This is the sequel to Separate Ways. Takes place several months after the events of Separate ways. You do not need to read that to follow this story, but there is an OC from the first story that may confuse you if you haven't read it.

Summary: Sam, Dean and Bobby have been crisscrossing the country, killing every demon they come across. What secrets has Sam been keeping as to how he knows where to find the demons? When Sam leads the group to Montana and finds a deserted compound, he decides to settle there. Why? He says that it will be where the demon war will be fought. How could he know this Dean and Bobby wonder. And why do hunters suddenly begin to show up, seemingly drawn to the compound? An old enemy returns and a twist awaits you near the end. THIS IS NOT A DEATHFIC!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters you recognize from the show created by Eric Kripke. Only the original characters belong to me.

Fight the Good Fight

Near Fort Peck-North Eastern Montana

Three figures stood unmoving on a small rise, looking down over an abandoned compound of buildings. On the left was a grizzled older man, his greasy baseball cap pulled low over his eyes. On the right stood a younger man, light brown hair cut short and spiked, his green eyes surveying the buildings below. And in the middle stood the tallest of the three, his dark shaggy hair moving gently in the breeze as he looked from one man to the other.

"This'll do," the taller man said in a soft voice.

"Okay. This'll do for what Sam?" the spike haired man asked, his eyes turning to the taller man.

"This'll do for setting up operations Dean," Sam replied, rolling his eyes.

"Operations?" the older, baseball capped man questioned.

"Yeah, operations Bobby. We set ourselves up here. This is where it'll all end," Sam replied.

"What'll end? Sam, you've lost us here," Dean said with frustration.

"The war Dean. The demon war," an exasperated Sam said as he started down the hill toward the rundown buildings.

"What? Wait a minute Sam. What the hell are you talking about?" Dean shouted after the retreating figure of his brother.

Dean hurried after Sam, Bobby right on his tail. They had a difficult time catching up with the long legged hunter, and only managed it when Sam stopped beside the first building he came to. Dean pulled to a stop next to Sam and grabbed his arm, turning him around to face he and Bobby.

"What are you talking about Sam? How do you know the war will be here?" Dean queried, eyeing his little brother with confusion.

Sam looked from Dean to Bobby and let out a heavy sigh, then pulled his arm out of Dean's grasp and began to walk away. Dean looked to Bobby who merely shook his head then turned his attention to Sam.

"Sam! Answer me Sam!" Dean shouted, trotting off after the retreating younger man.

Sam stopped and turned toward Dean, then lowered his eyes before raising them again and acknowledging the older men.

"Look, I really can't explain right now, but this is where the war will be and I intend to end it here too," Sam said flatly.

"Not good enough Sam. Bobby and I have followed you all across the country, fighting demons every step of the way. You've always seemed to know where they would be and we've never questioned you, but we deserve to know what the hell is going on!" Dean spat out, his eyes sparking with anger.

Sam raised his head, his eyes staring up at the stars before he looked at the other two men. He swallowed slowly then spoke softly.

"I know this is where it will be because I'm going to bring it here. Once we're ready and we have more numbers, I'll summon the demon army here and we will finish this once and for all."

Dean's mouth hung open as he was temporarily rendered mute. He glanced at Bobby when the older man spoke.

"Sam, why would you summon the demon army here? We can't possibly fight a whole army. Their numbers would be in the thousands."

"No, we can't fight them in the traditional way. We'd be slaughtered," Sam agreed.

"So...uh...what are we talking about here Sam?" Dean asked, his voice finally returning to him.

"Uh...I've been meeting with Isaral. He's shown me a way to defeat the demons with minimum casualties. No casualties if everything goes as planned," Sam said, averting his eyes as he was unable to take his brother's shocked stare.

"Isaral? When have you met with Isaral?" Bobby asked the young man.

"I'll answer that Bobby. All the times Sammy here has needed to 'get some air' and been gone for hours. Is that it Sam? Were you meeting with Isaral?" Dean asked with venom in his voice.

Sam gazed at his brother, hating the look in his eyes. "That's right Dean. I was seeing Isaral," he said softly.

"Is Isaral the one who led you to all the demon clusters we've come across?" Dean asked, already knowing the answer.

"At first, yeah...but now?" Sam started, then abruptly stopped.

"What? But now what?" Bobby asked.

"Now...I...uh...I just know where they'll be," Sam answered.

"Come again? You just know where to find them? How?" Dean asked, his tone indicating that he did not like where this was heading at all.

"Isaral has instructed me on how to hone my abilities to zero in on demon activity," Sam explained.

"What, you have visions that tell you where they are?" Bobby queried, taking his hat off and scratching his head.

"Not exactly. I just concentrate and am able to pick up their energy."

Dean looked at Sam then nervously began pacing. He didn't like that Sam hadn't confided in him. It pretty much pissed him off more than he would admit. He turned on Sam, fire burning in his eyes.

"When were you going to enlighten me on these new abilities of yours Sam? Huh? And what about Bobby? We've fought with you, nearly died a few times. When were you gonna tell us?" Dean seethed, his face turning a shade of red that Sam had never seen before.

"Look Dean, I'm sorry I didn't tell you, okay? It's just..." Sam started.

"It's just what Sam? Explain it to us!" Dean shouted.

"Ever since what happened that night, when I almost...when Isaral healed me, you both have treated me like I could break at any time. I was afraid if you found out about this new ability that you would lock me away somewhere in an attempt to protect me."

" know what!? Why don't you give us a little more credit than that Sam! We agreed to support you and to help you on of yours. You should have told us instead of leaving us to wonder what the hell was going on with you!" Dean spat.

"Dean, I'm sorry. Can you honestly say you wouldn't have freaked out on me though?"

"Hell yes I would've freaked out, but I promised you I'd let you lead this and I would have kept that promise."

Sam lowered his eyes, ashamed at keeping something so important from his brother and friend. He raised his eyes when he felt a hand gently squeeze his shoulder.

"Sam, when Bobby and I came into the cabin that night and saw you with Isaral, and then found out that you tried to kill yourself, yeah we upped the ante on the 'watch out for Sammy' deal. And yeah, maybe we have been a bit more overprotective then normal, but we would have backed you up...all the way. We will back you up all the way. Just no more secrets, okay?"

Sam smiled then nodded his head slowly. "Yeah, okay. I'm sorry. Sorry to you too Bobby."

Bobby clapped the young man on the back, smiling slightly. "That's okay Sam. Just remember, we're in this together," he said gruffly.

Sam nodded, then looked around. He glanced from Bobby to Dean then smiled.

"Well, we better get some sleep. We've got lots of work to do tomorrow," he said through his grin.

"What? You mean this place? Why?" Dean asked, gazing around at the buildings surrounding them.

Sam smiled sheepishly before speaking. "If we clean it, they will come." Sam chuckled then turned and headed back up the hill to the waiting Impala, leaving Dean and Bobby to stare after him.

"Funny Sam, real funny. So this is 'Field of Dreams' now?" Dean shouted as he hurried off after his brother.

Bobby watched the two brothers, shaking his head lightly before following after.

"I'm too old for this crap!" he muttered to himself as he climbed the short hill and met up with the waiting Winchesters.


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