Tornado in Toronto

Whoosh, whirl, swish that's what the tornado done. Ripping houses apart with its huge hands. It was like an almighty god crushing a mountain. It was devastating.

I sat there in my underground cavern. I could feel the breath of the wind on my neck ,

I thought it was a tsunami crashing on innocent prey. Where is it now?

My family was sat opposite me, murmuring in hushed whispers, they must be worried. Then it happened, I was blew away and so was my family. The cavern was blasted apart twig and soil, tree and brick surrounded me. It was as if my life was burning away, I was in the portal of the tornado, the tornado in Toronto.

Through the grey ash of the tornado I saw my mums glassy wet eyes and I lunged for them, and missed. I turned back to try again to find her ripped apart.

My heart was broken, shattered like glass. I was alone. My family had been tortured, terrified by the tornado. Eventually, the tornado ceased. I landed in a strange field. And I cried and I cried and cried some more. My family was dead and I was alone, isolated, abandoned.

I leaped across the field like lightning, then I saw them; the remains of my family. I muzzled them and lay there moaning in misery. After that, I woofed and wagged my tail for I am a dog you see and I am as good as dead…

I curled into a ball and lay there next to them and lay until I rotted. Not moving

Away from my family, my soul mates and my heart.