Shuwa: Hi~! This is my first fanfic! It's a SasuNaru fanfic! Yay~! This story popped up in my head one night and caused me to write this. It really has no point in it from my pov. Sadly, my writing skills suck... T^T I don't even know how I should rate this. Maybe "T" for now...? KikiMonkeyLover is sort of the 2nd author because she's helping me with it... So, if you like it give her some credit. Oh! Also, the characters will be OC or OOC. Don't really know the difference. I'm gonna try to stick with how they really would act but I suck at that too. So I doubt they're gonna act the same than they're suppose to.

Naruto is a girl that was disguised as a boy. Even she didn't even know it! Not until the battle at the Valley of the End when the genjutsu wore off from near death experience. Also, she found out about her parents after she regained conscious and some panicking from her change of gender.

There will be a Harry Potter crossover and in the next few chapters. It'll most likely be in 5th year because Naruto and co. are 15 years old. Well, Naruto is 14 turning 15 while everyone else is 15.

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"Demon Speech"

'Demon Thoughts'

'Naruto talking back to Kyuubi'





Smirk "Naruto."

The reunion of Team 7 finally came after three years. The new Team 7, which consisted of Kakashi, Yamato, Sakura, Sai, Naruto, were in a crater of what used to be Sasuke's room in Orochimaru's lair. Sasuke just looked down at the team but kept his eyes mostly on his ex-best friend/rival; Uzumaki Naruto.

The Naruto in front of him wasn't male but a female. She had waist long blond hair that was in twin pigtails, the brightest, big blue eyes that made her appear innocent, naturally tanned skin that was smooth and flawless, three whisker marks on each cheek that made her look foxy, an hourglass figure that other women would die for, and C-cupped chest that wasn't too big or too small. What she wore was an orange spaghetti strapped tank top, her hitai-ite (the cloth it hung on to was black) hung loosely around her delicate neck with her beloved necklace, a black fingerless glove on both hands, black capri cargo pants with those big pockets to the sides, the kunai and shuriken hoisters hung above said pockets latched onto white cloth band-aids that were wrapped securely on her right thigh (don't know what they're called), and the traditional ninja sandals, but in black.

'Hn. So the dobe is a girl. It wasn't an illusion that I saw at the Valley of the End. Damn... she's hot! Wait?! What am I saying?! Forget it!'

"Dobe, I see you've physically changed," he stated while he continued smirking.

"Shut up Teme! It's not my fault that I didn't know I was a girl until our fight three years ago! Apparently I was put under a genjutsu when I was born!!" the blond haired girl yelled angrily. The others around her just watched but stayed on guard just in case a battle occurred.

"Hn. Don't tell me your trying to get me back to Konoha. I told you that I need power to kill my bastard of a brother," Sasuke reminded her as he spat out the last word like it was venom.

"You don't need to Sasuke! What `Tachi told you a long time ago was a lie!"

'`Tachi?!?!?!' he mentally yelled with a tone of jealousy.

"What do you mean it was a lie?! He showed me how he killed my clan!" the raven angrily yelled back.

"Sasuke-kun! Naru-chan's right! The council ordered him to kill your clan because they wanted to destroy Konoha while using Naruto! He only spared you because he still cares for you and that you had no part in their scheme," the medic-nin cried out, hoping to help her teammate convince her old crush to come back to Konohagakure. Sakura didn't have that fangirl crush anymore. Instead, she was thinking about hooking up with Lee rather than stalking the Uchiha.

After hearing that Sasuke just rose one eyebrow at them and was still pissed. But a part of him was curious about the "truth".

"What proof do you have of this?" the raven questioned.

At that moment Kakashi-sensei threw an official scroll at Sasuke for him to read. That scroll had a broken seal that only the Hokages could break (which already was broken by Tsunade when she stumbled upon it with shock) and in it contained the truth of the Uchiha Massacre.

"Read it Sasuke," demanded Kakashi with a serious eye-look-thing and tone.

The missing nin took a few moments reading it with his guard still up and once again rose one of his brows.

"Do you expect me to believe this?"

"Not really Otouto but I'd hope you'd allowed us to take you to Tsunade-sama for a better explanation," a figure said while appearing next to Konoha's very own knuckle-headed ninja.

"ITACHIIIIII!!!" Sasuke roared while running towards his aniki while unsheathing his Kusanagi.

On instinct, Naruto threw herself in front of Itachi and taking the hit on the stomach with the Chidori flowing through weapon.

"NARUTO!" everyone yelled with shock.

'Why does my heart hurt every time I hurt her?!' the younger Uchiha mentally screamed with a little bit of shock displayed on his face.

Cough "Sa-Sasuke... I told you... he's... innocent..." she weakly stated while having a coughing fit.

