Title: Nightmare Becomes a Reality

Author: NeroAnne

Disclaimer: I do not own Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, or the rest of the wrestlers in this fic.

Summary: "Why are you doing this!?" Jeff cried, watching as Chris continued to slam his fist into the wall. "Stop! You're going to hurt yourself!" Chris turned pained blue eyes to his love, "Like I hurt you?" he whispered.

Dedicated to: Renna33


Jeff blinked his eyes open when a hand touched his shoulder. He let out a low mewl and glanced up to see bright blue eyes gazing down at him. "Yes, love?"

Chris bit the inside of his lower lip. "Do you…" he pinched the bridge of his nose. "I want…to touch you, Jeff."

Jeff flushed, "W-what?" Chris hadn't touched him in months…why the sudden change?

"Please, I…I know I've been ignoring you…I want to make it up." Knowing that Jeff would ask questions, Chris gently kissed them younger blonde, lapping at the soft lips. He smiled when Jeff slowly opened his mouth and he moved his tongue in, groaning softly.

Jeff was so sweet…he'd forgotten how sweet he tasted.

Moving his arms down to Jeff's hips, he squeezed, his eyes widening when he realized he could feel how thin Jeff had gotten…Oh, god.

Chris pulled away, shuddering. He buried his face in his hands, sobbing quietly. God, what had he done? What had he done?!

Jeff stared at him, completely surprised. "Christopher," he breathed. He moved towards his husband, gently pulling him into a hug. "What's wrong, baby?" he asked softly.

Chris couldn't take it. This had to end…all this time, he'd been hurting Jeff for his own selfish reasons…and now, Jeff was underweight, losing sleep and blaming himself for everything…this had to stop!

Grabbing Jeff's hand, Chris pulled him out of the room. They crossed over to one of the guest rooms and without knocking, Chris entered.

"Chris, what in the world?" Jeff cried, his eyes on Matt and Adam, who were staring at them with wide eyes. "They're trying to sleep!"

Chris locked eyes with Matt. "I can barely touch him," he spoke, his eyes watery. "I want to hold him in my arms…but I can't." He looked to Adam, his heart breaking, "Please…I want him to know…I love him."

Jeff stared at them all, confused. "What is going on?" he asked, his voice soft.

Matt stood, Adam following. His hands were shaking, his dark eyes stared into Jeff's. "Wake everyone up," Matt whispered. "It's time to finally tell you the truth."

Jeff stared at his brother, "Matty…why are you crying?" he moved his hands to his brother's face, but he was stopped.

"No," Matt whispered, shying away from Jeff's touch, "Just go get everyone up. Please."

Jeff, still confused and a bit hurt, did as he was told.

Chris watched him go, his heart thudding painfully in his chest. He held onto the doorframe for support.

"Why now?" Adam asked softly. He stared into Chris's bright blue eyes. "Why not after so long?"

Chris took a shuddering breath. "He weighs 208 pounds…I could feel how thin he was when I held him…I can't keep doing this to him…I love him."

"Then why did you sleep with Matt?" Adam asked, his eyes narrowing. "Why adopt a child together?"

"I finally get it, Adam…" Chris murmured. "I was scared…I was terrified that Jeff would never wake up from that coma…and Matt was just as frightened. We'd always be there with him…holding his hands…talking to him…kissing him and telling him how much we loved him."

Matt nodded, tears streaking down his cheeks. He remembered. He knew why it happened.

-Three Years Ago, A month in to Jeff's Coma-

Chris kissed Jeff's knuckles softly, holding his small pale hands in his own larger hand gently. He looked up to Matt.

The elder Hardy was tracing Jeff's face, tears sliding down his face. "He would want you to be happy, Chris," he murmured gently.

Chris shot him a glare, "He's not dead. Stop talking to me as if he were dead."

Matt glared back, "I'm just telling you what he would want. Lay off, he's my brother. I know how you feel."

Chris sighed, his heart thudding. "Sorry, Matt. I just miss him terribly…what if he never wakes up? What if…I lose him?"

Matt sighed, moving over to Chris, pulling him into his arms. "Shh," he murmured, "He'll wake up…he's our Jeff…he knows better than to leave us…he'll wake up, Chris." Matt brushed the blonde bangs out of Chris's eyes, "I promise."

Chris gave him a watery smile, "Thank you, Matt."

Matt nodded.

An uncomfortable silence settled in the air.

"Would he really want me to move on?" Chris asked softly, staring up into Matt's chocolate brown eyes.

"Jeff isn't selfish…he'd want you happy," Matt answered, his voice soft.

They both looked down at Jeff. His face was peaceful; his long lashed touching his smooth, pale cheeks. His blonde hair was loose, flowing around the white pillow like a halo…

"You're right…he'd want me happy…but who could compare to him?" Chris murmured aloud.

"You'll find someone," Matt whispered. He moved to kiss Chris on the cheek.

Chris shifted. Their lips met.

For a while, they stared at each other. Then, slowly, their eyes closed and they continued their kiss, Jeff's hand slipping out of Chris's grip.

