A note from the Hime no Argh herself...

This is the second poem I've written based on The Legend of Zelda. It's basically Zelda's perceptions of Sheik, and not to be taken literally. I tell this to everyone. It's entirely figurative.

A side note to everyone who's waiting for me to continue The Triforce United...I'm sorry but I've been very busy revising the story and working on other projects. I barely had the time to upload this, but I promise you a new chapter by Monday.

Now the disclaimer. I don't own Zelda, yadda yadda. You know that. So enjoy the poem, and please review!

* * *

My Other

In my dreams I see
pools of blood
crimson eyes

Blood my own, myself

A part of me
the other half of my soul
He touches me- and I shudder

He touches my hands, my face, my heart

I ask and he answers
In a whisper
I cannot hear
A mystery
I cannot decipher

He takes me into his arms
and lays his hands on my soul

He is my most intimate lover

* * *