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Cotton Candy;
Chapter sixteen/ 'Mustard'
Rated; M/ L, S (hand-jobs in a shower, some adult content, mustard torment and talks of slash fiction.. later, some bondage and mentions of kidnapping)
Dedicated to; NeroAnne

Adam and Jeff laid boredly on the bed in Matt and Jay's room. Matt was being a buzzkill again. They couldn't get a flight tonight and was forced to have to wait till in the morning to leave. Matt didn't want them to be alone in their room. Not after Adam ran off and gave them heart attacks. So, Jeff and Adam were both in the bed next to the door and Matt and Jay were in the other one next to the window. Jeff glanced tiredly over to his brother. Matt had an arm wrapped around Christian as the older male looked like he was asleep. Matt was watching the news. His dark eyes half lidded and his face illuminated by the screen in the darkness.

Jeff looked over at Adam. The blonde had one arm wrapped under Jeff as the younger Hardy had both arms in a death grip around his waist. He was getting him a leash tomorrow and that was final. Jeff snickered silently. Adam was staring forward, his eyes almost fully closed. He was almost comatose with boredom. Adam blinked and glanced over at the smaller male. Jeff was smiling sweetly at him. Adam smiled back and kissed him on the forehead.

"You scared me today, mister." Jeff whispered. "Don't you ever do that to me again. How could you think that you ever hurt me?"

"I'm sorry, Jeff. I got scared too. I was mad at myself because I thought I failed you." Adam replied quietly, running his fingers along Jeff's arm.

"Bullshit. You could never fail me. I know where your heart lies, Adam. You'd never hurt me. You're too scared of me and Matt." Jeff grinned.

Adam cocked an eye at him. "Oohm.. you're so sure of that?"

The younger male nodded. "Yup. Plus, I know you love me."

"Oh, you do, do you?" Adam smirked arrogantly.

"Y'huh, you told me so."

Adam gazed down at him, reaching over to card his fingers in Jeff's hair. "I did, didn't I?"

"Uh-huh. You love me just like I love you."

"Yeah, I guess I do." Adam leaned down and kissed the younger man softly. Moaning as Jeff slid his tongue in his mouth, kissing him back harder. Jeff raised up and took hold of Adam's head, pushing him back on the bed.

Matt looked over and flushed.

Jeff groaned, feeling Adam's hands slid up his back. Then he felt something hit him in the butt before it bounced off the bed and landed on the floor with a thud. Jeff raised up, panting and looking at the source. Matt was holding another shoe, ready to throw it as well.

"No funny business, you two." Matt warned.

Jeff slouched, letting out a whine. "Can't you just go to sleep or something? I almost lost my Addy today. It's not fair that I can't.. Ooh, you're so mean!"

Jay raised up at that moment. "Well, me and Matty aren't getting none either. Sacrifices, man, sacrifices."

"Jeff, Matty's right. Besides, if he saw us doing it, it may make him want to join." Adam added.

Matt blinked, shaking his head to rid himself of that image. "What? No. I wouldn't want to join, you crazed pervert."

Jeff pouted. "Matty doesn't think we're sexy, Addy."

"Awe, that's because Matt has no taste." Adam defended, scooping Jeff up and holding to him as the younger Hardy 'pouted'.

"Hey?!" Jay shot up, offended.

Adam just laughed as Jay flipped him the bird.

"See if I ever comfort you after a spider hisses at you again." Jay folded his arms and huffed dramatically.

"Hey, Jay's not supposed to comfort you. That's my job!" Jeff shouted, playfully smacking Adam on the arm.

Adam's mouth dropped open. "But, Matt comforts you all the time! In fact, he does it so much, it makes people talk and think dirty thoughts. And him kissing you and huggling you in the ring doesn't help your case!"

Matt let his head fall into his hands. "Not Hardycest again."

"Eh, Adam's just stuck on it." Jay said waving it off with his hand and curling back up beside Matt.

