It took us a couple of weeks to do the raid and by the time we got back I missed Aiden and Alice so much that I ran straight inside without bothering to grab anything. Melanie was waiting in the main plaza of the caves along with just about everyone else. Aiden and Alice were sitting at her feet with their rattles and I was so happy to see them that I ran over to them and scooped them up in my arms before kissing them both. They both giggle and kiss me back and I hug them closer relieved that they were safe.

"How were they?" I ask Melanie who was watching us quietly.

"They kept asking for you," says Melanie with a grin. What had Melanie meant by that? Aiden and Alice couldn't talk yet, they tried, and they were getting close, but they weren't quite there yet.

"Mama!" says Aiden proudly causing my eyes to widen. I look down at him and he was grinning at me. "Mama!" Just then Ian walks in carrying a large box.

"Thanks for the help Wanda," says Ian sarcastically.

"Da!" crows Alice causing Ian to almost drop the box he was holding in his hands.

"Did she—" I nod and Ian's face lights up. Alice seemed more than happy to confirm Ian's suspicions.

"Dada!" crows Alice before giggling. Suddenly everyone else was in the main plaza and Jamie and Jared were hugging Melanie who seemed more than happy to see them both. She even went as far as to check Jamie for injuries.

"Stop it Mel, I'm fine," says Jamie clearly embarrassed.

"You don't seem to realize how worried I was Jamie," says Melanie as she inspects his legs. "The whole time you were gone I was worried that you'd get hurt again like last time."

"Well I'm fine Melanie," grumbles Jamie. Soon everything was put away and Ian and I were playing with Aiden and Alice in our room.

"Jared said Jeb was excited about the jackhammer," says Ian as he tickles a giggling Aiden.

"It should make the work go faster," I say as I rock Alice. "Not to mention easier." Ian nods in agreement and kisses my cheek.

"I was just joking earlier by the way. I knew you were worried about Aiden and Alice," says Ian.

"I already knew you were joking Ian," I say as Alice yawns.

"So am I forgiven?" asks Ian eagerly.

"There's nothing to forgive Ian, you worry too much," I tease as I look down at Alice.

"So," says Alice looking at me. Ian looks up from Aiden and over at us quizzically. "So."

"Why does she keep saying 'so'?" asks Ian.

"I don't know," I admit looking down at Alice who was drifting off to sleep with a smile on her face.

"Maybe it's just baby babble," suggests Ian. I nod my head in agreement and watch Aiden as his eyes drift closed as well.

"I love you, Ian O'Shea," I say with a grin.

"And I love you Wanderer Stryder," says Ian with a grin of his own. I smile at the name. It had been agreed that my last name should be Stryder since Melanie and I were practically sisters anyway. I hadn't seen what the big deal was though, why did I need a last name? It's still a mystery to me.


Sixteen years later


"Mom I'm going with Isaiah and we're gonna go watch a movie in the game room," I say as I walk towards the entrance of the cave.

"Where's Aiden?" asks Wanda turning to look at me.

"He's with Mae I think," I say before running out of the room and down the long corridor where Isaiah was waiting for me. Mae was Melanie and Jared's daughter and she was 14, but Aiden really liked her. Apparently the birth control Wanda had given Melanie one time hadn't worked, but Melanie and Jared were proud parents.

"Hey Alice," says Isaiah with a grin as he takes my hand in his. I blush and smile timidly as he leads me to the main plaza of the caves. A lot had changed in 16 years. The caves were bigger and better than ever and we were constantly adding new members to the caves thanks in large part to my ability to tell souls from humans and knowing which could be saved and which couldn't.

Everyone considered it a blessing; I thought it made me a freak. "So what movie is playing?" I ask as we walk towards the game room.

"I believe it's a scary movie this time," says Isaiah with a grin.

"Scary movie? Souls have those?" I ask incredulously causing Isaiah to laugh.

"No, but on the last raid they found some old DVDs in an abandoned house and they had scary movies," says Isaiah.

"I've never seen a scary movie before," I admit as we walk into the game room where the opening credits were starting. Isaiah leads me to the back of the room and we watch as the movie begins.

And what a movie it was! The movie was called Saw III and I wasn't surprised that souls disliked scary movies. I had never seen anything so scary in my whole life and the only reason I could endure the blood and violence was because of Isaiah's arm around my waist as we sat on cushions on the floor eating the popcorn Jeb had passed out along with the water bottles and juice powder that you mix into the water it you wanted it.

