_______________________________(Back at Forks)____________________________

Everyone welcomed Bella back after we explained what happen to the door. Now we were unpacking our thing back into our home in Forks. Alice looked over to us sometimes as we walked in with our boxes.

Something wasn't right.

After we unpacked all of our things I grabbed Alice dragged her into my room. "What's wrong," I asked releasing her.

"I don't know that's the problem. I haven't had any visions in a very long time… I'm scared," she said truthfully.


"Because something or someone is coming and I don't know what it is."

"Why were you staring at me?"

"Cause I need you…"

"You had one of those flashbacks huh?"

"Yeah and this time it was so graphic. Rose I don't know what to do! After five minutes into my honeymoon the flashback hit and then there were no more visions after that…"

I looked into her eyes and could see the fear that was in them. It made me flinch slightly. "Have you told-"

"No I haven't yet but I will soon…I just need sometime to get my thoughts back."

"Alice I'll keep an eye out for anything that looks off," I said giving her a reinsuring smile.

"Don't worry yourself over it yet. I'll be able to tell. Just be safe okay?"


__________________________(Some time in the spring)_________________________

It was a nice day out and Bella and me were taking a walk around the forest. This was the perfect time of the year. She placed her head on my shoulder as we continued to walk.

A few minutes later she froze right in place. I looked down at her and raised an eyebrow. "What's wrong," I asked as I watched her hand become covered in ice.

"They're near," was her answer.


"James, Victoria, and Laurent my old clan." She was shaking as she allowed the ice to cover her whole body I moved away from her as I looked around to see if they were any where near.

"How does he know where you are?"

"He's a tracker," She mumbled as she grabbed my hand running toward the house as fast as she could.

I pulled out my cell phone and called Alice. "Hello?"

"Alice we have trouble coming our way! Ready the family."

"Okay got it…"

I hung up my phone and really wished that we hadn't walked so far away from the house we were practically a state away. As we ran Bella's ice shield gotten thicker. I let go of her hand and ran next to her in full speed.

By the time we made it back to the house I was actually tired. I looked over to Bella and saw she didn't let up her body shield. When we enter the home the whole family was in the living room waiting for us.

Bella began to pace back and forth thinking. "The only ones you'll have to worry about is James and Victoria they're mates and are the best fighters in the clan Laurent might back away before the fight starts."

"There's a but," Edward said rubbing his forearm.

"But they have a few old friends with them three to be exact. I can't tell who they are though."

"That could be a problem," Jasper said standing up and studied the room for a second. "We'll just have to stand together."

"Like always," Esme said smiling but still had the worried look in her eyes.

________________________(An hour later)____________________________________

Our door was kicked in and there stood six vampires with blood red eyes.

"Bella," the one I guessed to be James said softly. "You had me worried dear."

He turned to the group behind him and then sighed. "You even made me have to call up a search team. Hmmm?" He looked over to me then back to Bella and watch how protective she was being. "You found yourself a cute mate well I'm being rude. I'm James and this is my partner Victoria," he said motioning to the tall red head. She flashed a dangerous smile as she looked over us.

"Why are you here," Bella growled.

"To bring you home my dear, just to bring you home."

"I am home!"

"Home?!" He laughed as he looked around the house. "You belong with us free. You know what if you come back to me you'll never have to kill another human ever again."

He looked her in the eyes as his soften a tad. He held his hand out toward her and smiled warmly. "Lets go…together."

"no No NO," Bella growled loudly.

"Okay," he said retracting his hand. "That's why I brought them."

I seconds our house was filled with all six of them they were in the ready stance and so was my family and I. My teeth was bared and my eyes never left them. James smirked as the two unknown vamps stood up and snapped their fingers.

Bella and I looked around the room and saw that Esme, Jasper, Carlisle, and Edward were stuck in one place. It wasn't like they were covered in ice it was like they just couldn't move.

And Alice was on the floor unconscious. How the hell…

I felt a hand push me out of the way as a spear of fire was heading towards me. When I looked up I saw that it went right through Bella's heart as she fell to the ground. I stood up and pushed her out the way to make sure she didn't get hurt anymore.

I focused all the energy that I had into making a huge fire ball. James stood straight up as he added two plus two together. "Shit," he sighed as the rather larger fire ball consumed them whole.

My family was released from the now dead vamps power. I was on the floor next to Bella holding her as she slowly became ashes. "Rose," she said in a low rough voice.

"Yes," I said crying softly.

"Don't be sad. Can you promise me this," she asked touching my cheek.

"Why? I won't have you!"

She laughed softly. "You will always have me. Don't let my death be the end of your happiness Beautiful." her body became to shake as she was reaching closer and closer to death.

"I just got you," I sobbed.

"Rosalie Hale we'll meet again. I promise you this," she smiled softly as she said the promise. She placed her hand over where her heart would be. "I promise that we'll meet again you have my word," she smirked.

"When? When I die too?"

"Ha, no a few years down the road babe. Trust me I may not remember you but you'll remember me and hold on to me as if the world was to end. Rose trust me on this we will meet again."

"Okay," I said fighting my tears.

"You can cry tonight but no more after that. Be happy okay?"


I kissed her remembering how her lips felt against mine. How right we felt together. After I pulled away all of her skin slowly began to crack. "I love you forever more Rose."

"I love you too."

And then she turned into dust. "NO, NO, NO, NO, NO," I screamed. I grabbed a hand full of dust and held it close to me. Rocking back and forth "NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO."

I felt Esme pick me up and hold me as I cried. "She not gone," I whispered trying to lie to myself. But it fail miserably as I looked at her dust in my hands. She was gone. "Why me? Why me?"

Esme didn't let me go she just held on tight and rocked me back and forth as she hummed the same song she hummed to me all those years ago…


We enjoy warmth because we have been cold. We appreciate light because we have been in darkness. By the same token, we can experience joy because we have known sadness.


Don't shed a tear for me

Do not shed a tear for me, save all your well of souls,

Do not fear for where I am, on cloud, tormented by hot coals.

And do not dwell on times we shared or all the times apart, Pain you feel because I'm gone banish from your heart.

And if, when passing, our special place, bring a smile to your face and remember all we had, the good the ugly and the bad.

For your life, your time on earth, should not be wasted so, forget me in your waking hours and let my memory go.

But if perchance you should see me walking in your dreams, then come to me and kiss my lips for life's not all it seems.

And as you cast off your sleepy veil and return to light of day, smile just once at our dream then put me again away.

And as you leave to go to work and at the bus-top stand, the gentle breeze upon your face is just my loving hand.

So do not weep or fear the future nor feel that your alone, for my spirits always close as if upon the wind its blown.

___________________________(The End? Of book one duh lol)___________________

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