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Three Weeks Later

John and Dean walked on either side of a still slightly shaky Sam as they led him to the waiting Impala. They had the backseat prepared with blankets and pillows so that Sam could rest on the long trip to Bobby's house. It had been decided that all of the remaining hunters would go their separate ways now that the demon army had been defeated.

A few hunters had stayed behind, not wanting to leave until the Winchesters were ready to move. Tara Stanton and Joel Masters had taken off the day before, deciding to team up for a poltergeist job in Charlotte, North Carolina. Maggie Denton and the Troy brothers, Jakota and Bryan, were the last ones remaining besides the Winchesters and Bobby and they stood by the Impala waiting for the Winchesters and the older hunter to approach. Maggie was the first to approach the group as they neared the car.

"You boys take care now," she said. "And you guys watch over this one," she instructed, indicating Sam with a peck on the cheek.

"Don't worry Maggie, Sam's gonna be sick of all the mother hen's he'll have hanging over him," John said as he embraced the doctor. "Thanks for taking care of my boys."

Maggie nodded then hugged Dean and Bobby before stepping back and allowing the Troy brothers to say their goodbyes.

Jakota stepped forward and shook Sam's outstretched hand. "Take care Sam. It was an honor fighting beside you. Hopefully our paths will cross again," he said, admiration showing in his eyes. He shook the other men's hands, saying goodbye to each.

Next it was Bryan's turn to say his goodbyes. "Dean, now that you're getting out of this place, I hope you'll leave some of the ladies for the rest of us," he said as he shook Dean's hand.

"Ha! We'll have to see about that!" Dean quipped, clapping the younger hunter on the shoulder.

Bryan gave Bobby a quick hug as he said lightly, "Keep 'em safe old man."

"You know it kid," Bobby said in reply.

Bryan shook John's hand, saying it was an honor to have met him, before coming to Sam who by this time was leaning tiredly against the side of the Impala.

"Hey Sam, how ya holding up?" he questioned with concern, gazing at Sam's tired face.

"I'm good Bryan. Just a little tired," Sam replied, flashing a bright dimpled smile for his friend.

"I'm gonna miss you. You stay safe Sam, I mean it," Bryan said seriously before pulling Sam into a tight embrace, patting him firmly on the back.

"I will Bryan, you stay safe too. And keep that brother of yours out of trouble," Sam replied, returning the hug with vigor.

Bryan pulled away as he replied that he definitely would have his hands full with that. Everyone in the group laughed heartily, except Sam who merely smiled brightly as he once again leaned heavily against the car.

"Okay, well we better get a move on," John announced, eyeing his youngest son with concern. "You okay Sam?"

Sam glanced at his dad and smiled. "I'm fine Dad, just a little tired is all," he replied honestly.

"Well, let's get you settled then," John said.

Dean opened the back passenger door and helped Sam slide onto the seat. "You wanna lay down Sam?" he inquired.

"No, not now. I'm fine," Sam replied, grateful to be off his feet.

Dean nodded then ran around the car and climbed in on the other side of the seat from Sam. John slid in behind the wheel and Bobby took shotgun. The four men waved as they pulled away from the doctor and brothers, Sam turning to watch them as they became smaller and smaller as more distance was put between the two groups.

John glanced at Sam over the seat, a small smile playing over his lips. Sam felt eyes on him and turned his attention from the passing scenery to his father, immediately picking up on something in John's eyes.

"Dad? What's going on?" he asked reluctantly.

"Uh...well...Dean and I had a little discussion and...uh...we thought that you might want to go back to college now that Azazel is gone," John stammered, his heart beating fast in his chest.

Sam's eyes widened and looked from John to Dean, who had a slight grin on his face, but something else in his eyes. Something that Sam thought could be fear. Sam said nothing for a few moments as he contemplated their offer, then his soft voice cut through the silence.

"You know, I always figured that would be the first thing I'd want to do if we ever reached this point, but..." Sam said, his voice fading off as he looked down to his lap.

"But?" Dean coaxed, John listening with bated breath from the front seat.

"But...I don't think that's where I belong now. Don't think I ever really did," Sam replied, his eyes continuing their stare at his lap.

"So, what are you saying Sammy?" Dean asked tentatively.

"I'm saying that maybe I might want to...I want to keep hunting with you guys. That is if you want me to," Sam said softly.

Dean's smile broadened as he reached across the seat and gently grasped the nape of Sam's neck. "We want what you want Sammy," he said happily, catching John's bright eyes in the rearview mirror.

Bobby smiled inwardly, knowing that everything was finally as it should be. The Winchesters, his family, were together again and would soon be back to doing what they did better than anybody; hunting evil and saving lives.

Sam leaned his tired head back against the seat back, closing his eyes as a smile of content curled the corners of his mouth. A soft touch to his cheek had him opening his eyes again and in the instant he opened them he swore he caught a glimpse of his mother's beautiful face smiling warmly at him, before it vanished and he looked around in confusion. He reached his fingers up to where he had felt the touch on his cheek and smiled softly. He leaned back again, closing his eyes.

"I love you too Mom," he whispered softly as he drifted off to a much needed sleep, knowing his family was there to watch over him as always.

The End


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The Lost Son

Previously posted on . Nominated/finalist for favorite Flashback fanfiction for 2008. Story is complete and longer than any of my previous stories.

Now, I know a lot of people don't care for stories that include an extra sibling. I am one of those usually. The reason I don't like sibling stories is because all of the ones I have started on have the extra sibling as the focus of the story and the brothers we all love are more secondary. My story has an older brother, meaning Dean is the middle son. However, Daniel does not stand out above Dean and Sam. Many of the readers from the other site who indicated they didn't like extra sibling stories said that they loved my story and Daniel and that it wasn't like other sibling stories. I hope you will all give the story a chance even if you may not like extra siblings. Here is a brief summary.

Sam is 16 and has just been asked out by the girl of his dreams. When he finds out that he won't be able to go because John is insisting he accompany the family on a hunt, an argument breaks out that leaves very harsh words spoken by John and Dean, and Sam takes to heart what they say and leaves. What obstacles does the youngest hunter encounter and will his family find him before all is lost?

The story contains dark subject matter and will be rated T. The rating is for the subject matter, extreme violence against a minor, and language. I have enough chapters transferred to Word documents to get the story started, but I am going to take a few days off before I start posting.