Adam flushed. "Ught.. Am not!"

"Yeah, right. You can honestly lay there and tell me you've never thought about the Hardy brothers fucking. You'd be a damned liar." Jay muttered.

"Jay?!" Adam whined as Matt broke out laughing.

Jeff sighed and held to Adam, petting him like Jay had earlier. "There there, pretty Addy. You're not the only one who thinks that. I caught Hunter reading it one day."

Adam raised his head. "He reads that shit?"

"He says he just likes the author's work is all." He rolled his emerald eyes.

"What author?" Adam asked.

"Adam just wants to go read it." Jay snorted.

"Nu-uh, I was just being curious. Do they write me and you?" Adam puckered his lips up to Jeff sweetly.

"I think so. Hunter said they have this one story where other readers request any male wrestler to be paired up with.. uh.. me." Jeff muttered, blushing.

"Ha! My brother's a fanfic slut!" Matt laughed, pointing dramatically.

Jeff growled. "Shut up, Matthew! I know of this other writer who pimps you out! And she just loves you and Jay together."

"Ha! Matty's a fanfic slut!" Adam pointed, mocking Matt.

Jeff turned his head towards Adam. "I'd hush. She likes you and Matt too."

Matt shuddered and backed away like he was being burned.

"Adam with the wrong Hardy." Jay nodded, latching onto Matt and snuggling his face in his side. "Matty's my Hardy."

"Right, and this is MY Hardy." Adam smiled snuggling into Jeff.

Matt blinked. "Blonde Canadian's are not right in their pretty little heads, Jeff."

"I know." Jeff agreed, shaking his head.

"Why do you think we put up with it?" Matt asked.

Jeff shrugged. "Um.. they're great in bed?"

Matt looked at Jeff and Jeff looked back before they both burst out laughing.

Adam and Jay both shot up. "Hey?!"

"Not nice, you meanie!" Adam pouted, turning over to his back and folding his arms childishly.

"Yeah, besides being gorgeous and smart and all that, we also have feelings!" Jay pouted, turning away from Matt and also folding his arms childishly.

"Awe, I'm sorry, Addy. I didn't mean it." Jeff giggled, leaning over and placing soft kisses on Adam's face.

"Me either, Jay-Jay. I dunno about Adam, but you are super gorgeous." The older Hardy cooed, turning Jay back over to him.

Jeff and Adam looked over to watch Matt kissing on Jay's neck and face.

"And awesome in bed?" Jay whimpered.

Matt nodded and kissed near Jay's collarbone. "Totally awesome."

"Y'ack." Jeff gagged, reaching down and picking up the shoe.

Jay pecked Matt on the lips as the older Hardy leaned over him.

"And smart?" Jay moaned.

"Come on, you'd have to be smart. I mean you are with me, so.." Matt's 'arrogance' was cut off as the shoe hit him on the leg. He glared back to Jeff... who stuck his tongue out.

"Eww, yuck, gross." Adam mocked.

"Horndogs!" Jeff pointed.

Matt continued his glare. Jay flushed.

"Matty was mean anyway, Jeff. He slapped me earlier when you told him if he touched me you'd make him eat mustard!" Adam tattled.

Matt gulped, paling a few shades. "Uh.. that was because.."

Jeff gasped. "Matthew!" He shouted.

Matt jumped on the other side of Jay (which was closer to the window) and cowered behind the blonde.

"Why would you slap my Addy? That is so.. Gah, I can't believe you sometimes."

Adam laughed and put his hands behind his head, crossing one foot over the other and watching the show. Jeff had gotten up and started rummaging through the bag that came from the restaurant. He found a packet of mustard.

"Jay, if I don't survive.. Adam ate your last few french fries." Matt tattled.

"Addy?!" Jay squeaked.

"Jeff said I could have them." Adam pouted.

Jeff's head snapped toward the wide-eyed blonde. "Addy! Oh, I will deal with you later." He replied, rushing over to the bed.

