I read the first draft of this and I am so embarrassed that I even thought of it. However, I decided to give it another try and I promise that I will update my other crap. This will be my jab at the girl at CGL stories.

"Ashley Harley, you have been found guilty." The judge said looking Ashley in the eye, "I know you, Ashley, and I know your better then that, kid. Therefore, I'm giving you a chance that others wouldn't get. There is an opening at Camp Green Lake, they build character there you can choose between Camp Green Lake and jail."

Ashley shrugged and looked the judge in the eye, "I want to go to camp."


Ashley Harley aged 16 sat on a hot nasty smelling bus, alone for over six hours two bathroom breaks, four food stops. It was hell on earth, for the guard Ashley came prepared with almost 500 hundred questions, an MP3 players with the headphones hidden behind long back hair, and the most wonderful in the world called sleep.

Ashley could tell when they were getting close to their destination by the many holes that surrounded them. Ashley had done some research and discovered the Camp Green Lake was a kind of labor camp that made you dig holes to build character. It was a great big load of crap.

The bus pulled to a stop and the second guard undid Ashley's cuffs, grunted what sounded like "Stand up." On the other hand, it could have been, "Get me a cup." Either one.

Ashley stood sighing and trudged after the funny smelling man. "Dude, do you bathe?"

All that got Ashley was a grunt that was interpreted as no.

As soon as Ashley stepped off the bus, there were whispers and chuckles. Talk of fresh meat. "Like high school."


"My name is Mr. Sir, you will address me as Mr. Sir." Insert pause for snickers at the name.

"You will have two jump suits one for work and one for relaxation. After your work clothes have been used your relaxation clothes will become your work clothes and vice versa. After 3 days they will be washed, and the wheel will start again …." Ashley tuned him out after that it was rather self-explanatory.

Enter Dr. Dorkindance er... Pendanski. "You are not a bad person just because you did a bad thing." Ashley tuned him out too, that was a bad habit that needed to be broken.

Dr. Dorkindance led Ashley to a tent he called D. Which stood for Drive or Dig or something. "Ashley this is Alan, Ricky and Rex." The gay doctor said motioning to three boys one tall and freaky haired, another mean looking and trying to eat a tooth pick? The last was an African American boy with glasses so dirty it was surpring that he could see.

Rex crindged, "Mom," He began motion to Ashley, "Let me take it from here 'kay?"

Pendanski nodded and walked away.

Rex looked at Ashley, "My name is X-Ray, this is Squid," He pointed at the mean looking one. " And that's Zigzag." He pointed at Ricky.

Squid looked at Ashley, "What kind of name is Ashley?" He asked snickering. Ashley smirked at Squid picked him up by his orange jumpsuit. "My kind of name," Ashley said smirking at the smaller boy, "Names Ashley Matthew Harley and you are so lucky that I don't want to make you my bitch."

Squid blinked and gaped at Ashley, "Bitch?"

Ashley smiled and nodded, "Yes, bitch, but your not my type."

X-Ray snorted, "Don't traumatize him, 'kay. We have to live with him." Zigzag walked up to Ashley and met his eyes, seeing, as he was the only one there tall enough to do so. "Watch out for the cameras." He said before walking off.

"Dude is crazy!" Ashley said watching him leave. X-ray chuckled and entered the tent. Squid followed soon after, "You're crazy." He muttered.


I might write more if I feel like it.