"wake up, sweetie we're here." My mom tapped me gently on the shoulder.

"Hmm? Okay…" I said, still drowsy from the long flight.

I heard the flight stewardess announce the landing of the plane and I hurriedly pulled myself together to get ready to get off the plane.

And I still had no idea where we were going.

"Mom, do you mind telling me where we are?"

She chuckled.

"Sure sweetie, we're in Washington. We're gonna live in a small town called forks."

"Oh." Washington. Oh wow.

We got off the plane on time and drove (my dad got a big red truck prepared.) all the way to "forks" the unknown (well, unknown to me.) town we were going to live until who-knows-when.

My dad stopped in front of a big brown house with two cars ready and parked in front of it.

"This is our stop." My dad said with a huge grin on his face.

"We'll get all the unpacking done in a sec., sweetie. Why don't you go explore the Neighborhood."

"Sure. I'll be back in ten minutes."

I did as I was told and walked through half of the neighborhood. I saw that forks high school was just a few blocks away from our house, I could actually just walk there. And I continued to walk a few more blocks or miles… I didn't notice. Huh. I've been walking too long. My mom is gonna freak! I didn't-

Whoa. Whoa.

I kept walking. I just kept walking. Something just told me to keep on walking. And so I did. Then I just stopped. Without any warning I just stopped. I didn't even tell myself to.

I stopped. I stopped in front of a big glass house in the middle of the woods.

Whoa. The door was open.

Come inside. Come inside. Just come in.

How stupid. I came in.

The house looks beautiful and in order, there were paintings on the wall, they look like something from the 16th century. And one of the first things I saw was the beautiful, shiny, black piano.

I sat on the chair beside the piano, dazzled. I started playing a few chords, and played this melody that has been stuck in my head. It sounded almost like a lullaby. I added a few more chords to it and it sounded like magic.

I got carried away and played even more. I didn't stop until-

I felt a cold hand touch my shoulder.

I turned and saw a man. Well, he looked like he was in his teenage years, maybe a year older than I am. He had light bronze hair, golden topaz eyes and pale skin. He looked as gorgeous and beautiful as a vampire. Hmm…

"Who are you?" he said in a melodic voice and my mouth fell open.

He saw my face and he did the same thing. It was like he just saw a ghost.

"Um… I… I… I'm sorry I better leave." I muttered, forcing myself not to look at him.

"What were you playing? How did you know that lullaby?" he asked staring at my eyes.

I felt my knees shake. Why the heck was he asking me that? Of all questions he would ask me what I was playing! Regular people would ask: "what are you doing in my house? Why are you touching my stuff?"

"Um… I… I… I don't… I don't know. Why?" I forced the words out of me. I could barely talk.

"Nothing. You better get home, this is not the kind of place a young lady like you should be." He talks like he's my grandpa or something. Although, I never really had one.

"Oh… Okay. I'm sorry" I ran out of the door as fast as I can.

I ran faster so, I could get to my 'new' house faster and not get in trouble.

I got home panting. I opened the door quickly.

"Hey, sweetie you're just in time. Did you like the new neighborhood?"

My mom said, smiling. As always.

"What? You're not mad that I'm late? I asked. Confused. Very confused.

My parents both laughed at my confused expression.

"No. you're not late. You said ten minutes right?" what? I never really get in trouble with this kind of mother.


"Do you wanna eat something?" my dad asked.

"Um no thanks, I wanna get some rest first."

I headed upstairs and found my 'new' room already filled and arranged with furniture. Wow. They unpack real fast.

I sat on my bed and I didn't notice my mom came in.

"hey." She said as she closed the door right behind her.


"Are you ready for your first day of school tomorrow?"

Huh? That was tomorrow? Oh wow.

"Oh. Yeah. Absolutely!" I lied, trying to sound all cheerful. I didn't even know it was going to be tomorrow.

She laughed. She always laughed when I was lying. That was her way of telling me she knows I'm lying.

"Okay, you better get some rest. If you want anything, your dad and I will be in the living room."

"Okay. Good night, mom"

"Good Night, sweetie."

I tried to sleep. But I just couldn't, so I read a book. Or at least I tried to.

I just can't get that melody out of my head. It's like a broken CD player inside my head. And… and that guy… he looks so incredibly familiar. And when he saw my face he was all shocked and it's like he saw a ghost or something. It was like I was familiar to him too.

Huh… what a day…

I closed my eyes drifting off to sleep, with that melody still stuck in my head.

It was dark.

I was in the glass house again. I saw him… the man with the light bronze hair. He was playing the melody… the lullaby I played just this afternoon. There was a lady beside him. Like him, she was also incredibly beautiful she had long brown hair. And like him, she was also incredibly familiar.

He stopped playing. Then they both looked at me, they smiled beautiful smiles. They walked towards me and hugged me. What? Why did they hug me?

While they hugged me, a strange woman appeared. She had long black hair and a fair complexion, but still pale as ever. She walked towards us and grabbed the lady and the man's arms. They both screamed in pain.

"Irina Please, no!" the pale brown-haired woman cried in fear.

The dark-haired woman or "Irina" continued to walk towards me.

I don't know why but I felt no fear in me. Should I even feel fear? I was confidently standing right in of her now. We were both still, not moving like statues. Then, in a blink of an eye she held my arms tight. Too tight. I let the pain out with a loud shriek.