Jay squeaked and quickly moved away and over to the other bed as Jeff chased Matt around to the other side. Jeff tackled Matt to the bed, fighting with him to hold him down.

"Um, remind me.. why do we love these crazy ass Hardys?"

Jeff looked back at the owner of that remark. "Pushing it, Jay!"

"Jeff! Lemme go.. this is moronic.. stop it.. I'm telling dad!" Matt whined fighting with the smaller Hardy as Jeff fought to open the packet, grabbing Matt's face and holding it so he could squirt the mustard in his mouth. Matt shook his head wildly. Grunting and wondering how the hell Jeff was stronger than him. "Jeff! G'ack.. stop.." Matt gagged as Jeff got up off him, tossing the packet away.

Matt sat up, grimacing and trying to spit out what little mustard that had actually went in his mouth. Matt began wiping furiously at his tongue with his fingers.

Adam and Jay were too busy laughing to be of any use. Matt's face was covered in mustard from his cheek to his nose and his chin, some had even managed to get on his forehead and it was all over his lips. Matt made a gagging noise and shot his brother an evil glare before getting up and darting to the bathroom.

"Oh, get used to it, you big baby! You'll be eating it for a week." Jeff warned. Course he wasn't really serious about that.. possibly..

"Oh, Jeffy, now I don't think Matty meant to hurt Addy.. I felt like slapping him myself for running off." Jay defended, getting up and going to help Matt clean himself off.

Adam wrapped his arms around Jeff as he came back to bed. "Awe, my little Jeffy.. always taking up for me.. even against big bad Matty."

Jeff giggled as Adam snuggled into his chest, filing his fingers through the taller man's hair.

"He didn't hurt me though." Adam winced. "I know how hard Matt can hit.. and that wasn't it."

"Good. I can't have my Matty and my Addy fighting."

Adam smiled thoughtfully, looking up at his lover. "Just one thing; I don't think I'm comfortable with Hunter reading about you being paired up with the entire locker room. That's kinda creepy of him. You don't read it, do you.. I mean besides Hardycest and us and Matt and Jay?" Adam asked sweetly.

"Actually I'm partial to you and Jay." Jeff quipped.

Adam's smile fell. "Can we be serious?"

Jeff giggled. "I just force fed my brother mustard, what do you think?"

"Good point.. Do we have a name? Y'know, like when celebrities date they give them a twisted name like Brangelina?"

"Jedam." Jeff simply said with a sigh.

Adam's eyebrows furrowed. "Je..what?"

"Jeff plus Adam. Jedam. J-E-D-A-M." Jeff replied as he started playing with Adam's fingers.

"Oh, what about Matt and Christian in there?" Adam asked, motioning to the wall with his head.

"Uhm.. Misty, I think.."

"Misty?" Adam snorted and burst out laughing.

Jeff slapped him lightly on the arm. "Oh, shush."

"No, no, I like it. It's cute. Misty and Jedam." Adam smiled. "Do you and Matt have a name?"

"Nope. That's just strictly Hardycest. No other name needed." Jeff smiled, lacing his fingers in Adam's.

"Uhm.. what about me and Matt?" Adam asked, nibbling on his bottom lip.

"Addy.." Jeff sighed. "Pushing it, love."

Adam blew a dry raspberry and pulled Jeff on over top of him. "Just curious." The blonde sighed dramatically as he ran his fingers through Jeff's hair.

Jeff giggled, his head laying on Adam's chest, rising and falling with every breath the older male took. Their legs were tangled in each others and Adam's arms were wrapped around him protectively.

"Matam." Jeff yawned.

"Hum?" Adam asked, moving the hair from Jeff's face.

"You and Matt. You're Matam.. or well, that's one of them." Jeff smirked as he began to fade out.

Adam smiled thoughtfully. "Love you, Jeffy."

"Love you too, Addy.. Now hush and lemme sleep." Jeff murmured, smiling as Adam pecked him on the cheek.


