Black Sunset



What if your life was the accident? Or maybe even your death.

My life's full of surprises but I'm not a princess, this ain't a

Fairy tale. Find something else to read.

Well, that's the story of my life, Janessa Isabelle Cullen.

She brushed my cheeks lightly, with tears coming out of her eyes.

"Don't worry, the storm will soon be over, and there will be a big beautiful rainbow after."

Last Day


I felt the wind fly swiftly on my cheeks. A cold hand touched my

Shoulder I turned around and gasped in shock. I found myself staring

At this beautiful woman with bronze hair and big brown eyes she stared back, her eyes changing color from brown to red and she disappeared.

I woke up with a shriek of fear. It was just a dream. It was Justa dream.

I heard murmurs outside from my parents then my dad just destroyed the

Door open.

"What's wrong sweetie, are you okay?" my mom Rosalie asked with her golden eyes shining brightly.

I wish I was my mom. I mean, I know I'm adopted, but I still wish. I look totally different from her. I have rosy complexion, curly black hair, and big brown eyes. She was amazingly beautiful. She had golden blonde hair, liquid golden eyes, bright red lips, and of course, her pale skin. Yes that's usually how vampires look like.

I ignored my thoughts and realized my mom was waiting for an answer.

"Um no… no… I just had a bad dream." I replied trying to hide my fear when I was reminded of my dream.

"Oh, well I better call a carpenter or house repair man or something…"

My dad chuckled. My "big-daddy Emmett" like my mom's beauty he was incredibly strong and capable of destroying things. That was his definition of fun.

I chuckled along.

"Are you ready for your last day of school?" my mom said, changing the subject.

Ugh. Today is the Last day of school. After this we move again. My parents and I usually move all the time the fact that we were (well, Im only half vampire) vampires and never age. I wonder where were moving


"uh yeah. Sure." I lied. It was so obvious I was lying. I wasn't a very good liar I can't even lie to myself.

My mom just chuckled at the obviousness.

"How about breakfast?"

"thanks, mom that would be nice." Since I was only half vampire, I mostly preferred human food.

"okay. I'll fix the door in a sec. Why don't you go get your clothes and change in your bathroom until the door gets fixed again. She glared at my dad.

My dad and I chuckled in unison.

"okay. I'll be down in a sec.."

I grabbed my clothes and quickly changed in the bathroom then went right downstairs to the kitchen.

The air was filled with the smell of pancakes, fried eggs, and hash browns.

I sniffed the air and the smell changed my gloomy mood and my frown into a wide grin.

"wow. It smells incredible!"

"ha ha." My dad said with his face bright with his white teeth.

I sat down at the dinning table excited. I've never really seen my dad cook. My dad placed a large tray of food in front of me and stared impatiently at me.

"what?" I asked. Curious.

"go on, take a bite" he said continuing to stare.

I stared at the food. It looked gorgeous it was like something from a food commercial or something. So, I scooped up a spoonful and did as my dad had said.

"oh my gosh! It's…" I stopped talking for a while thinking it was impolite to talk with your mouth full. Then I gulped down the food quickly I almost choked.

"What? What?" he asked looking all excited.

"It.. I.. it's great!"

"Really? Well, I better get ready if I want to drive you to school."

"Um.. no I could drive there." ever since I turned sixteen my parents got me a car early.

"You sure?"

"Yeah. I'll finish up here. Tell mom I'll be home early."

"Rose! She'll be home early!"

"Sure! Bye honey!"

I skipped through the living room and grabbed my backpack then I headed for the door.

"Bye mom! Bye dad!"

I opened the front door and saw the thick blanket of snow outside.

No matter how much I've experienced the cold and never the hot weather I still hated the cold weather. I found my way to the backyard and opened the door of my car. I turned on the engine and waited impatiently.

I heard the roar of the engine and slightly pressed on the pedal.

I turned to the next corner and stopped at the red light. I saw my best friend

Lilli in her car. I rolled down the windows and she caught a glimpse of me.

"Nessa!" she called from across the street.


Oops. Didn't notice the stoplight turned into green this time, I pressed the pedal hard and the engine roared loudly as I drove into the street.

I turned right and saw the school parking lot I parked at the first empty space I saw. And two cars away from me was Lilli's car.

"Nessa!" she screamed as she ran towards me.

"hi" I said glumly.


"wait. Don't put your glumpy face on just yet." She said touching my lip to interrupt me.

"why? Tell me one reason why I cant put my 'glumpy face' on? It's the last day of school our last day me and you."

