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A Field of Crimson

Chapter One

"Scratch one."

Greg looked through his sniper scope at the now dead raider, who was face down on the ground, blood pooling around his body. He began to search the terrain for his next target. The raiders had been getting more and more bold, and this group especially was a problem. Their numbers had swelled to several dozen, and they had planned and were now executing an attack on the Safehouse, a still intact building that served as the base of operations of the Crimson Order. The Order was a fairly famous mercenary group, serving anyone with the money to pay them. Out in the wastes, few could afford their services, but they got jobs every now and then from the different settlements.

"One raider, down range by the bus."

Greg heard Billy give out the location of his next kill, and he quickly turned to see the bus. As he looked over it with his scope, he saw movement behind one of the windows. He focused on that spot, and a moment later, a raider peaked over the edge, looking almost exactly at him. Greg took the shot.

"Scratch two."

"Wonder when these raiders are going to charge already. I mean, really. I'm getting tired of waiting and playing spotter."

Greg looked up from his sniper scope and glanced at the man next to him. Billy was a rough looking man. He had dirty black hair of unknown length, mostly because he always seemed to wear a bandanna. He had a small mustache and a growing beard, and dull, blue eyes. He was wearing a set of red, leather armor, and held a .44 Magnum in one hand, and a pair of binoculars in the other.

Greg went back to looking for his next target and made no comment. Billy was good in a fight, but he really had no patience. He was the sort that would jump the gun and possibly ruin their well placed ambush. Which was precisely why he was sitting up here instead of down there with Jerry, Ben, and Alison.

It didn't take long for Billy to spot the next victim. "All the way at the end of the road. He's running from cover to cover, currently behind those trash cans by the old pharmacy."

Greg turned the gun to look towards the position, but saw nothing. Just when he was about to question Billy's eyesight, a raider made a mad dash forwards from behind the trash can. Greg led the target just a little, then pulled the trigger. Unfortunately for the raider, his aim had been a bit off, because instead of killing the target, he simply blew one of his legs off. The raider fell to the ground screaming in pain, grasping at where his leg had just been.

"Aren't you going to finish him off?"

"Nope. A good sniper only uses one bullet per target, and he just received his."

"Can I kill him then?"

"If you can hit him."

"Excellent." Billy then took aim with his scoped Magnum, held the gun steady for nearly a minute as he lined it up perfectly, then shot. Greg, who was watching through his sniper scope, noted that Billy had hit his mark. A near perfect shot.

"Scratch one for me!" Billy cheered. Greg congratulated him on the kill, then went back to searching for targets. He found one, hiding behind a car relatively close to their position. How he gotten that close, Greg had no idea, but he planned on ending his luck. Before he could take the shot, he ducked back down behind cover, but that meant nothing to this sniper. He aimed through the first broken window, and guessed where his body would be behind the car door, then shot. A scream was heard, and then nothing.

"Scratch three."

Then, a few moments later, the raiders charged from their hiding places. Dozens of men and women ran across the ground, sprinting towards them. "It's time to move. Let's hope the others do their jobs."

Greg got up and ran away from the window he had been standing near. Billy was right behind him. A moment later, gunfire riddled the window and the wall around it. By the time the shooting stopped, Greg was already in a new position and lining up a shot.

"Scratch four."

The raiders charged down the street, oblivious to what was about to happen to them. As the last one ran past the pharmacy, two figures popped out from behind walls on both sides of the street and threw grenades towards the still advancing raiders. The first exploded right at one raider's feet, blowing him to pieces and sending two others flying. The first landed on a large piece of rubble, and a sickening crack could be heard upon impact. The second was luckier, and was merely knocked unconscious when he hit a wall. The second grenade was off the mark, but sent shrapnel at the raiders unlucky enough to be near the explosion. Three dropped dead, and four others went flying. All died except for one, who got back up and took cover behind a nearby car. Many of the other raiders took similar courses of action, and soon they were all shooting at the two figures. They ducked behind cover, their part mostly over.

Behind the raiders, in the building they had been rushed for, a door opened. A massive mountain of a man stepped outside, carrying a minigun. As the gun prepared to fire, some of the raiders turned around and screamed a warning, but it was too late. Minigun bullets covered the entire area, riddling nearly a dozen raiders on his first sweep. The raiders began to panic. Some stood their ground and returned fire, only to be cut to pieces by minigun. Others tried to run away, but they were killed by the two figures that had thrown grenades, who were now shooting at the raiders with assault rifles. The smart ones took the best cover they could find and tried to hide, but death soon found them from above, as the two snipers killed the stragglers. The ambush was complete.

A field of corpses lay before the three story building they had been trying to take, an example to all what will happen if you attack the Crimson Order. The three figures in the street killed any remaining raiders, then returned to the building, where their comrades awaited them. A good day, if there ever was one.

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