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Chapter Thirty-One

Elladan sat quietly beside the bed, until Thranduil left his son-in-law. He took Melima's cold hand and pressed it to his lips and then against his cheek.

"Goheno nin, melleth (forgive me, love)." A tear rolled down his cheek. "I forgot all that was important to me, you and the boys. I have been a horrible husband to you and a worse father to them." He touched her face gently. "Please pull through this and it will go back to normal I promise."

He sat there for hours, taking turns praying and talking to his still wife. Finally he heard the door open and turned to see Legolas enter. He began to speak, but Legolas interrupted him.

"I am sorry for my loss of control," Legolas said quietly.

"I do not blame you." Elladan stood up to be on the same level.

"I should not have acted in such a way though. You are right, you are her husband. We all make mistakes." Legolas put a hand on his brother-in-law's shoulder.

"I have made a horrible mistake and wish only for time to repair it. Your father was right, you do not know what you have until it is gone."

"She will be fine," Legolas said assuring Elladan. "She always pulls through."

Elladan nodded. "Can I see my sons?"

"Of course. I will take you to them." Legolas led Elladan out and to the room where the boys were with Nostariel.

Elladan stayed in Mirkwood until Melima was better. After almost two weeks she woke for good.

"Elladan?" She asked when she woke and found him sitting by her bed.

"Yes. I'm here. And I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for everything, Melima." Tears rolled down his cheeks. "Please forgive me. I will be a better husband and a much better father. You all are more important to me than anything in this world."

Melima reached out to touch his cheek. "I know you will be. I forgive you, melleth (love)." She smiled and accepted the kiss he placed on her lips.

They left a week later, with Melima traveling in a litter, for horseback would be too stressful on her, still weak, body. As they traveled her wound caused her much pain and distress. It worried Elladan, but Melima kept a good show up for her sons.

When they arrived at Rivendell Melima had to continue her show for them so they wouldn't be upset. She was too big a part of their lives for her to be able to rest. She would play with them no matter the pain or breathlessness that overtook her.

One day while they played tag in the gardens, Melima was taking a rest on a stone bench, listening to her sons' laughter when she heard another, much more disturbing sound. The call of the gulls. She didn't believe it a first and then it sounded again.

"No." She whispered. Tears filled her eyes and she wiped them away before they could spill over onto her flushed cheeks.

After dinner and the boys were put to bed Elladan and Melima retired to their bedroom.

"Is everything all right, Melima? You're worrying me." Elladan took his tunic off and crawled into the bed.

"Yes of course. Why do you ask?" Melima got into her night gown and climbed in beside him.

"You don't look all right is all."

Melima was silent for a moment, which made Elladan even more nervous. "I have heard the call of the gulls," she said quietly.

"What?" Elladan asked in disbelief.

"Today when I was playing with the boys, I heard it."

"Oh Melima, no." Elladan pulled her to him. He kissed the top of her head and felt her hot tears hit his chest. She cried on his chest until she fell asleep.

Elladan took care of arranging everything, but he did so with a sense of deep sadness. He sent the necessary letters and spent all of his time with his wife and children. She tried to prepare her sons for her departure, but they were too young to understand fully.

Elladan and Melima spent one last tender night together and in the morning they journeyed west. It was a sad trip and very quiet, except the boys chattering the whole way.

When they got there Melima knelt before her sons and hugged them tight. "I will see you again someday. I promise." She kissed their foreheads and then stood before her husband, tears welling up in both their eyes.

"Take care of them," she said, "and take care of yourself." She flung her arms around his neck and held on for dear life. "I love you. Do not ever forget that."

"I love you too," Elladan whispered fiercely in her ear. He kissed her on the lips one last, passionate, time.

Melima separated herself from her husband, looked down at her sons again and then turned to board the ship.

She waved from the bow as the ship slowly left the pier and sailed West to the Undying Lands.

The End

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