Troubled Times

This is just a quick introduction of my new fan fic including the New Zealand soap opera's Shortland Street character's in it. Just liked to say that these are some of my favourite characters.

Character's: Hunter McKay, Morgan Braithwaite, Callum McKay, Sophie McKay

My favourite family on Shortland Street.

Plot: Morgan has become pregnant but not by surrogacy. Hunter is the father. She hasn't told Hunter yet and she is afraid by how he will react. Will he totally freak out? Or will this bring them closer then ever?

Morgan gave the little stick a shake; it still showed a small pink plus sign. She had only taken one test so she thought it must be incorrect. After two more tries there was still a pink plus sign. "Oh no" Morgan whispered to herself. What was she going to do now? Hunter was lying in bed watching t.v he had no idea what was going on in the bathroom. Morgan's head immediately filled up with worry and questions that she would have to answer. After a few minutes she took a deep breath and went back into the bedroom.

"You okay babe? You look kind of pale." Hunter asked her.

"I'm fine; do you want me to make you some breakfast? I do a great egg Benedict." replied Morgan trying to act as calm as normal.

"Ooh that's sounds yum, but I know what's tastes better" Hunter said leaning towards Morgan. They shared a long loving kiss that could have lasted for hours.

"Well good morning Morgan, I didn't know you were staying here last night" Callum told her while he made himself some toast.

"Sorry Doctor McKay I should have asked you first..." Morgan replied. But Callum shushed her signalling that he was okay with that.

"I think I'm going to have to sleep somewhere else, with the racket you two were making." Callum joked.

"Oh" Morgan blushed. "I'm sorry we'll try to be quieter next time".

"No worries I guess when you're in love you're allowed to be a bit noisier than usual". Callum replied. "So I'm guessing you're just making breakfast for one then?"

"Yeah, I'm not hungry and Hunter said he really likes my egg Benedict". Morgan replied.

"Here's your egg Benedict served with fresh orange juice". Morgan passed over the tray. "Thanks Morgan, after last night I need to keep my energy up". Hunter replied starting to eat his meal.

"So if you don't have work today do you want to go to the beach and we can have a romantic picnic. How do you like that?" Hunter asked her. He put his hand under her chin ready to kiss her.

"That's sound nice but I have to..." Morgan rushed out of the room and headed straight for the toilet. It wasn't a pretty sight, Morgan was leaning over the toilet, she looked all clammy and very sick.

"Morgan I think I should get my dad". Hunter suggested. Morgan looked seriously sick and having a doctor in the family was an advantage in these situations.

"No! I'm fine just a stomach bug". Morgan replied just before she was heaving over the toilet.

"I'll get you a glass of water". Hunter said not wanting to be there any longer.

Hunter entered the kitchen when Callum and Sophie were sitting down eating their breakfast.

"How was you egg Benedict Hunter?" Callum asked him.

"Uh...I didn't really get time to finish it. Morgan's sick. Do we have any panadol?" Hunter asked him, searching through cupboards.

"Poor Morgan. What has she got? I hope it isn't contagious". Sophie asked him.

Hunter found the pills and poured a glass of water.

"She's says it's just a stomach flu. But I don't know". Hunter replied.

"You don't think it could be something else, to do with what happened last night?" Callum asked him a bit worried.

"What happened last night Hunter?" Sophie asked curious.

"None of your business. And dad it couldn't be that. There's probably a bug going around". Hunter replied hoping it wasn't what his father suggested.

Hunter went back in the room with panadol and a glass of water in hand. Morgan was now propped up in bed, looking very pale.

"You okay now?" Hunter asked her handing her the pill and water.

"I'm a bit queasy but it'll pass soon. Thanks Hunter". Morgan replied swallowing the pill.

"Just one question, I know we've always been careful when we have sex but last night, we got a bit caught up with each other. Is there a possibility that we didn't use protection?" Hunter asked her.

"You're not going to like my answer Hunter, but I think I might be pregnant" Morgan replied waiting for his reaction.