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(Rose's POV all the way)

"Rose what's wrong," Alice asked sitting next to me.

I don't answer.

"Rose is everything okay honey?" She begins to worry and touches my shoulder. I snapped my head up and look at her. She didn't have to remember her past and even if she did she had someone to talk to when it became unbearable. I had my thoughts and my thoughts alone. Theses thoughts tortures me every day.

"I'm fine," I say faintly.

"Are you sure," She asked removing her hand.

"I think so why?"

"You just seem a little out of it." Maybe I did. I don't know nor care. I was alone and will be this for the rest of my existence. The self absorbed rose some would say but that's the only person I had to comfort me.

Maybe one day I'll find the one to fill me with a small amount of happiness. I doubt it but they won't let me give up hope. In reality I have already given up years upon years ago.