I woke up. Screaming.

Good thing I didn't lock the door. My parents opened the door.

"What's wrong?" my mom asked with a scared expression on her face.

"Did you have another bad dream?" my dad guessed.

"Yeah, Good guess dad. I said panting. Well, I tried to keep it low.

My mom sighed, her worried sigh.

"Well, you're just in time for breakfast. I was about to wake you up any way. Why don't you clean your self up and get dressed, and when you get down, breakfast will be ready." She half smiled.

I did as I was told. I got up, took a shower, got dressed, and ate breakfast.

The morning was slow. I didn't even remember I was going to school until my mom reminded me. My parents left after I had breakfast, they said they had to settle other accounts in this town.

I hopped in my all-new silver Volvo. I had always wanted that kind of car, but I never got it in Vancouver. I saw the key and a small beige paper in the driver's seat. I read the note that said:

Here are the keys. Enjoy.

I laughed lightly. My dad never really liked to write long notes.

I placed the key in ignition and pressed the pedal lightly.

It was raining. Huh. No wonder they picked this place.

The school was just a few blocks away. It's a good thing I know took that long walk yesterday.

The engine was slowing down. Oh gosh, what's wrong?

I saw the arrow of the gas tank go all the way down to "E"

Oh. No. I was out of gas. This event was the last thing that occurred to my mind. I didn't want to waste precious time, so I got a foldable umbrella in the glove compartment, got out of the car, and left my new, shiny Volvo all alone in the street.

I tried to walk fast or I'm gonna be late on my first day.

The rain got heavier. The wind was strong. I tightened my grip on my umbrella to keep from being blown away.

A shiny black car stopped right in front of me. The windows rolled down and I saw a girl with long black hair, thin lips, and almond eyes.

"Hi, do you want a ride to school?" She smiled staring at me and my wet stuff (bags, clothes, etc…).

"Sure. Thanks." I smiled back.

I hopped into the passenger's seat and shut the door right behind me.

"So, you're new to the school?"

"Um… yeah, yeah I am." I muttered. I didn't even think she heard it.

"I'm Leslie. And you're?"

"Janessa. You could call me nessa, that's okay." I tried to smile.

"Okay, nessa." She giggled. "Here it is. Forks high school."

I didn't say anything. I just smiled.

She hopped out of the car and I followed along.

"Ooh! I know , I'll give you a tour of the school. Come on, Let's go to the attendance office."

"Thanks." I said trying to smile again.

We were on our way to the office when the rain started to stop.

As we walked, we no wait… I was being stared at students, teachers, and other random people. I tried to avoid the many eyes staring at me.

We passed a few halls, and Leslie walked inside a small room with a front table. And of course, I followed her. She placed her hand on the table and there sat a chubby woman with light blonde hair, rosy cheeks, and blue eyes

Almost as big as golf balls.

"Hi, Mrs. Coaldale This is Nessa. Janessa Cullen." She smiled. Pointing at me.

"Oh, oh yes! I have your schedule right here, darling. Oh, you'll love your new school! I promise." She grinned.

"Thank you, Mrs. Coaldale. Bye!" I tried to grin.

Leslie and I quickly walked out of the room, she showed me her classes, and I showed her mine. We have 1st period algebra and 4h period literature together.

I managed to have survived 4 periods without fainting or crying, or even craving for blood. There were a lot of humans here. And I wasn't used to that. Some of them really smell good.

Leslie escorted me to the cafeteria, blabbering about her friends that I would meet.

"Oh, I'll introduce you to Karen, my best friend. Oh, you'll love her!"

She went on.

She showed me the table she and her friends usually sat on and we got some food and ate silently (well, I did).

"Where's your friend?" I asked breaking my silence.

"Oh, she'll be here in a second. How do you like the school so far?"

Ugh. Not that question. Next question please.

I paused for a moment I don't really know how to stall when you're avoiding certain questions.

"Oh well, you know." I laughed lightly

She chuckled. "I know, it was like that for me too."

I stared at Leslie, who was now my friend.

I didn't notice I was staring too much when he looked at me and said:

"What?" she laughed lightly.

"Oh, nothing. It's just nice to finally have someone who understands."

I smiled.

"Ooh, ooh here's Karen. Hi Karen! Come here, missy!" she shouted loudly as if she was in the far end of the cafeteria.

I saw a girl carrying a tray of food walking towards us. Her wavy hair up on a neat pony tail, big lips with a big smile, and dark brown muddy eyes.

"Hey!" she smiled a big smile for both of us.

"This is Nessa. Nessa Cullen. She's new here." She smiled and gracefully pointed towards me.

"Oh, Hi! It's nice to meet you. Look's like I've found someone else to hang out with besides Leslie here. Hey, weren't you at my 2nd period class? " She smiled her friendly smile.

"Um. I think so. I didn't notice. It's great to meet you too. Leslie has been telling me a lot about you."

I smiled too, trying to look all friendly. I didn't know if it seemed to work but she smiled too. Even though I didn't know them both it seemed like we've been friends for years.

We talked and hung out for the whole day. And they helped me with my car laying around in the street. I had Karen for my 5th and 7th period too. We were getting along great and I guess since then we were best friends.