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Part One

Ron lay in his bed, staring at the curtains he had drawn around it. He sighed and thought about how it was only week until it was time to go home for Christmas. He was defiantly happy about that. He pulled back the drapes slightly and flopped on to his stomach. He ran a hand through his hair and chewed his bottom lip.

When the red head lay like this he had a clear view of the window. The horizon was turning a dark shade of blue that was constantly getting lighter.

'Another bloody night of sleeplessness. What a surprise.' He couldn't remember the last time that he had slept the entire night through. He was just so tired during the day but when it came time to sleep his exhaustion turned to restlessness. The lack of sleep was starting to affect his appetite. He just wasn't hungry. The day before he had just sat at dinner not eating until Hermione had tried to force food down his throat. He had begged off claiming to have a stomachache.

'What is wrong with me?' he thought. He squeezed his eyes shut when they began to fill with tears. 'I never cry.'

He wiped at his eyes furiously. He would not give in to the tears he just wouldn't. He sighed and got out of bed. If he had to be up he might as well do his potions homework. He shivered as his feet hit the floor.

Going down the stairs, Ron gave a halfhearted grin. 'At least there is a fire down here.' He plopped down in a chair near the fire and began his homework.

He had lost track of the time when he heard movement from the dorms. The red head knew that is was only a matter of time before Hermione tried to force him to go to breakfast.

"Ron? What are you doing down here?" The boy looked up to see one of his best friends hovering over him.

"Potions. Couldn't sleep."

Hermione sighed and shook her head, "That's the third time this week. I still think that you need to see Madam Pomfrey."

"I told you Hermione, I just have some stuff on my mind. A few sleepless nights are nothing to worry about," he bit out angrily. His temper had been even shorter than normal lately.

Honestly, he only had two things on his mind. This was their 7th year and would be graduating soon. Two weeks earlier, he had received an owl from the wizard's chess team of England. He hadn't even known that there was a team, but then he had always been obsessed with Quidditch.

Apparently, they had heard that he had beaten Professor McGonagall's chess set back in his first year and assumed that he was either better or at the same level. Whichever way, they still wanted him to play for them. The team had owled McGonagall to ask about him, and then they contacted Ron.

He had been playing against McGonagall thrice weekly. Harry and Hermione did not know about that because Ron did not really think that they would care. Hermione had told him the year before that he had an inferiority complex but he honestly didn't know what that meant.

Ron just wondered how he was going to tell him mum that he wasn't going into the ministry, be an auror or even tame dragons. He was going to play chess instead. She had never been really happy with his fixation on chess.

'I'll tell her after Harry tells her he is going to be an auror. She never notices me when he's around anyway. Except to yell at me.'

The thought of not telling her at all was nice. The team was setting him up with a place to live so he could just disappear after the graduation ceremony. But no his mum would find out and he didn't want to worry Harry... and Hermione.

That was the other thing that was bothering him. Lately, he automatically put Harry before Hermione. In the previous years it wouldn't have seemed odd because of the fight with Voldermort. That did not have any weight now though, seeing as Harry had defeated the dark lord at the end of their sixth year.

If Ron was honest with himself it was then he had started to see Harry differently. Right after that Cho had finally decided that "Hero Harry" was worthy enough to date.

He felt a hand shaking his shoulder and saying, "Ron... Ron... wake up. RON!"

He shook himself out of his daze. Rubbing his eyes blearily, he looked up at his two best friends. He sighed slightly and thought that if you merged his two friends together you would have the perfect person. 'At least for me.' Ron had realized that he was a bi-sexual when after getting over his crush on Hermione he developed a crush on Lee Jordan, his brothers' best friend. 'Nasty shock, there.' They had dated for a while before deciding that the long distance relationship that they would have to have wouldn't work. His parents didn't know that he was bi but he figured that they wouldn't care. Percy was living with Oliver. Not in a platonic way either.

"Ron, you missed breakfast." Harry told him. The red head pulled a grimace, knowing that it was expected of him.

"At least I got a little rest." He smiled convincingly at the standing pair. He rose slowly; the night before he had gotten up too quickly and the room had swum. He knew that he had lost a vast amount of weight but you couldn't tell when he was wearing his robes and other than that he couldn't bring himself to care.

"Owls came early today," Harry was saying. "Your mum invited me to the Burrow for Christmas. I'm not sure whether I should go or not."

'You could go and I could stay here. Then I won't have to be compared to you, Hermione, Bill, Percy or any of the lot.' He just couldn't understand what made him so forgettable. 'Don't go don't go! I need a break to sort out my thoughts.' He couldn't very well say that though.

Instead, Ron smiled and said, "Why not? Unless you are planning to spend it with Sirius."

Harry shook his head. "No, Dumbledore sent him on an errand or something. Ron! You are still in your pajamas. Go up and change or you'll be late."

Ron walked towards the stairs and Harry went to follow him. "Harry just stay here,. I'll be back in a second."

Harry stopped and Hermione raised a hand as if to 'stay'.

The youngest Weasley boy went up the stairs as fast as he dared. He pulled out his uniform and took off his pajamas. After putting on everything other than his shirt he went and stood in front of the mirror. He could count all his ribs and his stomach was concave. He couldn't even blame it on his family's lack of money, not that he would have it had always been a sensitive subject, because Arthur Weasley had been made the Minster of Magic when everyone figured out that Fudge was a total prat. Dumbledore wouldn't run so they got his dad to run.

This was good seeing as he couldn't wear any of his brother's hand-me-downs anymore. It wasn't even because he was tall like everyone had thought that he would be, but because he was so skinny that he would have looked almost as bad in theirs as Harry had looked in Dudley's. Hermione said that Lavender was kind of jealous of Ron because his waist was even smaller than hers was. Ron had even let his hair grow like Bill's. If you looked at Ron now from behind you could mistake him for a girl. That was something that Draco never let go of. He thought it was humorous that he was finally bigger than Ron.

Ron heard a gasp from behind him. He quickly scrambled to put his shirt on. Black dots swam across his vision. He had to grab on to a bed to keep himself from falling.

Harry ran to Ron and hauled him upright. He helped Ron over to his bed where the red head promptly curled up into a ball. His stomach protested to this treatement. He started having dry heaves since he had not eaten in more than a week. He had gotten quite good at convincing people he had eaten when he hadn't. He even had Dobby fooled.

Ron felt a hand on his shoulder but he chose to ignore it. Maybe if he didn't acknowledge it and ignored Harry he would turn totally invisible.

Harry pulled Ron in his lap as the red head began to cry. The frail body was racked with sobs. Hermione entered the room just then, she had wondered what had happened to the two of them. A look of distress crossed over her face as her eyes lit on Ron's crying body. She mouthed 'Dumbledore' and exited the room.

Harry stared and the shaking body in his arms. When had this happened? How could he let this happen to his best friend, the one who always stood by him? The one he... loved. But that didn't matter now.

"Don't know why I'm crying." Ron sat up and shifted away from Harry. He stood up slowly. "Come one we're already late for class."

The black-haired boy stared at him in shock. "Ron, are you ok? I, mean," he stuttered out.

"Yes, let's go." Ron didn't want to deal with any questions Harry threw at him.

Harry shook his head, getting out of his stupor. "No Ron we aren't going to class. You look like you are about to collapse. Hermione went to get Dumbledore."

Ron's eyes widened and he shook his head. A little to hard, his weakened equilibrium couldn't take and he sank to his knees.