"Grimmjow, I really don't wanna say this…but I can't help but feel that this is all your fault…"

Though the man did not say anything in response, Ichigo watched Grimmjow's reaction to his immature complaint with interest. He saw a flicker of emotion in the man's eyes but it wasn't long lasted and he frowned. A grumble from said man only served to irritate Ichigo even further but he dared not question anything else, settling to lounging his dark, brown orbs around the room they were in instead.

The monochromatic theme unsettled him, and the orange-haired teen wondered briefly if there was such a thing as cleanness that ridiculously exceeds the limit of reality, to an extent in which even a speck of tiny dust could not be detected, because if anyone had a gripe about this not being true, he would probably, gladly prove them wrong.

Ichigo felt Grimmjow's stare on his back and tilted his head, arching an eyebrow a moment later—after he was done contemplating the dull, stupid, old floors and walls—in a manner that spoke out "What?!" quite rudely.

They weren't facing each other, but mere peripheral view was enough to notify any action from the other.

Grimmjow snorted at him and craned his neck to the second source of amusement. A big mirror was placed in front of the two captured convicts about five feet away, the corners stretching to each far edges of the white wall, as sparkly clean as anything else, and no, that was not something good.

It was a radiant piece of junk that hurt his eyes, a piece of crap that refused to show the handsome man that he was, replacing him with this…this hideous, horrible looking Grimmjow Jagarjaques—because he was deprived from sleep and precious food but he blamed it because he could. Adding to the myriad of possible crude comments for this mirror, it was also a shitty liar.

Grimmjow wasn't stupid, and what behind it just pissed him off. He could just imagine it; guys in suits looking like the useless louts they were, watching him and Ichigo, laughing their asses off at their accomplishment in recovering the two criminals. Oh, what he would just giv—no, sacrifice, to break in there and garrote one of them with their stupid black tie that they were so fond of (seriously if you like them that much, man, go to hell with it), preferably the jackass that hit him unconscious with a giant stick.

All that should be seen was white, yet it reflected back a very annoyed man whose hair was dark teal—ostentatious—as well as looking like someone who was about to commit a suicide out of sheet boredom alone—perhaps a homicide but then he would have to consider the victim being his orange-haired partner, and that was just difficult. Not impossible…just difficult.

Grimmjow made a face at the glassy, flat object. He snapped.

"Get the fuck in here, bastards!" Grimmjow made his anger clear, finally running out of patience and deciding to do something about the bothersome silence that appeared to be slicing his brains to speckles, as expressed by his mouth turning into some kind of twisted form of the tortured. "Ya ain't getting nothing by just staring you pervs!"

He hated being bored. People like Grimmjow hated the mundane, the monotonous lifestyle of a normal human being, and would rather take a bullet to the gut than living it. Ichigo said it was melodramatic; the boy took a pillow to the face just for opening his mouth and disturbed Grimmjow's precious nap that day.

"Double negatives, Grimm," Ichigo muttered, not quite interested.

Grimmjow groaned before trying to twist his head to see the irritating face. "Ya know—why do you have to do that all the time?!"

"Do what?"

"That!" he growled. "That idiotic patronizing tone…it's annoying."

"…oh…" Ichigo shifted in his seat, seeming apologetic. "Well whatever, you got us into this mess!"

"I did no such thing. Shut it, Ichi." Grimmjow slouched, signifying the end of the discussion for Ichigo because he knew the boy knew damn well that Grimmjow would not be replying and he could talk to himself all he wanted like a crazy person if he wished to, which was just mortifying.

Grimmjow glared at the door on his right. He sighed.

"How the hell did I even—shit…don't even want to think it!" the words trailed off, but it sparked an interest from the other.

"What?" Ichigo asked curiously.

The boy could hear Grimmjow let out another heave of breath. He waited, but mentally calmed his nerve down from breaking pass the point to the anger management level of his that was just so easy to be pressed.

"…was just wonderin', Ichi, how we got to how we are right now—Oi don't look at me like that. Yes, I know that you're making that face!" Grimmjow moved his feet again, and let out a tiny grumble at the uncomfortable bonds on both his ankles and wrists.

True to Grimmjow's words, Ichigo's visage was contorted into something near aghast and 'WTF!' expression.

"Your wording are getting out of whack, but are you talking about the dire situation—no not dire, how about complicated…yeah, that, or about…" Ichigo paused. "…our relationshit."

Ichigo could feel the man behind him fume.




"NO! That's not what I meant—Grimm, stop yelling, we're still in the fucking ROOM!

Words stopped spilling from the teal head's lips instantly, but Grimmjow was far from being calm. Ichigo sensed—he thought the chairs broke in halves from the shaking for a second, but nah—the violent intentions practically rolling off the man's body in red, angry waves and silently shivered at what to become of the building and its inhabitants if Grimmjow was to be released. Well with them being captured and everything, that was a good thing for him though…right?

…If they got out of here, he was screwed wasn't he…

But getting Grimmjow's point, Ichigo couldn't help but wonder. How the hell did they get to be on such good terms—an overstatement of course—as friends, as partners-in-crime, as…lovers?

The first time they met, the two hated each other's guts.

Very, very much.

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