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January 8,1994

"Brock!" Reba managed to yell out, though her mouth was full of salty water and she could barely stay afloat even with the life jacket on

"Reba!" she heard Brock's voice reply from a distance ,she swam towards the direction of were she had heard his voice, aparently he did the same cause they met eachother in the middle

"come on!" he yelled to her"I found a peice of wreckage that you can get on so you wont freeze in this water!"he continued as they swam towards the door that was still afloat.

"Brock, it isnt big enough,"

"yes it is honey ,"

"but you wont fit on it," she replied feeling helpless

" you can thats all that matters," he said forcing a smile

"no thats not what matters we have to find a way for you to fit,"she cried

"Reba I'm fine in the water I'm a surviver and so are you , now calm down you still have the baby to worry about ," he soothed her lovingly

"I know but ,"

"no butts babe you really need to calm down,"

"ok," she said trying to calm down like he said and decided to lay down on her back so her tummy wouldnt be in the cold water (she doesnt have a big tummy yet I'd say she's like maybe 5 months only a baby bumb)she woke up 20 minutes later to someone yelling "hello? is there anyone out there,!"

"Brock?" she whispered ,her voice course "Brock?" she said a little louder shaking him this time"Brock" she called out again emotion feeling her voice from realization

"hello is there anyone out there?" the voice called one again

" I am!" she suddenly found the strength to yell

"were are you talk to me until we get closer!"

"im over here !

Reba bolted up in her bed drenched with cold sweat, after 15years she was still having dreams about that horrible night when the keltic sank and took her first love, her first true love Brock from her. The cold, cruel Atlantic that stole him away.

Then she heard a soft knock at her bedroom door

"mommy" her youngest daughter Kyra called , After Brock died she remarried a man named Tarry holliway and he took care of her daughter Cheyanne like she was his own and soon enough she was pregnant with Kyra it was a particular happy time in her life especially since Brock died but those days were gone long gone now Terry died of cancer two years ago and now she was all alone Raising a 15 year old and a 9 year old

"mommy? can I sleep with you i had a dream aout daddy"

"yes honey come on in ," she smiled when she saw her 9 year old enter the room, she hardly ever called her mommy anymore, 'lord has she grown since Terry died' she thought to herself as Kyra climbed into the bed and snuggled up to her, that dream must have really got to her because kyra wasnt exactly what you would call the cuddling type.


"yes baby,"

"do you still love daddy?"

"yes why would you ask that?"

"because you put all his stuff in the garage,"

"oh I put it all in there because it depresses me when it's were I can just sit and stare at it and think about all the times we had together , you know what I mean?"

"kinda like when I look at the stuffed animals he bought me?"

"just like that ,"

"oh ok im tired "

"ok honey why dont you try and go to sleep," she giggled at her daughter she could be so bubbly sometimes

Soon after she heardher daughter's rythmatic breathing indicating she had fallen asleep but for Reba sleep wouldn't come easy that night

she thought those dreams had ceased but suddenly last week they started again, making her relive the most frantic night of her life.

Sometime around 4 in the morning sleep finally consumed her, only to be woke two hours later by her alarm she still had to get the girls up and ready for school. She turned around to see that Kyra had disapeered

she must already be up she thought to herself as she slung her feet over the side of the bed to get up.

She walked out of her room to get Cheyanne up because she knew she, unlike Kyra,wasn't a morning person

"Cheyanne, honey it's time to get up !" she called

"5 more minute mom!" she replied

"ok but if your not up in five minutes flat I'm coming in with ice water ,"


when she walked downstairs she saw Kyra ending a conversation with someone at the door when she reached the botom Kyra had already closed the door

"who was that?"

"some delivery man, he left you a letter here," she said handing her mother the note

when she opened it she almost laughed

Dear Reba,

I know the last time we spoke it wasnt on good terms , still sorry i ran over your toe,

But I am having a family reunion next week and I would be honored if you would attend,

to get ahold of me for directions call me on my cell 908-6678

__ Liz

"what does that woman want now?" she mumbled to herself

"what woman?" Kyra asked

"Cheyanne's grandmother," she answered

"you heard from grandma Liz?" Cheyanne asked as she walked down the stairs

"yea she is having a family reunion,"

"mom you should go," Cheyanne told her mother

"i should go dont you mean we? "

" well actully I mean you as in you and Kyra should go,"

"theyre your family Cheyanne "

"yeah but I have cheer camp remeber and it just so happens that it is the same week,"she said pointing to the date on the paper

"fine Kyra I guess it'll just be us,"

"no mom actully it will be just you," Kyra said


" well I'm going to visit Aunt April next week rememeber?"