"Stupid kit. Now I have to freaking heal her!" Kyuubi mentally stated in annoyance mixed with concern.

All Sasuke did was stare straight into those amazing blue eyes closing slowly and felt guilty. He was then shoved to the side by the pink haired girl and started healing the passed out Naruto. (Pfft... I don't know the anatomy well so I'm guessing she would pass out from an attack like that. I'm so dumb sometimes X3)

"Foolish Otouto. Naruto-kun wouldn't lie about such things and her action is proof of her honesty. Please, come back home with us... I'm... sorry..." begged the oldest Uchiha once he was out of shock and stared into Sasuke's eyes.

'He's begging...? He sounds like he means it... Naruto...' he thought while breaking eye contact and watched Naruto, who was being healed by the Kyuubi inside of her and Sakura, with his stoic mask completely falling and showing concern in his eyes and face.

"I... I'll come back to hear the explanation..." Sasuke informed after putting his stoic face back on. After hearing Sasuke's statement the rest of the Konoha nins, that were conscious, smiled. Including Sai because he's glad that Naruto finally brought Sasuke back even though she was unconscious.

"Ku ku ku... who said you could leave Sssassuke-kun?" asked a paled skin man with snake-like eyes with a sickly sweet tone.

Gasps were heard from everyone except for the bastards, Sasuke, Itachi, and Sai. Sai just had his creepy smile on again but was prepared to attack if necessary. Sasuke and Itachi already knew he'd pop out sooner or later because they're fucking geniuses (Luckies...).

"I don't need your permission," stated Sasuke while getting ready to kill him.

"Hm? Are you sure? I am your master," Orochimaru replied back and licked his lips with his freaky snake-like tongue. His sidekick, Kabuto, just observed everything with amusement.

'The only way we can leave safely is by killing him and his lackey. I guess I have no choice.'

"Hn. Think whatever you like. However, as you can clearly see; I don't need you anymore. Sayonara."


Fight scene in progress due to me not knowing how to write them... Of course everyone joined in the fight except for Naruto and Sakura. Someone had to make sure an unconscious comrade didn't get hurt. Plus, they needed her to save her chakra for healing purposes.


~*In Naruto's mind*~

"Y'know kit, yer missing a fight," Kyuubi announced to Naruto who was trying to think of her next move in Shogi. Sadly, our little heroine was losing.

"EH?!?!?!?! Why didn't you tell me fuzzbutt?!?!" Naruto screamed while tossing the game to the side and glared at the human form of her tenant through the sealed gate.

Kyuubi took a form of a 6-foot male who looked about 20. His hair was long, silky, and crimson and had light tanned skin that was flawless. He had crimson demonic eyes and wore a traditional black yukata with gold flames rising from the bottom.

"You needed to rest after that dumb stunt you pulled off," replied Kyuubi smoothly while picking up his kit's mess.

Said kit just watched the red head picking up the mess while sweat-dropping and thinking, "What a neat-freak..."

"Kit, I know what you're thinking"

"Stop reading my mind kitsune-baka!!!!"

"I can't help it. We share the same body and I am in your mind human"

"Fine! I'll find a way to block my thoughts from you someday! Anyways, back to the first topic: WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!?! I know I needed to rest but I've been ok for the past few minutes!" snapped Naruto.

"... You... would've gotten in the way and killed yourself?"


"Fine. I was bored and... I wanted to play something..."

"... That was all you wanted?! We could've played some other time when there wasn't a battle going on!! Forget it, I'm gonna wake up! ... Um... Kyuubi-nii?"


"Thanks. I'll come back for a rematch. Dattebayo!" Naruto promised and woke up into reality.

"Whatever," Kyuubi said with a stoic face and tone. Secretly, he was missing his company.

"Damn, I'm getting soft from being with her too much..." Kyuubi admitted to himself and took his daily nap.


~*Back to Reality*~

"Naruto! You're awake!" exclaimed a happy Sakura who was kneeling next to the now wake blond.

"Duh! I'm not weak Sakura-chan! `Tebayo! Anyways, I would've been awake if it wasn't for Kyuubi feeling lonely..." Naruto informed Sakura but mumbled the last part to herself. Of course Sakura heard, she wouldn't be a ninja if she didn't.

'Naruto... I'm so sorry I've been rude to you in the past... I can't believe I finally realized my mistake after hearing the whole story from Tsunade-sama. I'm such an idiot!'

