Title: Nightmare Becomes a Reality

Author: NeroAnne

Disclaimer: I do not own Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, or the rest of the wrestlers in this fic.

Summary: "Why are you doing this!?" Jeff cried, watching as Chris continued to slam his fist into the wall. "Stop! You're going to hurt yourself!" Chris turned pained blue eyes to his love, "Like I hurt you?" he whispered.

Dedicated to: Renna33


Chapter 1.

God, he had done it again!

Chris looked down, his blue eyes fighting back tears that were threatening to spill. He stared down at his love, his Jeff. The younger man was asleep, completely unaware of his husband's turmoil.

Chris slowly shrugged off his clothes, leaving himself only in his boxers. He crawled into bed, pulling Jeff closer to him. Almost instantly, Jeff cuddled against him, sighing contentedly.

Chris stared up at the ceiling, tears sliding down his face and disappearing into Jeff's hair. Closing his eyes, he tried to stop the tears.

Soft crying caused him to snap his eyes open.

He felt Jeff stir and heard him sigh, "Oh, god…this is the third time this week," Jeff stood, running a hand through his hair. Slipping on a robe, he hurried into the next room.

Chris lay confused for a minute, before his sky blue eyes widened in realization. Getting up, he headed into his son's room.

Once he got to the door, he stepped inside quietly. He watched as Jeff knelt down next to the small bed, un-tucking the child and carrying him. Upon being picked up, he cried louder.

"Shh, baby," Jeff rocked the little boy against his chest, whispering soothing words. He glanced over at Chris and gave him a worried look, "Chris…his fever…it's high again."

'High…again…? When did he get sick…?' Chris walked over to his son and husband with a heavy heart, feeling ashamed. Looking down, he forced a smile for the blue eyed boy.

"Hey, champ…what's wrong?"

"Daddy," he whimpered, "My throat burns…it burns bad…" he scratched at his throat, causing red welts to appear on the flushed skin.

"Kaiden, stop it!" Jeff whispered. He balanced the three-year old on his hip, before looking over at Chris, "Go downstairs, warm some milk for him," he murmured, green eyes tired.

Chris nodded slowly, leaving the room. He returned only moments later, the glass of warm milk in his hand.

Jeff brushed his fingers through Kaiden's soft black hair and helped him to sit up, "Here, sweetie," he carefully took the hot milk from Chris and held it out to his son.

Kaiden gripped the glass with shaky fingers and tipped it, drinking the warm milk. He licked his lips when he was done, sniffling.

Chris sighed and sat down on the bed, looking up at Jeff. His poor baby looked so worn out. There were dark circles under his green eyes. He'd been missing sleep…to take care of their son…and where was he? Fucking his older brother. That's where.

"Jeff, darling…go back to bed, I'll stay with Kaiden till he falls asleep."

Jeff sighed, running a hand through his hair, "Are you sure? You have a photo shoot tomorrow."

Chris nodded, "Don't worry about it. You're tired, go to bed."

Jeff nodded, "Okay," he knelt down, gently kissing Kaiden's forehead, "Goodnight, Kai…sleep well."

Kaiden gave his dad a small smile, "Night, daddy…"

Jeff smiled, before looking to Chris, he leaned over.

Chris turned his head as Jeff neared, a kiss that was meant for his lips, caught by his cheek instead. He tried hard to ignore the hurt look on Jeff's face.

Sighing, Jeff left the room.

Chris stared down at his son, his heart breaking. There was a reason why Chris had come home with a black haired, blue-eyed baby three years ago…with a name that meant "Fighter"…Kaiden…was adopted by him and Matt Hardy. Not Jeff Hardy.

They had lied to him then…when Jeff was out with a serious injury. Both men were scared to death of losing him…and ended up finding comfort in each others arms. A day before Jeff was cleared from the hospital; they adopted Kaiden, choosing him because of how much he resembled them. Matt's black hair…Chris's blue eyes…a name that expressed both of them…and there was Kaiden.

When both men learned that Jeff was better, they knew that they had to end whatever it was they had. And Chris had told Jeff that he adopted Kaiden so that they could be a family…a year later, they married…and a year after that, Chris began cheating on Jeff with Matt.


Chris glanced at Kaiden, "Yes, son?"

Staring up into replicas of his own blue eyes, Kaiden asked his innocent question, "Are you okay?"

Chris nodded once, "Yes…"

Kaiden cuddled closer, "Love you, daddy."

Chris sighed, "I love you too, Kaiden."

After a little while, the boy fell asleep.

Returning to his room, he found Jeff asleep once more. Closing his eyes tightly, Chris walked over to the bed and slid in.

'I'm so sorry, Jeff…so sorry…'


-Next Morning-

Matt answered his door, smiling, "Hey, bro." he stepped aside, letting Jeff in. He grabbed the bag from his brother's shoulder, seeing that it was weighing him down since he was carrying Kaiden also.

"Oh, Matt, thank you so much for baby-sitting, I had no idea I would be called in to wrestle tonight." Jeff gently placed Kaiden on the couch, next to Lucas.

"No problem, Jeffro. You know how much I adore Kaiden," Matt swallowed thickly.

Jeff smiled, turning around and hugging his brother, "I missed you," he whispered, "Things are so different between Chris and I now-a days."

"What's wrong?" Matt asked, hugging his brother back, though it pained him to do so.

"He's…coming home a lot later than usual…I understand that his schedule is tight…but he used to come home more often…I barely ever get to see him, and when I do…he wants nothing to do with me," he sighed, stepping away from Matt.

"Come on, Jeff…maybe you're just imagining things…I don't see a difference in him, you shouldn't either." Matt placed a hand on Jeff's shoulder, feeling himself die a little more inside.

Jeff smiled tiredly, "I guess you're right…well, I should get going…Chris has the night off, he'll be here to help with Kaiden." Walking over to his son, Jeff gently ruffled his hair, "Bye, Kai. Daddy'll be here, later, kay?"

Kaiden nodded, stroking Lucas's fur, "Okay. I'll miss you."

Jeff smiled, kissing his cheek, "Same here."

Standing up again, Jeff hugged his brother tightly, "Thank you so much, Matt…I would be so lost without you…"

Matt hugged back, holding back tears. "Shut up, ya fairy," he said playfully, trying to keep himself collected.

Jeff grinned and left the house.

Matt watched Jeff start his car, before he sped off. Clenching his fists, Matt turned around to look at Kaiden, "Wanna watch some Scooby-Doo?"

The boy's blue eyes glittered happily, "Yeah!"

Matt smiled slightly. He was…so easy to please…just like Jeff used to be.

-Hours Later-

Chris parked his car next to Matt's gripping the steering wheel. Taking a deep breath, he walked out of his car, making his way to the house door.

He knocked once, knowing that Matt would know who it was.

When the door opened, he glanced up.

Matt gave him a forced smile, "Hey," he moved aside.

Chris only nodded in reply, stepping inside the house. He looked around, smiling softly when he noticed Kaiden napping on the couch, Lucas right next to him.

"How long has he been asleep?" Chris asked.

"Only a while…he passed out after watching his fifth episode of Scooby-Doo…" Matt sighed, "Chris…we need to talk…"

Chris turned around, "About what?"

Matt looked towards the ground, "About Jeff."


I've been wanting to make a fic like this for sooo long!

Like the baby name? It was supposed to be the name for my nephew, but my "nephew" turned out to be a niece, instead, XD!

"Kaiden" is pronounce, "Kay-den" I just spelled it a bit different.

And no, this won't be the name of the baby in the sequel to "The Fire in Your Eyes" I have planned out that name, as well.

Hope you liked this, dedicated to Renna33.