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Five Times Winry's Sexy to Ed
Because She's the Woman He Loves

"I feel disgusting." Winry admitted on a hot summer day. She slumped into a chair in the kitchen and watched as Edward poured her a cool glass of lemonade. He smiled softly as he placed the glass in front of Winry and took the seat across from her.

"That's to be expected." He told her straightly. In return she made a strange face at him and he rolled his eyes. "Because of the heat." He explained further with a laugh.

"It's not funny." Winry fought, reaching for the glass and placing it to her lips. After drinking it all down she sighed as she gently put the empty glass back on the table. "It's too hot for this!" She complained

"For what?" Edward asked as he cocked one eyebrow in question. He was still smiling but it looked strained, and he seemed overly calm…it wasn't right.

Winry simply rolled her eyes and ignored him, "Why are you so mellow? It's weird. I don't like it." She shook her head and crossed her arms over her chest. "You should be annoyed and tense." She nodded once as if to clarify for herself then sighed. "I know I am."

"Yeah well I'm trying not to make it worse, okay? So stop giving me a hard time, woman." He bit back roughly, cleared his throat, and then took a deep breath in. "And that's that." He snatched her glass and got up from his seat, walking over to the sink he placed it in.

"That's more like it." Winry laughed as Edward mumbled some lovely profanities beneath his breath.

"I'm trying not to make it hard for you; I'm trying to be a good husband." He turned back around towards her and ran his hand through his hair, "So it's really hard when you yell at me and I wanna yell back." He told her in a harsh whisper.

Winry coolly smiled and gave a haughty laugh, "Wow. You're really working hard, trying to be a sweet guy."

"Ah, shut up." He sighed, giving up. "And I thought I was doing well. I mean, they did say for us to relax and take it easy." He returned to his seat across from Winry and shrugged his shoulders. "Well, how are you doing?"

Winry shook her head, "I told you, I feel disgusting…and I don't like you anymore." She pointed out briskly then looked away from his direction entirely.

"Well I know that's not true, wife." He sneered, "You did pick me after all."

Winry looked Edward up and down then sneered herself. "I told you, that's only because you look good without a shirt on." The sneer turned into a smile as she leaned her head back slightly to look up at the ceiling. "Do you remember that?" She mused, recalling the day those words were spoken.

"How the hell could I forget it?" He asked, his own smirk changing into a grin, "That was the day I proposed." He was quiet for a moment before he went on, "Just about two long years ago." His smile grew a bit wider.

Winry placed her elbow on the table and rested her chin in her hand as she thought back. "A few months later we were married…" She nodded to herself then glanced over at Edward, "I was scared for a little there, you know?"

He nodded slowly, "Yeah, I think I was more scared at the beginning." He noted, "Your smile would just knock me the breath out of me sometimes…" Winry's eyes held Edward's own for a moment before she smiled and nodded. Edward grinned in return and took a quick breath in. "Still does…"

Winry laughed quietly, "I'm glad. I wouldn't want something like that to change…" She admitted.

It was quiet for a moment before Edward moved the conversation on, "But a lot of things have changed, they've been changing for years." He frowned as the mistakes of his past came to the front of his mind. "Trying to bring my mother back…" He said it slowly, knowing how the weight of that one event changed his entire life.

"Losing Al's body and your arm and leg…" Winry continued for him, "And then burning your house down when you were ready to try and get it back."

Edward nodded slowly, "But I came home sometimes." He added with a smirk.

"Yeah, when you screwed up your automail and you needed me to fix it!" She scolded, causing Edward's smirk to vanish as quick as it came. He frowned deeply, mumbled something beneath his breath and went on.

"I made you cry a lot…" He told her, with a tone that gave away some of his self-loathing. "…And felt awful every time." He admitted with slight blush of his cheeks.

In return Winry smiled gently and replied, "And when you promised to make me cry tears of joy…I realized I was in love with you."

Edward laughed, "It took me a little longer to admit it." Winry chucked a bit too as she reached her hand for his. He took it gladly. "And then when Al and I really did come back…"

"And I baked you an apple pie." She added cutely.

"We went out for the first time…" He started quickly.

"And after that was the first time you told me you loved me." Winry went on softly. She was quiet for a moment as her eyes were cast downward.

Edward thought for a short time before he let out a laugh, "Well what happened after that was fun!" He joked. Winry pulled her hand away and gave a mocking frown.

"Pervert!" She accused with a laugh.

"Don't call me a pervert." He teased, "If I remember right you're the one who suggested it!" He pointed out forcefully. The two of them locked eyes as if preparing for a fight before they each let out a heart-felt laugh.

"And all of that lead up to this…right now…" Winry motioned with her hands. "Is it okay?" She asked seriously, "You're life went from adventure to normal so fast…does it bother you?" She wondered.

Edward looked at her pensively as he shook his head, "No…because as corny as this sounds…this part of my life is equally an adventure too…" He grinned widely at his wife who couldn't help the pink tint that came to her cheeks.

"I can't believe after all this time you can still make me blush…" She mumbled as she rubbed at her cheeks. Edward laughed a bit to himself as Winry went on, "I bet you don't even think I'm all that nice to look at anymore."

Edward got up from his chair slowly as he moved towards Winry, kneeling down to her level he let his lips press into hers. She took the kiss willingly and as he pulled away he gave her a small frown. "Don't joke like that." He told her forcefully.

Winry countered with a pout, "But I'm gross and disgusting…and sweaty." After this wonderful conversation she was able to go back to her original complaint: It was just too damn hot.

"I don't know why you expect any different…" Edward scolded as he stood straight and gave her a hand off the chair, "You're eight months pregnant."

Winry's pout grew deeper, "I know that…I can feel her moving around in there." Her pout turned into a frown, "And I know the doctor told me to relax and not worry about it but it's hard not too!" She whined.

Edward laughed lightly as he brought her into a gentle hug, ignoring her protests of the heat. "I worry too…but for now I just believe everything's gonna be okay." His voice was full of strength and Winry felt in that moment how lucky she was to have him with her.

"Well hey…" She began to ask as he pulled her away just a bit, "Even if I'm this big…am I still attractive?" She stuck out her tongue and wasn't expecting a real answer in return. She was just glad to be feeling a bit better.

Edward looked at her seriously before a small smile found his face…

"I love you…" He started, "So to me…"

"You'll always be sexy."

Part Five
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