Ever since Wanda had started going on raids we were living like we would in the outside world, just with a lack of electricity, but even that was solved with generators that Jeb kept charged and the water mill he was able to rig up with some help from Wanda getting some books on the subject. Everything in the caves was better because of my mom and the others who raided regularly.

At a particularly gruesome scene I squeak and bury my face in Isaiah's chest. Isaiah chuckles and rubs my back as he continues to watch the movie. "It's just a movie Alice," murmurs Isaiah before kissing my head. Now I was blushing because Isaiah had never kissed any part of my body before. Suddenly someone was standing over us and I look up to find Aiden.

"Dad's looking for you," says Aiden.

"Why?" I ask as Aiden helps me to my feet. Aiden glances at Isaiah and that was all of the answer I needed. Ian wasn't exactly thrilled that I noticed boys or that they noticed me, especially Isaiah. I sigh heavily and follow Aiden out of the cave and to the plaza where Ian was waiting by a garden full of tomatoes and watermelon. Grandpa Jeb sure liked his fresh produce sometimes.

"There you are, I was so worried about you sweet pea," says Ian pulling me into a hug.

"Why? I was just watching a movie with Isaiah, I told mom," I say trying to squirm out of his grip.

"What was the movie anyway?" asks Aiden curiously.

"Saw III," I say with a shudder. I was sure to have nightmares tonight.

"What's that about?" asks Aiden as he leads me back to our cave.

"A guy is trying to find his way out of this place, but there are catches. In order to get out he has to save the lives of people who have wronged him in some way. They get put in these machines and stuff and if they can't get out in time they get killed," I say with another shudder remembering the way the man was twisted until he died.

"I remember that movie, I watched it with Kyle and Jodi before the invasion. Never thought I'd have a chance to see that one again, also never thought I'd have a daughter that would see it. If I'd have known that was the movie they were showing I would have come to get you sooner," says Ian causing me to roll my eyes.

My dad was way too over protective sometimes. "Wow, that sounds really scary," says Aiden as we enter our cave. Our cave was connected to the cave next to it to make two bedrooms. I shared mine with Aiden while our parents shared a room that doubled as the living room.

"How was the movie?" asks Wanda who was sitting on the floor reading a book.

"I wouldn't know, I didn't get to see the end," I say glaring at Ian.

"She shouldn't have seen any of that movie. Now she's going to have bad dreams," says Ian.

"Well if that happens she can crawl between us like old times," says Wanda as she marks her page and shuts her book.

"Nope, she watched the movie, she can suffer the consequences," says Ian stubbornly.

"Ian!" chastises Wanda which had Ian back tracking.

"Or she can climb in bed with us," says Ian quickly. Wanda looks at me and smiles warmly.

"I'll have to decline," I say as I walk towards my bedroom to grab some pajamas before I could go take a bath. Aiden walks in and also grabs some pajamas.

"If you have nightmares I'm here," whispers Aiden before walking out of the room. I roll my eyes and follow him to the bath. There wasn't much of a line so we didn't have to wait long to go in. I hated to bathe alone so Aiden often came with me and kept me company while I bathed. Now that we were older he would turn away until I was safely in the water.

After our baths we go back to our room which was empty and lay down in our beds. It wasn't long before I was waking up crying from a nightmare about being strapped to a cot while a man got ready to cut me open. I was crying and covered in sweat and it didn't take me long to crawl into Aiden's bed and cuddle up to him.

"What was it about?" whispers Aiden groggily.

"I was strapped down to a bed and a man was going to cut me open," I shudder as Aiden wraps his arms around me tightly and kisses my temple.

"Get some sleep sis," whispers Aiden soothingly. "I'll be here when you wake up."

"Good night," I whisper.

End Story

A/N: So this is the end of this story, but don't worry I'll have a sequel. Thanks to Vanessa-Wolf 303 for the idea about Alice being able to tell souls from humans and to Bella-with-the-blue-eyes for the whole Melanie's birth control not working. If I ever think about it I'll write about Melanie's pregnancy and whatnot. Once again I apologize if I spelled any names wrong, I wrote them down so I wouldn't forget to give credit, but that doesn't always mean a whole lot when it come to the names part. I hope you don't hate me for ending this story so quickly and I tried to talk about the various things that were going on or whatever. As for the sequel…that could take me a little while to get started on. I have lots of stories to write and now I just added another to my list so please be kind to me I'm going as fast as I can. Don't hunt me down please I'm too young to die! *sobs* Sayonara =]