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Some days, Yomi would find that Tomo could actually be pleasant to be around. Today was not one of those days.

"Hey Yomi, do you know how to breakdance?" The question kind of took Yomi by surprise, which was surprising, because it was a very Tomo-ish question. But the reason it surprised her was the fact that Tomo had asked her of all people.

"Did you just hear yourself? Do I LOOK like someone who knows how to breakdance?", the peturbed bespectacled one asked.

"Well, You kind of can't judge someone like that. It wouldn't surprise me that you did know." This statement led to the infamous fogging of Koyomi's glasses.

"What the hell do you mean by that?!"

"You know how Osaka is good at trivia, but you'd never guess it if you didn't know?"

"...Yeah..." Yomi tried not to look angry, as she was losing her patience, which wasn't exactly one of her strong points.

"Well, I don't see why you couldn't have some sort of hidden talent. Somethings gotta make up for your failure at dieting." The previously mentioned patience was completely lost. There is only one thing more infamous than the fogging of the glasses....The infamous Yomi punch, a punch to make Captain Falcon's look like a light tap, a slight breeze compared to the tornado of Yomi's fists. Tomo was down before Kagura could do a 10 count, which was something she had always wanted to do in that situation.

"You know...", Kagura began, "I've actually always wanted to learn how to breakdance too..."

"At least you had sense enough not to ask me." Yomi was grateful she didn't. She wasn't used to such questions from the athlete.

"Actually, I was going to ask you, since Osaka didn't know how to either. I kind of thought she would..." Yomi could not help but feel as though she were surrounded by morons.

At that moment, Osaka came into the classroom, Kaorin following behind her, looking somewhat apprehensive.

"Hey guys! Ah found someone who knows how ta breakdance!" Everyone stared at the space case. Unluckily for one Koyomi Mizuhara, a certain tomo Takino got up from the pile of overturned desks.

"Kaorin?! You can't be serious!!!" The wildcat proceeded to have a laughing fit.

"Oh Tomo, naive Tomo, watch and learn." And with that, Kaori Aida got on the floor and began to spin rapidly, pulling off complicated looking moves right before Tomo's eyes. Tomo, not to be outdone, attemped to do the same, only to spin into Ms. Yukari's desk, causing a rather heavy English book to fall onto her already sore head.

"Yomi! I think I broke something!!!"

"Maybe that's why they call it breakdancing, moron!!" a rather angered Yomi replied. Sakaki, however, looked at the display with mild fascination. In her head she saw Chiyo-chan, breakdancing like she was some white wannabe rapper. Her face turned red and she laid her head upon the desk, fantasizing about the cute yet somewhat disturbing image. She stayed like that for the remainder of the day.


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