Disclaimer: We don't own Zexion, Luxord ,Starbucks or the story idea. But we do own the Kingdom Hearts game XD. We had fun writing it.

Sum: Luxord takes Zexion to starbucks and has him try Coffee. Will Zexion like it? Or hate it?

Zexion's First Coffee

Luxord - "Ok, THIS is coffee

Zexion - "Ooooo"

Luxord - "Try it"

Zexion -sips- "It tastes like mud, -drinks more- It burns, it burns. . . but it tastes so good. Can we get another?"

Luxord - "Can I have that back?" (-Zexion repeatedly says no) I want it back!"

Zexion - "Ah ahh AHHHHH!! Ok that's enough!" -drinks more-

Luxord - "Give me it back!"

Zexion - "But it tastes so good. . . . well actually it tastes like mud."

Luxord - "Give me back my coffee."

Zexion - "Aww, ok – moves to give it back, but snatches back- ahhhhh -drinks more-

Luxord - "-Hits Zexion's leg- . . . .Oh screw this I'm going to go get some rum."

-Zexion nods giggling-