Matt wiped furiously at the yellow stains on his forehead. Jay watched him, holding back giggles.

"That little shit, I'm am so gonna pay him back for this one. Just you wait." Matt taunted.

"Awe, Matty, he is but a child." Jay put in.

"I know, I know." Matt turned around and went to the bathtub, turning on the faucet and fixing the water.

"What'cha doing, Matty?" Jay asked cutely.

"Taking a shower. Little rat got the shit in my hair." Matt yawned tiredly. He flipped the button for the shower head to activate.

Jay turned his eyes down casually as Matt took off his shirt.

"Wanna join?" Matt asked, getting rid of his bottoms.

Jay held his hands up, unsure. "Matt.. I.." But, before he could get anymore out, he found his shirt discarded along with his pants before Matt jerked in into the shower. "Matty gets what Matty wants, huh?"

"And don't you forget it." The older Hardy snickered, jerking Jay closer to him.

"You didn't need to take a shower, you just wanted me naked and all wet." Jay smirked.

"Well, aren't we the arrogant one?" Matt teased.

"Haha, far from it." Jay chuckled running his hands up Matt's back. The blonde flinched back when Matt leaned in for a kiss.

Matt pulled back, giving the slightly older male a confused look.

"Do you think we're taking things too fast?" The blonde asked quietly.

"Jay, we've been friends for years. Besides, I'm not doing anything I don't want to do." The older Hardy replied, leaning up and pecking Jay on the lips.

Jay smiled and pecked Matt back. "As long as you're okay with it, I'm okay."

Matt grinned and jerked Jay closer, pressing his lips to his and kissing him deeply.

Jay grinned as they parted. "So.. Am I better than the mustard?"

"Much better." Matt replied, kissing him again.

Jay broke, gasping as he felt Matt's fingers wrap around his cock. "Shit.. Matt.. Jeff/Adam.."

"Are either sleeping or doing the same damn thing. We don't have to do anything heavy.. we can just play." Matt growled lustfully, gently stroking Jason's cock and kissing his neck.

Jay bit his lip, looking around and trying to think of an excuse to protest, but he couldn't. Matt's teeth nipping at his collarbone proved that. Matt's touch made him feel like he was one fire.

"Oh, god.. Matt.. Oh, harder, sweetheart.. shit.."

"Shhh.. you're gonna hafta be quiet.." Matt grinned, nipping Jay's neck again, sucking slightly.

Jay moaned and let his hand snake between them, taking hold of Matt and rubbing him as well, trying to keep in tune with the rhythm Matt currently held on his cock.

Matt groaned, using his free hand to take hold of the back of Jay's neck and crush their lips together as they stroked one another. The water making their skin so nice and slick. Jay moaned into Matt's mouth, reaching up to thread his fingers in Matt's hair which was getting wetter under the water. His Hardy boy tasted and felt so damn good. He didn't want to let him go now. Not when he finally had him. Matt pulled back, licking at Jay's lips and arching his hips into Jay's pumping hand, fisting the blonde harder.

"Oh, god.. that's it.. ah, fuck.." Matt whispered, letting his lips go back to Jay's throat. Nibbling at the soft skin there before trailing kisses down to the blonde's chest.

Jay's head nuzzled the top of Matt's as free hands roamed each other's body, touching and feeling everywhere they could. Exploring. Jay let out a whimper that made the older Hardy ache. Matt never knew anything could sound so enticing.

"Matty.. Uhm.. feels.. so.. good.. please harder.." Jay murmured quietly. The blonde whimpered as Matt squeeze the head of his cock before running his thumb across the tip. Matt switched hands, rubbing up the underside of Jay's cock deliberately soft.

"Like that..?" Matt smirked coyly.

Jay shook his head. "Too.. too.. uhm.. soft.. harder.. Matty, please.. oh, please.." The blonde begged, wiggling his hips into Matt's hand.