"okay, first off you never know if this will be our last day together and second, we're throwing you a farewell party!" she said with her arms stretched out and a big grin on her face.

I felt my lips twitch as I was restraining myself from frowning.

"huh?" I said 'keeping it light'.

"well, the whole class knows about it and they all agreed to throw a party tonight. My house. 7:30pm. You know, we don't wanna start it late…"

What? Tonight? I screamed in my head.

"oh, wow. Tonight…" I chuckled nervously

"yeah. Tonight. Isn't it great?"

"oh yeah great. Yaay." I clapped lightly

"you don't like it" I seemed like a question

"no." I told honestly. She would notice of all people of course she would notice I was lying. She would know everything. Everything but my secret.

"come on, for me please?"

"huh. Okay. Fine." I surrendered.

"yay. Be there. 7:30 sharp."

The bell rang loudly I nearly jumped.

"oh. Gotta go. I'll see you later 'kay?"


School was slow. The usual day for me I guess.

As promised I got home early. No need to do homework of course.. This was my last day. I got home and my parents weren't home yet. I searched in the kitchen. Nope. They weren't there, but I found a bright pink paper taped in the fridge.

I read the note that said:


Me and your dad are gonna be out for

Awhile to fix things before we leave we'll

Be back before 7:00 pm. Be sure to pack

Your stuff before we leave.



Huh. They left. I hurried upstairs to pack a few of my stuff. Pretty much mom already packed everything. I checked the clock after I packed a few of my valuables I just killed time and watched T.V.

I heard the car park at the garage. I went downstairs to check and I heard my parents whispering through the door.

"What if they're back in forks?"

"They won't be. It's only been 40 years."

"I was just making sure."

Who were they? What were they talking about? Forty years?

I don't get it.

I heard the front door open.

"Oh, hi sweetie how was school?" my mom smiled her bright beautiful, contagious smile. It made me smile too.

"Oh, um… you know the usual." I lied.

She chuckled.

"Uh mom, a bunch of friends threw me a farewell party I'm leaving in fifteen minutes 'kay?"

"Oh, how nice of them. Sure."

I went upstairs, took a shower, and dried my hair. I didn't notice I was going to be late. I dressed up quickly and said good-bye to my parents. I got to the car as fast as I can and gently pressed the pedal.

I took a few turns to certain streets and found Lilli's house.

I quickly found a parking spot. I was lucky I even found one. I saw Lilli waiting for me in her backyard.


She ran towards me and hugged me tight.

"Hey, I'm sorry I'm late."

"Oh, that's okay. Now, come on everybody is waiting for you."

She dragged me into her front door and inside the house.

Oh no. It was worse than I thought. The house was filled with music, decorations of different colors, people chatting and dancing, and lots of food.

"Oh." Was all I managed to Say.

She giggled.

The party went on all night until 10:30. I was drained when I got home my dad had to carry all the way to my room.

I got to my room and remembered Lilli's good-bye:

"I'm really going to miss you" she asked, her voice low.

"I know. But I'm going to call you, email you or whatever. I promise I'll keep in touch."

"Promise?" she said, her voice breaking.

"Yeah. I promise. I could feel the tears coming out of my eyelids as I saw hers.

We hugged each other tightly and sobbed together.

I stared at my messy room, which was now filled with packed boxes ready for our flight tomorrow. I wasn't ready for goodbyes yet. Not now. But I have to. I thought of all reasons why I still wanted to stay and drifted off to sleep.

I dragged my stuff with me as I went to the backyard.

"Are you ready, pumpkin?" my dad called from his truck.

"More than ever." I said glumly.

I stared at the house that was once mine. When I leave, it's just gonna be another empty old house and sometime when I'm away I will remember this small town, there in my rearview mirror disappearing now.

I fell asleep on our way to the airport and woke up in the waiting room in the airport.

Wow. That was some trip.


"Um… sweetie, you fell asleep on our way and-"

"I know. Where are we?"

"Were on the airport now, sweetie. Your dad's getting our luggage and we'll be on the plane in five minutes."

"Oh. Okay."

I waited impatiently on my seat and saw my dad carrying a bunch of suitcases and bags.

"Hey, guys! Come on!"

My mom and I hurried along with our own bags. I tried to walk quickly without tripping myself and saw the huge plane.

I followed my parents and climbed up the plane. I sat with my mom in the window seat. I just sat there and stared at the window as the plane slowly flew.

Good-bye Vancouver, Canada. Good-bye Lilli, good-bye everything else that I left there.