Leon: Did you tell the man that the boy you killed was his Father?


Gibbs eased the door closed. "If I didn't?"

"It was just a question."

"Yeah. You've been asking a lot of those lately."

Vance managed a smile. "Forgive me. I almost forgot you prefer to be the one asking questions."

"I'm more of an answer guy."

"Then answer the question. Did you tell him?"

Gibbs turned the handle to leave a second time before slowly turning back. "The kid deserves a fresh start. I didn't see the need."

"No need for the truth?"

"News flash Leon. Turns out the truth doesn't set you free after all."

Vance stood up. "Spoken like a man who's been lied to one too many times."

Gibbs reached for the door a third and final time and let his stare speak for itself.

Maybe some questions are just better left unanswered.