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If I could, then I would

I'd go wherever you will go

Way up high or down low, I'd go wherever you will go

And maybe, I'll find out

A way to make it back someday

To watch you, to guide you, through the darkest of your days

If a great wave shall fall and fall upon us all

Well then I hope there's someone out there

who can bring me back to you

(The Calling - Wherever you will go)

For hours, Denny had sat in corner and willed his mind to think of anything of but Izzie. Unfortunately, after a while the bomb squad man had shown up and now seemed to be lecturing him about something. He had tried to listen but really just wanted to be alone to sulk over the problems he was facing. He knew he had done the right but still felt guilty. It was almost as if he had let her down. Brought out of his stupor by a raised voice Denny looked up at the man. He had enough of the talking. He had not asked for help and wanted to be alone. Deciding it was best to be cruel he cringed internally at his tone - he may find him annoying but he did not hate the man.

"I'm sorry... when exactly did I ask for your input".

Stopping his pacing the man opposite tilted his head and considered the question. Shrugging his shoulders, he answered.

"You didn't, but you need some-one to talk to".

Sighing Denny banged his head on the wall behind slightly frustrated.

"And this has to be you".

Spreading his arms, the man dramatically signalled to the empty space around them.

"Do you see anyone else here? In case you hadn't noticed there aren't many people in this place".

Rolling his eyes Denny glared at his opponent.

"Fine... point made", as he went to lean back and close his eyes a thought occurred to him and he sat up sharply, "What's your name anyway?"

Exasperated the man stepped closer and crossed his arms. Slightly irritated by the question he raised an eyebrow.

"You know me as bomb squad guy don't you?" Seeing Denny's sheepish look and shrug, he sighed.

"It's Dylan... I told you ages ago but obviously death seems to have decreased the level of brain cells you own".

"Hey... I have a bunch of brain cells. I was just a bit preoccupied... and I thought you were meant to be helping me not insulting my intelligence".

Stepping back and holding up his hands Dylan continued his previous speech.

"As I was saying... do you really think sitting here moping is helping her".

"Well what do you suggest…? I am a ghost... incorporreal. I can't do anything to help her".

Walking forward, Dylan sat down beside Denny and lent back thinking of a solution. After a few minutes of silence he spoke.

"Have you ever wondered why your here?"


Glancing sideways Dylan continued his point.

"Look, this is a hospital, right. So where is everyone? I mean... we died and were brought here... have you not wondered where everyone else who dies in the hospital is. Haven't you ever thought that maybe us few have been brought here for a reason?"

Opening his eyes Denny turned, "And do you by any chance know what that would be".

Hearing the sarcasm dripping from the question Dylan glared.

"Look I'm trying to help and biting my head off is not helping anyone. Now... think about it. You can see and listen to everything she does, but you can only go to the places she visits."


"Well... maybe your here to learn ... you're not here for her... but you're here for you"

Intrigued at the man's answer Denny considered it - he did after all have a point. Nodding slightly he answered him.

"Okay that sort of makes sense... but what do I have to learn".

"No clue... I just give the ideas not the solutions".

Laughing at the answer Denny patted Dylan on the shoulder.

"Fair play".

Suddenly pain shot through him and he gasped, halting Dylan's reply. He could feel a tugging - some kind of pulling force. He could not shake it and as he tried to ignore it, the feeling got worse. He was needed somewhere. Shaking his head to try to break the chains he ignored the question aired.

"What's wrong?"

As he stood, he felt himself drifting out. He tried so hard to stop the process but he seemed powerless. Closing his eyes, he blocked out the surrounding light but opened them when he heard voices. He gazed at Izzie pacing up and down in the midst of an argument. Stepping back, he looked around wildly as if to see some kind of practical joker hiding in the corner. Seeing no one there, he fell back into the chair behind him and sighed.

It looked like Dylan may be right. He needed to learn something from this situation. Leaning back, he folded his arms and willed himself to concentrate on the scene in front of him. Listening to every word she shouted, he looked up towards the ceiling.

"If I have to be here to learn something can I at least have a notepad".

Obviously, not getting a reply Denny sighed again and looked back at the argument. This was definitely going to take a lifetime. It was just as well he had all the time in the world.


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