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Author's Notes: Written for a Valentine's Day prompt fest at the livejournal AWDT. These will be fairly short chapters, up to about a thousand words, but they should be posted every second day until I am finished. I did plan to have it done by V/Day but I live in bushfire affected Victoria and so stuff got in the have quieted here now but there are still helicopters flying over head.

I hope you enjoy the romance anyway, but it's not all fluff.

What? You were expecting fluff? From me? -laughs- not quite.




He supposed he deserved it; pure white damask tablecloth, set with the finest china, heavy silverware and crystal glasses sparkling with the lights of millions of bubbles in the champagne. Draco had gone to a lot of trouble to set this dinner up, which was so like him. Nothing but the best for Draco and Harry.

The only problem was; the dinner table was set for only one.

As he dropped his coat over the back of the couch and his wand on the table, he sighed deeply, stomach slowly but surely dropping to his toes with the knowledge that Draco had finally had enough of late night phone calls telling him not to wait up. Dreading the phone call that wasn't telling him not to wait up, but was telling him of an accident instead. Had enough of being stood up for dinner or a party or even his own birthday party.

Harry had known Draco was unhappy, but he'd thought that Draco understood just how important his job was. To have misinterpreted Draco's feeling to this extent gutted Harry as much as Draco's leaving did. Nothing was more important than Draco was and to have given him that impression – Harry felt ashamed of himself.

As he sat down at the table he realised how completely empty he felt. As if Draco had taken all the life out of him when he left. The flat had that vacant feel to it, the corners filled with silences and resentment.

He would think of the most logical places to search for him and begin looking right away. "I'm not going to let you go, Draco," Harry whispered into the quiet, wishing futilely for a response.

At his words, there was a barely audible pop and a small package appeared on the table. Wrapped in a dark red paper and tied with a white velvet bow, it sat in his place setting, a small tag waving jauntily at him from beside the bow.

Unexpectedly, his spirits rose; things couldn't be too bad if Draco had organised a gift for him, could they? He removed the card and read it.


This is the third year in a row you've missed Valentine's Day, therefore you have but three chances to fix us.

Use them well, because at the end of the third chance if things are not fixed, you will never see me again.


The paper unwrapped itself to reveal an item that looked much like the time turner Hermione had used back in third year. Intrigued, Harry lifted it up and noticed some instructions written by Draco on the side.

One turn clockwise for one week, one turn anti clockwise for one year. Choose carefully.

All right, then. He could do this. He had three chances to get it right and fix them.

Draco had mentioned missing Valentine's Day, so he'd go back to the first one he missed and…not miss it. He'd only need one chance. Right? What could possibly go wrong?

Harry slipped the chain of the Time Turner around his neck and began to turn.