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'Thoughts/ Naruto talking back to Kyuubi'

"Demon Speech"

'Demon Thoughts'

~*Dawn in Konoha*~

"What the hell...?" grumbled a dirty blond-haired woman who stared at a parchment she received by a mysterious owl during her late sake-induced sleep minutes ago. After rereading it a few more times, due to slight disbelief, she made her decision.

"I guess the new Team 7 is going to have a special mission," she mumbled quietly as she rubbed her throbbing temple, 'Why is being Hokage a pain in the ass?'


"H-Hai!" stuttered her sleepy assistant who usually stood by her.

"I want Team 7 in my office today at 1200 sharp!!"

"H-Hai, Tsunade-sama!"

~*Morning, Naruto's Apartment*~

"Naruto-chan!!!" bam bam bam, "Wakey wakey!" Sakura cheerfully hollered from the outside of the blond's apartment front door.


Bam! Bam! Bam!


Bam!! Bam!!! Bam!!!! ... CRACK!

Yes, people, the cracking sound was the sound of Naruto's poor, abused door being busted opened by an impatient, brutally strong pinkette.

"NARUTO! WAKE. UP!!" she yelled as she burst into the only bedroom there and glared, with hands fisted on the hips, at the once sleeping figure that shot up, alarmed.

"S-Sakura-chan! G-g-good morning!" the younger nervously greeted from her bed, "W-what brings you h-here?"

"Shishou wants us at her office at 12 sharp," the once again happy pinkette replied.

"O-oh..." was all she could say as she looked at her clock, that read 9:17 am, while scratching the back of her head, "Thanks... Sakura-chan."

She then got up, lazily scratched her belly while yawning loudly, and grabbed a few clothes that laid on the floor. But after she had grabbed them she gulped fearfully from an angry aura coming from her pink haired friend, who tapped her foot irritably.

"Why are you grabbing your clothes from the floor? Are you going to wear them?" she questioned in a pseudo sweet, yet sharp, tone.

"A-Ah. N-n-no, Sakura-chan! I-I was just c-cleaning up! Ah ha ha ha ha ha..." the younger nervously laughed and quickly threw the clothes in her hamper and briskly walked to her closet, 'Scary as usual...'

'Tch. More like embarrassingly embarrassing as usual.'

Being used to changing around Sakura, because of the forced shoppings, she began to strip her wife-beater shirt off but was stopped by a slightly shaking hand.

"N-Naruto! What're you doing?!" Sakura asked while staring outside the bedroom door nervously.

"Eh? I'm obviously changing. Is something wrong?"

Naruto was concerned. Sakura had never been this embarrassed or nervous when she saw the other's body. But seeing her friend looking away, blushing, and nodding awkwardly, she became really concerned. But an idea popped into her head.

"Sakura-chan! Have you finally fallen in love with me?!"


"Seriously! After all these years of asking you out when I thought I was a boy! Buuut... Won't this be considered as being homosexual? I mean, I did think I was a guy and all when we were younger... But! We can work this out!"


"I know, I know. My sexy body has made you speechless! But, I think my Sexy Jutsu was better. It had bigger boobs and-"


"Itai!" squeaked the blond kunoichi as she crouched on the floor and rubbed her sore head.

"Grow up, Naruto!"

"Can't you take a joke, Sakura-chan?! Besides, you were panicky when you saw me changing!"

"That's because-!"

"Ahem, morning Flat-chested," interrupted a male voice, causing Naruto to quickly face the source that stood by her bedroom door. And when she saw two other visitors she realized WHY her female teammate acted the way she did.

"O-ooooh... ... Good morning S-Sai, Teme... I-... I'm going to the bathroom n-now," she weakly informed and walked passed the barely noticeable blushing Uchiha and the uncaring artist to go to her bathroom.

"What's wrong with you being in your undies, Kit? It's like wearing those things you call bikinis," Kyuubi questioned while lazily picking his nails in his humanoid form.

'Like hell I would know! I just felt embarrassed okay?! And I wear swim-trunks with those things!'

"And? You're completely okay with your Sexy Jutsu."

'That was BEFORE I found out I was a girl! And like I said earlier; I just felt embarrassed! Being a girl is still confusing to me!'

"Fine, fine. Now hurry and change."

As the bathroom door was shut closed the other female just rubbed her temple and sighed, "I'm gonna make breakfast you guys, just sit on her couch or something," and walked towards the kitchen she grew accustomed to.

Sai had sat on the couch while the other leaned against the wall in silence since they had nothing better to do. Sure, they could leave since their youngest member was awake but they hadn't had breakfast yet. The reason? Sakura had dragged them out of their respective homes before any of the two boys had a chance to eat.


~*12 o'clock Sharp, In the Hokage's Office*~

"Good! You've brought Kakashi with you," Tsunade stated as she glanced at a quiet, ruffled Kakashi, two evilly smirking Sakura and Naruto, an impassive Sasuke, and the smiling Sai, "I have a special mission for you guys. It's-"

"We have a mission?!" screamed a certain female teenager, "YES!!!! Our first mission together!! Well?! What is it Baa-chan?! It better not be a D Rank mission!" she then pointed at her rival slash best friend that become slightly annoyed at the antics, "If it is, Sasuke it's you're fau-!"

"QUIET, GAKI!!! AND STAY QUIET!!!" Tsunade screamed while she threw an empty sake bottle at the hyperactive teen as everyone else thought she had it coming.

"Itai! Fine!" and a roll of her eyes with a side of a sore spot being gently nurtured was her response.

"As I was saying before, I have a special mission for Team 7. Need I say "special" again?" Tsunade rhetorically asked as she eyed the pouting blond kunoichi as if daring her to say something, which the other didn't but glare back, "I just recently received an interesting mission request from a magical "world"- don't say anything Gaki! Apparently, an elderly wizard named Dumbledore somehow got wind of us ninjas years ago and contacted the Sandaime to sort out some treaty before any other wizards or ninjas found out about the other and start some sort of conflict. Pretty smart in my opinion.

"But anyways, this same Dumbledore requested a favor from the current Hokage to send out some ninjas to protect a certain person from an evil, powerful wizard known as Lord Voldemort. And according to Dumbledore, his original name was Tom Marvolo Riddle and he sought to conquer the world. The person you are to protect is Harry Potter. The rest of the information can be found in these folders," she said as she tossed slightly thick folders to each member but a thicker one for Kakashi. Once they received their folders they quickly scanned most of the contents.

"Shishou? Is it really wise for Sai and I to pose as transfer students while Kakashi is our "guardian" and Sasuke and Naruto as our "guards"?" Sakura asked as soon as she finished reading.

"Good question, Sakura. I trust you two to not mess up and it'd make more sense to let transfer students have a guardian and guards. For precautions and all. But I am worried about the damned Gaki."


"And what is this "Japan", Hokage-sama?" Sai questioned before Naruto could finish her first word.

"From what your client wrote, he said it is a country that our kind would most likely relate to in the muggle world. A muggle is someone who doesn't have magic in their blood and most do not know the existence of witches and wizards. Kakashi, I expect you to get them prepared for this, especially the Gaki. Normally, I would have ANBU do this, but my gut is saying otherwise."

"Hai, Hokage-sama," Kakashi replied as his blond student mumbled things about old hags.

"Now get the hell out of my office!!" she ordered and took a swig of her sake.

"Hai!" everyone replied and left but not without a certain someone sticking out their tongue and pulling down the skin under her right eye with one finger at the leader. And in return, shout of "GAKI!!!!" was heard as the door shut closed.

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