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Chapter One

Melima slowly opened her eyes to the bright sunlight streaming through her windows. She sat up and put her feet on the cold concrete floor of her large bedroom. She walked over to her wardrobe and with a little thought picked out a lilac colored dress. She laid it on the bed and then went into the bathroom. As she turned the knob that would let the warm water fill her tub she slipped out of her nightgown.

After Melima had gotten cleaned up she made her way through the palace to the dining hall. Her parents were sitting at the table waiting for her. She reluctantly sat down by her mother. "Good morning, Aranel." Her father, King Thranduil smiled at her.

"Good morning, Ada." She glanced at her mother. "Naneth." Her mother, always the prim and proper one, only nodded. "Have you heard anything of Legolas, Ada?" Melima asked hopefully.

"No, I am afraid not." At the mention of her brother her parents seemed to age before her eyes. He had them all worried sick. He was one of the Nine Walkers. He had promised the Halfling to help him as much as he could.

11 Months Ago

"Are we nearly there?" Melima asked anxiously. She had not been to Rivendell in quite some time and was anxious to see everyone again.

"Nearly. Melima, you must have patience." Her oldest brother, Calanon told her. He had been telling her this since the day she learned how to talk. Her three other brothers, Adanion, Rissien, and Legolas, all just laughed.

Their parents had reluctantly let Melima go with her brothers if they promised to keep her under control. She had acted good and very willing to listen to their orders, but she knew they would not be able to control her if even her parents couldn't.

After a week's worth of traveling they finally reached the gates of Rivendell and crossed the Ford of Bruinen. They were greeted by a host of dark haired elves waiting to lead them to see Elrond. "Maybe this is where Ada and Naneth got you." Rissien whispered to her. All of her brothers had platinum blonde hair, while she had long auburn locks. Her mother had not been from Eryn Lasgalen and had moved to Mirkwood to be with Thranduil. When the Queen became pregnant for the last time everyone thought she would have another blonde boy, though they all wished for a princess who would have her mother's beauty. When Melima was born the whole court was astounded. She had the auburn hair and blue eyes of her mother's people.

Melima glared at him. "You're not funny." Calanon the oldest looked at them.

"Behave." He whispered. Elrond was waiting for them by the beautiful waterfall.

"Welcome all of you." He said routinely. "I will have someone show you to your rooms and then we will begin the meeting."

After everyone was settled they were ushered outside. They all took their seats and waited for Elrond to begin whatever it was they had been summoned for. As Melima looked around she noticed she was the only female of any race to be present.

Elrond spoke of the threat growing in the East and the urgent need to defeat it. One man spoke of the gift the ring was and how his country could use it. Legolas started an argument about a scruffy ranger being the King of Gondor. After Melima's brother's argued with the Dwarves a little Halfling offered to take the ring to Mordor. Melima was astounded with the bravery of one so small. The ranger, Aragorn, offered to protect the Hobbit as did the brash man, Boromir, and Gimli the Dwarf and to Melima's utter horror so did Legolas.

After everything was decided Melima made her way to Legolas' room. "Why did you do that?" She asked sitting on the bed.

"Do what?" He asked.

"Offer to go with them. Do you not know the peril of this journey?" She asked concerned for her brother's mental health.

"Of course I do. I feel at least one elf should go." He said as if this were the obvious.

"So let one of the older ones go. Let Calanon go or Adanion." Melima pleaded. "They are older and more experienced." Legolas smiled at her.

"I'll be fine." Melima rolled her eyes.

"It's not you I'm worried about. You're the only one that likes me." She thought for a minute. "You can take me along."

Legolas just stared at her. "No way. I'm not taking you."

"And why not?"


"Because why? Is it because I'm a girl?"

"Of course not. It's because you're my baby sister."

"But I'm not a baby anymore."

Melima pouted. Normally when she did this she could get her older brothers and her father do give her anything she wanted. The only person it didn't work for was her mother. "Don't give me that look, Melima. I won't be endangering you as well." Legolas said sternly. Melima abandoned her pout.

"Endanger me too?" She asked. "Like I can't make that decision for myself?" Melima paused. "And I will. I'm coming with you."

Melima stalked out of the room and went to Elrond's study. "Melima!" She heard a female voice cry and she stopped to see Arwen running toward her. Melima ran to her and the old friends embraced. The two girls were told to be the most beautiful women in all of Arda. "Where have you been?" Arwen asked holding her at arm's length to look at her.

"I was at the Council." Melima explained.

"Well what are you doing now?" Arwen asked.

"Going to find your father actually." Melima said. "Do you know where I might find him?" Arwen took her hand and led her to Elrond's study. "Thank you, Mellon." She knocked lightly.

"Enter." Came Elrond's voice. Melima slowly pushed the door open. "Ah, Princess Melima. What can I do for you?" Elrond smiled warmly and Melima saw the lines on his face that had not been there the last time she had seen him. She decided to get straight to the point.

"I want to go with Frodo." She said.

Elrond looked at her for a moment. "I do not think that would be wise on your part." Melima sat down across from him.

"Why wouldn't it be wise?" Melima had thought Elrond would be on her side.

"Your part in this is yet to come. You will see." Elrond said. Melima looked at him puzzled. She then stood and headed for the door. "Do not despair over this. Trust that you will do something for this cause." Melima turned to look at him and nodded.

As she was walking down the hall back to her room she saw someone running towards her. He didn't see her and she quickly moved before he could run into her. "I am so sorry." He said stopping and looking at her. He had long dark hair and fair skin.

"Do not fret, I'm fine." She said smiling. He was very handsome.

"I am Elladan." He said holding his hand out.

"Melima." She said taking his hand.

"Princess Melima?" He asked looking at her with wide eyes. She nodded. "Legolas greatly did you an un-justice." He said. She looked at him confused. "You are much more beautiful than he said. He said you were a cute child." She smiled.

"I assume at the time I was a child. How does my brother know you?" She asked.

"We've known each other for as long as I can remember. I've known you since you were born, but I haven't seen you all grown up."

"You're Arwen's brother!" She said. She had known Arwen had twin brothers but she had never seen them. The previous times Melima had visited Rivendell the twins' had been on an orc hunt.

"That would be me." He said smiling.

"Well Elladan it was nice to finally meet you." Melima turned and headed back to her room.

She was sitting on her bed thinking of what Lord Elrond had told her and how she might play a role in this cause when Legolas walked in. "So, what did Lord Elrond say?" Melima looked up at him. Most people wouldn't believe they were siblings they were so different in looks.

"You were right. He said my part is yet to come." Legolas sat beside her.

"I'm sorry. I know you wanted to come." Melima nodded. After a few moments of silence Legolas informed her that the feast was in an hour.

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