Author's Note: Hi, I hope you like this story. Originally, I was going to have it as a one shot but then I envisioned an entire plot so here we have the first chapter. For anyone who hates the return of Denny don't worry it is not going to centre just on him. Personally I don't particularly like the whole ghost Denny thing so as this is my story I decided he was there but watching as Izzie spoke to something which is blatantly not him. Hope you all understood that because I'm not too sure I did ;-)

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I'm falling apart

I'm barely breathing

With a broken heart

That's still beating

In the pain

There is healing

In your name

I find meaning

So I'm holding on

I'm barely holding onto you

(Lifehouse - broken)

Izzie... He watched her all time; it was all he could now. He was a ghost fading in and out of this mortal world. He did not know why he followed her so much; all it did was tear apart his heart repeatedly. When he had first died, he had shunned the light... mainly due to him being immensely pissed. The things she had gone through to get him that heart, and he repaid her by dying anyway. How callous could you be? Now all he could do was watch as she moved on. That is what he thought until recently.

He had seen Meredith here a while back, in these white walls, which to some were a place of healing, but to him were a prison. She had let go of life. Like him, she had felt mortality slip gently through her fingers and had not had the strength to grasp hold. Meredith had spoken to him about death and he had tried so hard to get her to live. Not for herself, but for Izzie. He could not bear the thought of her losing another person to this hospital. Therefore, he had fought and admittedly, he had rather lost. If it had not been for her mother, Meredith may still be here. Nevertheless, that is beside the point, he likes to pretend it was him. Passes the time somewhat. Anyway, who would argue with him over his thoughts? Apart from them.

It was not until Meredith had gone that he had realised how much these other people here annoyed him. The sacrificial girl, the bomb squad chief and the old woman who never had much to say. They were just a few whose moping was starting to get the better of his temper. Especially the chief... if he had to look at the man's smirk for one more day. Hell would be less of a punishment. Unfortunately being dead means you cannot kill other dead people, which at this point was not good.

So, he escapes them and goes to her. Her light calms him and an ache swells deep within his chest as he gazes upon her life. He had watched her when she had gone into a depression over him, slept with her best friend, and then loved another man. Of course, she had not loved George; he saw that, obviously her friends were blind to her struggle. It had pained him to see her try and love that man. They were friends but it was obvious how they led different paths in their relationship.

With the depression, he had laid for hours on the bathroom floor merely a hairs width away. Gazing into her broken eyes, he had raised his hand and laid it on her cheek. He had felt nothing beneath his frozen fingertips but the act was there. He knew that if it were possible he would draw the pain from her body and let her be happy. He had been there when all of her friends had tried to get her to talk. That was what had haunted him. His usually joyful Izzie was broken and he was responsible. Guilt still gnawed at his soul and he closed his eyes as memories threatened to resurface.

What hurt worse though was Karev. She really did love him. There was nothing he could do but sit and watch her fall for the man deeper and deeper. They were suited... two halves of a whole and all that. Call him selfish but he could not help it. He knew it was wrong but the thoughts entered his mind anyway. The night she had gone to Karev's room and repeatedly said how she felt had disturbed him more then he had wanted to admit. After witnessing her confession of caring to the young man, he had turned to leave. It seemed like the light was calling again. He had been so close to it he could almost smell the afterlife.

However, he had stopped. His footsteps had halted... and all because the next morning she had uttered one word. His name.

"Denny", the whispered word echoed around the room bouncing from the walls until they echoed loudly in his head.

It was impossible though; she could not see him but seemed to know he was there. Walking up to her in the hospital he had stood looking deep into her soul as she had looked right through him. He shook his head thinking he had misheard... it was obviously a figment of his imagination.

Not getting any response he went to walk away when she then stepped forward and essentially walked through him. For a split second, he could hear her heart beat and feel the blood coursing in her veins. It was without a doubt the most sensational moment of his afterlife. Unfortunately, it was over before he could really cherish being one with her.

Watching her walk away, he lowered his head confused. She had said his name... he was sure of it. Why would she have uttered it if she had not seen him? Baffled by this new turn in events he turned and went off to think. Maybe... just maybe... this afterlife would be worth hanging around for, at least for the time being.