The last thing I remembered before I opened that locked door, was swimming. They promised to take me today. Bought me new goggles and everything. But when I got to their bedroom door, it was locked. I knocked. No answer. I called their names. No answer.

I think this is where the child in me came out. I began throwing a fit and slamming myself into the door. I was determined to make them keep their promise at all cost, even if it meant breaking my arm.

I head a loud crack as the door opened, revealing the whole scene to me. I don't know what I saw first…

The blood, the bodies, or the needle.

The blood was everywhere. I looked down and saw it sticking to the bottom of my feet. I looked back up and saw my mother's blue eyes staring at the wall. I walked over to her and smoothed her hair which was all over her face.

Her dead, beautiful, face.

"Mom." I whispered softly. " Mommy?" I said a little bit louder, but she still didn't move. She just sat there, eyes open, needle still in her arm, staring at the wall.

I might have screamed then.

Everything sort of dazed in and out from then on. I remember people-police men, I think- entering the room and asking me questions. I looked back up and I was in a car. I wouldn't of even noticed that if it weren't for the constant potholes we ran over. I looked down at my hands. The were covered with dry blood that I don't remember touching.

" Where am I going?" I asked the man who was driving the small car.

" To Whammy's House For Gifted Orphans."

Orphan. I never thought much about that word until that day. It was strange, to consider myself one of them. It was almost like a human being an animal. They are one, but they never really think of themselves like that. They didn't like thinking of themselves like that. Just like I didn't like considering myself an orphan.

The car stopped in front of a big white building that looked more like a mansion in Beverly Hills than a orphan's home. There were kids playing in the front yard and for a second, I was mad at them. Why weren't they mourning for their parents? Why weren't they sad? Was I the only one who realized how horrible the situation actually was?

" Hello." I looked and saw a man, who deeply resembled a panda looking at me. " I'm L. And you are?"

I stopped and looked at him examining his very odd features. His hair, was a disarray, sticking up in every direction possible. His back was hunched over and his eyes were wide, like they were trying to capture every detail on this living Earth.

" …I'm Mail."

AN- Well, this is the first chapter. I didn't know if I should do it in Matt's POV or Mello's POV. I chose Matt, but if you think that Mello sounds better telling the story then let me know. This story is dedicated to Jeffery Lopez who died today of a herion overdose. R.I.P Jeffery... -Kikyo1027