadn't threatened to kill me, I would!

THEUchiha: Don't worry he's just making it up. He doesn't have anything

DarkRaven: Foolish little brother, unlike you I please my woman everyday


THEUchiha: Hn, if you do that every day then I bet it'll be hard for you to keep it interesting tonight

DarkRaven: Hn, nothing more than a whip, a collar, and some dango won't do


Sai?: Ino says whip cream and chocolate sauce are better than dango


DarkRaven: The collar isn't for her

Wolfman: O_O

THEUchiha: O_O

Sai?: Whose it for?

I wanted to try something different so I hope you guys like it^^