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A/N: The sequel to A Father's Comfort (so, like... the next episode). This one is more like an actual episode than the last one, so it's much longer, I apologize. I broke it up into four chapters, though, so you wouldn't have a huge long thing to read.

I'm actually very proud of this one, it's one of my better pieces, I think.

And there will be a sequel to this one, too. Haha, a sequel to the sequel.

Also (like before), I cast my story. In this one, I'm picturing: either Jon Hamm, John Stamos, or David Boreanaz (yes Booth, because he looks the part) as Keith Wilcox; Sarah Wright (aka: Sarah Mason) as Anya Baker; Daniela Sea as Nikko Shawn; Brittany Daniel (with long hair) as Julia Wilcox; Elisha Cuthbert (with long hair) as Alissa Tameal. And those are the only people I really thought were worth casting since they're the "main" characters.

EDIT [02-25-09]: Uhh! I can't believe it! I post this after casting Daniela Sea, then SVU comes on with Daniela Sea a few days later. But it's okay, since she's a good actor and Dick Wolf did good casting... So maybe [if this was ever used], Katherine Moennig could play Nikko instead.

The heavy doors shut slowly behind her as she pulled her jacket closer around her. She pulled her phone out of her pocket, dialed a number, and put it to her ear as she rounded the corner of the dimly lit street.

She heard a car behind her, slowing as it approached. Her heart began beating faster but she didn't dare turn around.

"Anya?" said someone from the car.

She turned around to greet the familiar voice just as a woman's voice came on over the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi Nikko, baby. I just ran into someone, I'll call you back in a minute," she told her, hanging up the phone.

Approaching the car and leaning over, she smiled as she recognized the driver. "Keith!" she exclaimed.

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm just getting off work, what are you doing here?"

"I was just heading home. Do you need a ride?"

She sighed heavily and looked away slightly, thinking. "Sure, that'd be great," she replied after a short minute.

She hurried around the front of the car and crawled into the passengers seat. "Thanks so much, Keith." She rubbed her arms to warm herself up.

"It's no trouble, Anya. You're a family friend."

"Speaking of which, how are Julia and the kids?"

He let out a short sigh, an angry sigh. He tightened his grip on the steering wheel until his knuckles were white, biting his lip. "They're... They're great."

She smiled and nodded, looking forward out the windshield, not noticing his anger.

Several blocks down, as the lighting got dimmer, he turned onto a small one-way street.

She furrowed her brow slightly. "Keith? What are you doing? This isn't my street."

"I know, it's okay. This way's shorter."

She slumped back in the seat slightly and sighed.

He looked over at her, and she didn't notice. She was perfect, just like her. The long blond hair, petite nose, thin lips, almond shaped brown eyes. He smiled a crooked smile as he turned back to face the road.

"Hey," Olivia said as her and Elliot approached a young man in a blue NYPD outfit. "What's happened?"

"A man named Keith Wilcox was beaten over the head with a lamp in his living room. His roommate found him. He's at the hospital now," he said, walking with them.

"So?" Olivia began. "Why is it an SVU case?"

The young cop stopped and looked at them. "He was found in his birthday suit."

He came back to consciousness and saw Elliot sitting in a chair at the foot of his bed. "Keith? Do you remember anything that happened last night?" Elliot asked, almost gently.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"I'm Detective Elliot Stabler. Do you remember what happened?" Elliot asked again, more sternly this time.

"I – I gave her a ride home." He averted his gaze, looking down as he tried to remember.


"Anya. Anya Baker. She's an old family friend," he said as he strained to remember, putting a hand to his head and feeling the dent and gash on the side of his forehead. "What happened?"

Elliot sighed. "Your roommate found you beaten over the head with a lamp." Elliot paused, taking in Keith's reaction. "You weren't wearing anything."


Elliot nodded slightly.

Keith looked away again, his mouth agape, as he rubbed the stubble on his chin.

Olivia rapped her knuckles several times on the door and took a step back.

A woman opened the door. Her blond hair was tangled and messy and she wore only a man's button up shirt.

"Can I help you?" she asked sassily, leaning against the door.

"Are you Anya Baker?" Olivia asked as her and Elliot showed the young woman their badges.

"Yeah," she replied, pulling the shirt around her, suddenly uncomfortable. "What's happened?"

"I'm Detective Benson, this is Detective Stabler," Olivia said, nodding towards Elliot. "Can we come in?"

"Um..." She looked back uncertainly. "Yeah, sure." She opened the door more and let them in.

She sat down on a couch, shyly and uncomfortably, as Elliot and Olivia sat on the couch opposite her.

"Do you know a Keith Wilcox?" Elliot asked, leaning his weight onto his knees.

"Yeah, I'm friends with his wife."

"Did you see him last night?" Olivia asked.

Anya looked away, embarrassed, biting her lip. She shook her head slightly, more to get the memory out of her head than to reply to the question.

"Did you?" Olivia asked again, more gently this time.

Anya looked back at them, her brown eyes building up with tears. She nodded as the tears began rolling down her face. She curled her lip, trying to prevent herself from crying.

Olivia sidled from one couch to the other, sitting next to Anya. She put her hand on her knee to try to comfort her. "What happened, Anya?" she asked gently.

Just then, a tall woman walked into the room wearing loose jeans that fell below her waist and a black wife beater. She had short brown hair and bright blue eyes. "Anya, baby? What's happening?"

Olivia drew her brow in. "Who are you?" she asked.

Anya pushed Olivia's hand away and wiped the tears off her cheeks. "Nothing, babe."

"I'm Nikko Shawn. I'm Anya's girlfriend."

Olivia's brows went up with surprise and she looked at Elliot. He looked from Nikko to Olivia with one raised eyebrow.

Olivia stood up and pulled her badge out, showing it to Nikko. "I'm Detective Benson, this is my partner, Detective Stabler. We're asking Anya about a beating that happened."

"Do you think she did it?" Nikko asked accusingly, folding her arms.

"She's a suspect, yes."

"Well she didn't do it. She was here with me, right after work."

Olivia looked back to Anya, who looked away ashamedly. "We'd like to talk to her down at the station," Olivia responded.

Olivia sat across the table from Anya in one of the interrogation rooms.

"What happened, Anya? Did you beat him?" she prodded gently.

Anya bit her lip and looked away. "It was self defense. Please? Can I just leave? I don't want to talk about any of this," she said, standing up suddenly, running her fingers through her long straight hair.

"We need your help, Anya."

She sighed and sat back down. She tapped her fingers on the table nervously.

"Is something wrong?" Olivia asked, noticing her nervous twitching.

Anya shook her head, keeping her eyes locked on the door.

"Anya, what happened last night?"

"Please?" she began again. "Please, I just need to go home. I need to see Nikko."

"Did he hurt you?" Olivia continued.

"He offered me a ride home. Next thing I know, he's shoving me through his apartment door and pining me to his couch, clawing at my clothes right after he got his off. I just... reached up and found the lamp. So I hit him with it as hard as I could."

"He tried to rape you," Olivia said, almost asking.

Anya nodded as she collapsed into the chair, sobbing.

"It's okay, Anya. It's not your fault."

"I took the ride." She was standing again, pacing back and forth, and almost yelling. "I thought he was still a good guy."

Olivia sighed as she looked up at Anya, not being able to find the right words to say to comfort the girl about her sexual assault. Hell... she didn't know the right words to comfort herself...