-Present time-

Adam stared at both of them, finally understanding. "You both thought…that Jeff wouldn't wake up."

Matt nodded, "I was just trying to comfort Chris…I was going to tell you on the day we adopted Kaiden…I was going to divorce you…"

Adam bit his bottom lip.

"Then," Chris whispered, "Jeff woke up…it was the best day of both our lives…I had my true love back…and Matt had his brother…but then…we also had Kaiden."

Matt took a deep breath before continuing, "We ended the relationship…but we couldn't stop…" he played with his fingers, "I talked to a therapist…and he told me that the reason why I couldn't let Chris go was because of Kaiden…I wanted Kaiden in my life…more than I wanted Chris."

Adam put the pieces together, "I see…"

"Okay…everyone is downstairs," Jeff murmured, appearing in front of the doorway. "Will you please…tell me what's going on now?"

Chris nodded.

The moment of truth had come…


Trish bit her bottom lip nervously. She was seated on John's lap, her eyes were on Jeff.

"Baby…" John whispered, "You wanna fill me in?"

Trish shook her head. "You're about to find out."

AJ glanced at his husband, "Do you have any idea what this is about?"

Jay shook his head. All he knew was that things were not looking good…

Chris sighed, rubbing his hands together. "Sorry for waking you all up…but I can't take it anymore…"

Jeff shook his head, "Chrissy, please, just tell me."

Matt held Adam's hand, tears sliding down his face at a rapid pace. 'God, please…I don't want to lose my brother…'

Chris lowered himself to his knees. "I…I…"

Adam felt his stomach churn. This was not going to easy…

"While you were still in the hospital…I…cheated on you," Chris whispered, staring up at Jeff.

John, AJ and Jay all gasped.

Jeff sat still. Tears started to overfill his eyes and they slowly slid down his cheeks. He took in a shuddering breath.

"Baby, I didn't think you would wake up…" Chris murmured, "But…I'm not making an excuse…I deserve whatever you do to me…because I'm not finished."

"Oh, god," Jeff whispered, covering his face.

"I…cheated on you…with Matt…"

Jay stood, his eyes filled with rage, "What?!"

Jeff doubled over, his body shaking. The tears seeped through his hands to land on the carpet below. His hiccupping gasps caused Trish's own eyes to water. She moved over to him, hugging him gently.

"My…brother?" Jeff whimpered, "You slept with my brother…?" he sobbed, shaking his head. "God, please, no…"

AJ bit his bottom lip, "Why did you do it, Chris?" he asked, his voice soft. Jeff meant the world to Chris…and vice-versa.

"I was scared," Chris murmured, "I thought Jeff wouldn't wake up…"

John shook his head, "So you fuck his brother?" his tone was calm, but his eyes weren't. "That's sick."

"No," Matt whispered, "It isn't sick enough…" Matt moved over to Jeff. "Chris and I adopted Kaiden…he's my son, Jeff."

That was it.

Jeff broke. The tears kept falling, but he made no noise. His form quivered and he was limp in Trish's arms.

Jay tackled Chris to the floor, "Are you kidding me?!"

AJ glanced towards the stairs. He became pale. "Guys…"

He was ignored.

Jay grabbed onto Chris's collar, "You sick bastard," he hissed, "How could you do that? Why did you even tell him? You should have kept it your dirty secret and took it to your pissing grave!"

"Guys," AJ said, a little louder this time.

Again, he was ignored.

Jeff gently pushed Trish off. "No, Jay…its okay…" he walked towards Matt, who flinched. "…Please…tell me…do…you love him?"

Matt stared up into his eyes. "Kaiden…or Chris?"

"Chris…" Jeff searched Matt's eyes.

"No…I love Adam…but, I love my son, Jeff…I'm so sorry…" Matt whispered, his lower lip trembling.

"Guys!" AJ yelled, tired of being ignored.

"What, AJ?!" John snapped, turning in his direction. Everyone did the same.

"Look," AJ said softly, pointing upstairs.

Jeff looked and he bit his lower lip.

Blue eyes stared down at him. "Daddy?"

"Kaiden…" Jeff breathed. "Baby…why aren't you in bed with Matilda?"

Kaiden slowly went downstairs, "Yelling…"

Chris stared over at his son. "Kai…"

Kaiden glanced at him. "Papa…"

Chris turned his eyes to Jeff. He looked so broken…

Pushing Jay off of him, Chris took off, leaving the room, he headed upstairs.


"Chris!" Jeff followed, glancing behind him, "Take care of Kaiden!"

Matt watched him, his hands shaking.

"Uncle Matty…where are they goin?" Kaiden asked, his eyes becoming wet.

"Shh," Matt whispered, picking Kaiden up. "They'll be back." 'I hope.'


"Chris, damn it!" Jeff panted, still chasing the male. "Where are you going?!"

"Away!" Chris yelled back, "I can't take it!"

Jeff sped up; he jumped, tackling Chris to the ground. He rested his head on Chris's shoulder, panting hard.