Yes, Sakura knew the whole truth about Naruto and the Kyuubi (who was being controlled by Uchiha Madara) along with the other Konoha 9, Team Gai, their senseis, Iruka, and the Sand Siblings. The secret was still kept from the villagers for other reasons. One reason is because the villagers would most likely start treating her with respect due to her heritage. Such idiots they would be and Naruto only wants respect from others through her own work. They all found out after Naruto was brought back unconscious, in girl form, three years ago. Of course everyone was shocked by her form and demanded answers. Only Tsunade, Jiraiya, and the deceased Sandaime knew so it was up to the last two alive to explain it. After the truth had been revealed everyone was disgusted with themselves for not being nicer to him... or her. The senseis felt horrible for they knew some of the truth but did nothing to help the vessel from the hate from the villagers and other ninjas. Especially Kakashi; he should've known that the little sunshine was his sensei's kid! When Naruto was a boy he resembled the Yondaime so much! She even acted like Kushina! Gaara already knew about the blond being a vessel but being a female? He had no clue! At that, he just blushed lightly but willed it away quickly. At the same time, everyone was proud of Hinata. Even though everyone treated the "boy" as trash she treated "him" as a person as much as she could. Considering she had a crush on said person causing her to stutter and blush a lot. All Hinata had to do now was think about her real feelings towards the Uzumaki.

Ahem. Back to the story.

"Sakura? You still there...? Say something! OI!!" Naruto was hovering over the kneeling medic-nin and trying to get her attention for the past 5 minutes because the emerald eyed girl had this spaced out look. She lightly slapped her teammate and was quickly punched on the head.

"Ow! What was that for Sakura-chan?!"

"You slapped me baka!"

"But it was soft and you were zoning out on me! I was trying to get your attention meanie!" Naruto stated while pouting those cute lips.

"Really? Um... sorry." Sakura apologized and weakly chuckled at herself for thinking of the past at a time like this.

"It's ok! Now, lets help the others fight!" exclaimed the blond eyed girl who couldn't wait to join.

"But Flat-chested, we're done already," Sai explained while panting. Flat-chested was his nickname for Naruto since he was just being an ass by saying she had plastic surgery.

"WHAT?!?! Since when?!" Naruto yelled and didn't hear the nickname.

"While you guys were gossiping," Kakashi chirped in while saying it like it was totally true and had his eyes turned in an upside down "u".

"Not fair!!!!!" screamed Naruto while her fists were shaking at her sides with tears about to fall but didn't. She then looked at the destroyed ground, the dead bodies that were decapitated on the ground far away from them, and then at the others who looked beat up and tired.

"I hate you all..."

"Aww... we love you too Naru-chan," Sakura, Kakashi, and Sai said at the same time. Yamato just watched with Itachi who smirked. Sasuke was just surprised at how perfectly fine Naruto was but it didn't show on his face. He didn't even hear the whole conversation.

'The Dobe looks as though she wasn't hurt at all... Probably the Kyuubi's and Sakura's help. I'm... glad that she's up so quickly. ...?! I-I-I... I mean it's not like she would've died from that wound! Why should I be worried about an usrantonkachi like her?!' Sasuke snapped out of his thoughts when he noticed Naruto was staring at him with worry.

"You ok teme?" she asked with worry shown on her face and eyes. Even her voice had a bit of worry in it.

"I'm fine dobe."

"Don't call me that!"


"That's not even a word Teme!!!!"

Before Sasuke could say anything Kakashi interrupted.

"Nows not the time for a lover's quarrel guys. We have to take Sasuke back," Kakashi informed them while both Naruto and Sasuke blushed and glared at him. No one noticed that Kakashi had a hint of jealousy in his tone, except for the observant Itachi. He didn't comment on it but delicately rose his left eyebrow.

'It seems that Kakashi-sempai has feelings towards Naruto-kun too,' Itachi thought as he looked back at his otouto and blond haired girl. His gaze was on the knuckle head the longest though.

"Yes, Kakashi-sempai is right. We should head back as soon as possible," Yamato said while giving Naruto that creepy look and freaked her out.

"H-Hai, Yamato-taichou," Naruto said while trying not to look at the creep. In the inside she was ecstatic that Sasuke was coming back. Oh how she wished she could do her happy dance but with Sakura around she'll definitely get hit. Everyone else just nodded and got ready to leave but not before Sakura checked them all to see if they were alright.

'Mission: Success,' everyone thought happily that was on the retrieval mission. They all headed out in the night with happy thoughts. Except for Sasuke. All wanted to do now to torture the council if the council was guilty.


Shuwa: Did it suck? I kinda don't like it now that its been typed but "oh well". I might put more detail to everyone's reaction to the truth of Naruto in some other chapter. If I can fit them into it. I'll still continue it and see how people react to it... if they review. Oh, and sorry that my writing skills suck. I'm not into putting a lot of details but I tried. Tee hee~! X3