A/N: Not really a drabble. Though it contains the prompt. Didn't even look at the word count. This is for Vanessa. I'm so sorry. *hugs*

* * * * * * * * * * *

Dean came to slowly. "Wha…? Oh. Hey!" He threw his arms over his head to fend off the unexpected tongue bath. He cracked one eye at the deep rumble of angelic laughter.

"Cas?," He asked sitting up and wiping his face with the hem of his shirt. "What's with the pooch?"

Castiel glanced down at the dog sitting almost regally by his side and smiled. "Him? He's a new recruit. Just arrived today."

"You're recruiting dogs now?" Dean stood and brushed the dirt and debris from the front of his jeans. The dog regarded him, head tilted, with a surprising amount of intelligence in his luminous eyes.

"We get them occasionally. When they're exceptional. A true and loyal heart is really the only thing required to fight in this war Dean. You should know that but, he's not the reason I'm here. I came to warn you," He said his face turning somber. The dog, incredibly, mirrored his expression.

"Things aren't quite as they seem. Not everyone who appears to be on our side is. Watch your back Dean." He turned to walk away. "Come Levi."

Levi grinned, Dean would swear to it, rushed up and licked his hand one more time then bounded off running quick, effortless circles around a once more smiling Castiel.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

My heart goes out to you. Hope you can glean a little bit of "feel better" from this and all the others. *more hugs*