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"Don't worry," Reba smiled, opening the door"we're done...or at least Brock is,"

"yeah, he was always bad about finishing too early," Barbra Jean remarked

"Hey!" he exclaimed ".. I can hear you,"

"He's so sensitive," Reba laughed, walking off with BJ to help clean dishes


"You know Jason really has took a liking to you," Barbra Jean smiled, lightly elbowing Reba as they washed dishes

"He's married to tracy, isn't he?" Reba asked

"Yeah, but rumor has it their marriage is like icy pun intended," Barbra Jean laughed,as Reba splashed water at her

"well, I'm sorry about their marriage,but Im with Brock," Reba told her

"yup," Barbra Jean agreed "So tell me, what is life in Houstin like?" Barbra jean asked"Well for you at least,"

"well things are kinda hectic right know Cheyanne is at Cheer camp, Kyra is at her aunt's house,"

"ohh,I can't wait to meet them,"

"I think you and Cheyanne will get along great but Kyra shes more..of a handful,"

"I love children, I want a big family,"

"You and your fiance will be able to have children," Reba stated

"Yes and I can't wait," Barbra Jean smiled" so have you and Brock talked about having anymore children?" she asked causing Reba to nearly choke

"we haven't even talked about marriage yet," Reba told her


"Yeah," Reba told her.

Hours had passed; Reba and Barbra Jean had finished dishes, done their nails talked about random things and finally retired to bed.

The next morning Reba awoke, without opening her eyes she stretched her arm across the other side of the bed, after realizing that Brock was no longer beside her her

eyes popped opened, she found no Brock, but in his place what she did find was a single red rose, a note, and a velvet box

Reba smiled, sitting up. She grabbed the note which read

"I love you with all my heart, Reba you are my other half. Sure, we may fight but we always meet in the middle. When I lost you 15 years ago I lost another part of me. I don't ever want to lose you again

would you Reba Nell Holloway do the of marrying me?- P.s I would have stayed until you woke up but Henry was determined to go to the park.

Two weeks later...

Reba and Brock had returned to Houstin, the family laughed and cried when reunited, Brock and Chenyanne have become inseperable in the past few days that they had been home. The wedding was set to be at the courthouse a week later

and Barbra Jean would be there just in the knick of time, much to Reba's..pleasure.

Sorry the update is a little hasty Ithink I have writer's block when it comes to the Reba department I'll be brainstorming for the next though.. I promise!