Chris sobbed, burying his head on the ground beneath him. He could feel Jeff sit up and he stood also. He looked around, noting that they were in their room. He slammed his fist into the wall, crying out in pain and anger.

"Why are you doing this!?" Jeff cried, watching as Chris continued to slam his fist into the wall. "Stop! You're going to hurt yourself!"

Chris turned pained blue eyes to his love, "Like I hurt you?" he whispered.

Jeff stared at him sadly. "Christopher…"

"I might as well have killed you, Jeff…I betrayed your love…I lied to you about Kaiden…I worried you, ignored you…and you…you took it all." Chris slid down to the floor, his heart beating hard.

Jeff followed, "Chris," he whispered. "I'm not going to lie to you…I'm…terribly hurt…but…" he closed his eyes. "I understand."

Chris stared at him, disbelieving, "What?" he choked out.

Jeff crawled closer. "I understand, Chris." Jeff kissed him, softly, sweetly. He pulled away, sighing. "How were you supposed to know if I were to wake up from that coma…? I would have wanted you to live your life, Chris…I didn't think it would have been with my own brother," he licked his lips, "But…I would have wanted you happy."

"I don't deserve you," Chris whispered. "You're wonderful to me…before the accident…and even now…why Jeff? Why would you even kiss me…after all I've done…?"

"Because," Jeff whispered. "I love you…" Jeff sighed, running a hand through Chris's hair, "I love you, Chris…We can get through this…I don't blame you…or Matty…please…let's just make it work."

Chris shook his head, still not believing. "I still don't understand…" he murmured honestly.

Jeff smiled, "But I do."

Chris closed his eyes, feeling Jeff's lips on his.

How could he be so understanding…why…would he be so understanding?

Jeff smiled into the kiss. It didn't matter…He understood now. He would never tell them, but while he was in the coma, he would still hear the people around him. He knew that Matt and Chris were together…he just didn't know why and now that he did…the nightmare was over.

It was time to dream again.


-Two Years Later-

"Uncle Jeff!"

Jeff grinned, bending down, "Hey, Kaiden! You got big," he murmured. The five and a half-year old smirked up at him. "God…you're looking more like Matt every day…"

"You're telling me."

Jeff grinned, watching Adam enter the house, carrying to two-year old girl in his arms. "He looks more like Matt ever second if you ask me."

Jeff smiled, "Where is Matt?" he kissed the little girl on the cheek, "Hi, Faith." He cooed.

Faith grinned at him, her hazel eyes sparkling, "Hi."

Matt stepped inside the house, his eyes sparkling, "Hey, man." He and Jeff embraced. "How is everything?"

"Good," Jeff answered, smiling serenely, "Chris is in the backyard with the twins."

"Ha! I hope they push him into Lake Legend," the voice came from the door.

Jeff grinned, "Oh, Trish, don't be mean. It isn't good for the baby."

Trish waddled inside the house, her seven-year-old daughter right behind her. "Matilda, can you go get your dad?"

"On it!" Matilda answered. It was rare now that she called herself by her name…but it did pop up once in a while.

Trish groaned, "This is the last baby I'm having," she murmured. "I feel like a whale."

"You look like one," Chris joked, entering from the back door.

"Bite me, Chris," Trish growled.

John came inside, his arms loaded with bags, "I can't wait till you have my son," he grumbled, "Then I wouldn't have to carry all this stuff."

Two, identical twin boys entered the house, tracking mud. "Uncle Jay is here," they announced in unison, their eyes sparkling.

Jeff smiled, staring at the picture of his family.

Kaiden, luckily, wasn't traumatized by anything that happened. He was a bit hurt when Jeff and Chris told him about Matt being his dad, but he got over it soon. As long as Jeff and Chris would still be family, he would be fine.

A couple of months after, Adam and Matt adopted a little girl. Her eyes were a light green and her hair was a light brown. She was named Faith Hermanni Copeland.

John got Trish pregnant again, which caused for a lot of celebrations. She was due in a couple of weeks.

AJ and Jay decided not to adopt more kids. Melody was doing excellent in high school, and they couldn't be happier or prouder of her.

As for Jeff and Chris, they adopted twin boys. Both were already six year olds when they were adopted. Their parents had died in a car crash and Jeff fell in love with them from the start.

Nicholas "Nicky" Irvine had dark brown eyes and blondish hair. Alexander "Alex" Irvine was his mirror image. The only way to tell them apart? Alex had a temper to match Jeff's and Nicky would much rather follow orders. Both were eight now.

Jeff caught his husband staring at him and he smiled.

Nightmares never came to this peaceful dream…not anymore.

It was time to live happily ever after.


Wow, who would have known?

Something so sad could turn into something so happy at the end, XD.

I hope you guys enjoyed this, I LOVED writing this chapter. I think it's a lot diff than others because instead of leaving it at a sad ending, I made it happy.

Anyways, Renna, I hope you especially enjoyed this fic; I look forward to writing another for you in the future, XD.

Thank you for reading and thank you for all the support. LOVE you ALL!