"oh yeah I forgot about that "

"so I guess you will be going alone now?" cheyanne asked

"no I'm not going ,"

"mom you should go it would give you a chance to talk to some of dad's relatives ," Cheyanne whined" please mommy,"

"fine I'll do it but only because I dont wanna spend a week at home by myself!"

"thanks mom, you better call grandma liz,"

"i dont wanna,"

"mom," cheyanne pouted , giving her mother puppy dog eyes

"fine go make you and kyra some cerial,"

"mom!" kyra whined"last time Cheyanne made cerial she burnt it!"

"yah your right about that kyra go make you and your sis ter some cerial,"

"ok mom," kyra 'smiled' at her sister

After Kyra and Cheyanne walked into the kitchen Reba sat on the couch and starred at the phone for the longest, she hadnt talked to that woman since Cheyanne was 2 years old Kyra hadnt even met her

Finally she worked up the gall and dialed the number but wanted to hang up when she heard LIz's voice on the other end of the reciever

"Hello?" Liz asked "hello?" she asked again after no one answered "ok if you dont tell me who this is im going to hang up!"

"Hey LIz it's me Reba," she finally blurted out

"oh hi Reba, I',m guessing you got my letter ?"

"yes I guess I will be need ing directs nless you still live were you used to,"

"yes I still live in the same house I used to, so are the girls comming oh and wha tabout your new husband Tally i believe?"

"no the girls will not be comming kyra is going to her aunt's and Cheyanne to cheer camp and his name is Terry he will not be comming he ..passed two years ago ,"

"oh..well im sorry to hear that,"she said emotionless

"so are you coming by plane or train?"

"well i am having to put money in CHeyanne's college fund so I will be on train,"

" well then you'll have to leave tomorrow afternoon,"


"because it will take you 4 or 5 days to get here,"

"well Kyra is leaving tomorrow but CHeyanne doesnt leave until the day after ,"

"let her stay at one of her friends houses,"

"ok I'll ask her ," she replied "Cheyanne! can you come here ?!"she

"sure mom!" she yelled from the kitchen "what do you need?" she asked once she reached her mom's side

" I have to leave for your grandmother's tomorrow ans I was wondering if you couldsee if you could spend the night at Marcy's?"

"yea sure I'll call her,"

"ok honey ,"she called as Cheyanne ran into the kitchen to call marcy

"well I guess I'm on my way tomorrow,"

"ok "

"well I guess i better pack and call for tickets," Reba replied akwardly

"yea bye ,"


After the conversaton was over Reba had to fight the sudden urge to scream, she needed alcohol..and lots of it !

"hey mom Marcy said it's be cool if I spent the night with her,"

:ok thats good well I have to go get packed..what have you gotten me into?"

"ok mom go get packed ,"

Later in her room Reba couldnt decide what clothes to bring ...should she wear work clothes? her around the house clothes or her bar and party clothes

"I guess I'll bring 'em all," she muttered to herself


The next morning Reba woke up dreading the day last night she called the train staion to verify that she would need a round trip ticket to Ohio

The only problem is that the train was sceduled for 9 at night , in her book that was a little late to be boarding a train but it was eitherthat or wait two days and miss the reunion .

"hey mom," Cheyanne sang happily as her mom walked into the kitchen

"yea yea yea," she replied grumpily

"wow red's in a mood ," kyra said

" Ithink I'll agree with you there,"

"hello I'm still in the room ya know,"

"sorry, well I'm off to Marcy's,"

"it's still morning shouldn't you wait until later like 3?"

"mom it's already three,"

"what! an you didnt wake me up i got to get kyra to the air port drop you off and get ready!"

" well I can get van to drop me off,"


"why?" she whined

"because i am not having you in the car with a boy all alone maybe after you turn 17,"

"ughh fine hurry up I'm ready to go," she puted

"ok ok Kyra you got your stuff ready ?"

"yeah," kyra replied

"well let's go," she urged


After Reba got home from dropping the girls off she decided to take an hour nap

When she woke up it was 8:30

"oh shit!" she yelled she had less than 30 minutes to get to the train station. Some how she made it to the station on time and was able to board the train

but when she went to board the train she saw a man looking out his window from his cabin, not jus tany man though this man looked like Brock, so much that her breath caught in her throat. She didn't think he noticed her and couldnt get her thoughts off the mysterious look alike.

this was going to be a long trip