Disclaimer: Please turn to the copyright page of the nearest copy of any book in the Twilight series. Is the name Jennifer on it? Cause if it is, my prayers have been answered, and I'm the one who had an inspirational dream one night and wrote the most brilliant thing ever.

I walked out of the ballet studio, tucking my left earphone into my ear and spinning the click wheel on my iPod nano. I settled for Newborn by Muse, and headed in the direction of my new apartment building. My mother and I had just moved into the cramped apartment in downtown Seattle from a tiny town in Alberta, where my dance education had sucked. Here, my ballet teacher rocked. She actually believed that I was serious about becoming a professional. That in itself was a blessing.

I shoved the key into the door of our apartment, and slammed it behind me. I dumped my dance bag and coat on the floor by the door and picked up a note that lay on the stove.

Boss man wants me to work an extra shift. Couldn't say no. Order yourself some Thai.

I snorted. Not even an I love you? Mom was slacking off. But no matter, I'd call the stupid Thai place and order my food, and then I'd walk down the dark back streets that failed to scare me any longer, because the place was too poor to have delivery boys. I removed my iPod for a moment, dialled the memorized number, shoved my coat on my arms again and set out for the restaurant.

My iPod blared Running Up that Hill by Placebo in my ears as I strolled along the alleyways. I practiced my dance routine, leaping and turning down the rough path. Suddenly, I thought I saw something move up ahead, behind a dumpster. I stopped dead and peered into the darkness. I took one of my earphones out to see if I could hear anything. A dark shadow crept toward me. I still couldn't hear a thing, except Placebo in my right ear. But then a shrill, women's voice cut through the dark.

"Stop! Leave her, did you not see how graceful she was? Such a thing could be an attribute to our army."

Army? What army was this woman talking about? But the shadow had stopped advancing, and I decided that was a good thing. But now another shadow emerged from behind the dumpster. It moved more purposefully toward me, and I took a step back. All at once, the shadow was in front of me, but I still couldn't see what it was. I attempted to move back again, but the shadow held me in place.

"Now, now, darling, stay still. This needn't hurt more than a bit..." The shadow leaned toward me and I opened my mouth, intending to scream, but it never came out. I felt a sudden pain on my throat, and then on my wrist, and hell, my other wrist, and now my ankles and my insides were burning...what was happening to me? Everything hurt, and I just barely registered the second shadow telling the other shadow to pick me up, and then the music in my ear, crooning a slow classical song that made me feel especially loopy, like I was in a dream.

What kind of sick game were these people playing? I didn't understand.

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