Matt smiled and pecked Jay's lips, noting how the blonde moaned into his mouth as he stroked him harder while Jay's rhythm on Matt's dick alternated from rough to slow. Jay opened his eyes, taking Matt in and watching the little drops of water run down his gorgeous tanned skin. His Matt was so beautiful. So perfect. Matt placed his hand on Jay's thigh as he pressed him against the wall, trying to hold him still. Jay's world was spinning fast. He felt it building in him and knew he wouldn't last long. He kissed the side of Matt's face before kissing his lips. Loving how Matt parted his lips for him, welcoming his tongue as it slid into his mouth. Matt tasted delicious too. So dark and sweet. Matt pulled back and rested his head on Jay's shoulder. The blonde's hands felt wonderful and he could feel it rising.

"Oh, shit.. fuck.. Jason.. Ohh, Jay, shit.." Matt let out a whimper that Jay hadn't even been sure the older Hardy was capable of making as he bathed Jay's hand and his thigh in his sticky goodness under his climax. Jay's free hand traveled up Matt's back, feeling the darker haired male shiver under his release. Matt swallowed as he regained his wits, his rhythm on Jay's cock surprisingly never waning.

"Uhm.. that's it.. oh, god.. Matty.. Matty.. Matty.. Mhmm.. fuck.." Jay shuddered, cumming so hard he nearly collapsed. He may have if Matt hadn't been holding him up. Jay's eyelids fluttered sweetly before shutting. This may have officially been the best shower he had ever taken in his life.

Matt's lips brushing across his cheek made him open his eyes. Matt took his head in his hands, kissing his new found lover passionately.

"That was so good." Jay purred languidly.

"Just good.. hm?" Matt grinned in the sinister sweetness he possessed so perfectly.

"Uhmm.." Jay simply whimpered.

Matt tilted his head at that. "What's 'uhmm' mean?"

"Just uhmm.." Jay smiled.

Matt chuckled. "Okay."

Jay giggled and wrapped his arms around Matt, smiling when the older Hardy's arms snaked around his waist.

"C'mon, we need to finish so we can get out and get some sleep." Matt suggested.

"Awe.. do we hafta?" Jay pouted.

"Yes.. I wanna get you home and fuck you in my hot tub." Matt smirked.

Jay nearly choked on air at the bluntness. Luckily, he didn't. "Ooh, I likes the way you thinks." The blonde smiled instead, kissing him again.


Morrison looked around the hotel room he was currently in. He wasn't sure where it was, but it wasn't his own. He was lying on his back on the bed. His hands tied behind his back and his mouth duct taped. Ted and Cody watched him while Randy was in the bathroom. He hated the way they kept looking at him. Like they were two hungry dogs and he was nothing more than a chew toy for them to gnaw on. He didn't know why he agreed to come with them for. He should have ran as soon as they got out the door. He should have screamed and pounded on the first door he saw. He didn't know why he didn't. Fear of what they could possibly do to him if he did that seemed to over-ride his thinking. But now he had to fear what they'd do to him now that they had him here.

Mor looked toward the window and back to Ted and Cody as his eyes darted around the darkened room. Ted was busy texting.. or at least that's what it looked like. And Cody was leering at Mor anxiously. Mor gulped and turned his head away. Wondering where Chris was at. Why he wasn't there to stop Legacy. He was supposed to finish up and come back to their hotel room. Johnny shuddered as a bad thought claimed him. What if Randy and his goons got a hold of him? Mor whimpered under the thick tape. Randy wasn't stable. Randy had fucking snapped and there was no telling what he might do to him. Or what he wanted him for.

Hehe, least Matthew's coming out of his shell more. Wow, had this ready months ago. It should show how far behind I am. I wanted Misty shower action, but my muses left me on that one and I dunno if it turned out as good as I wanted. But, I still thought this chap was cute and I still kinda wanted to keep this story as cute/sweet as possible.. with a few dark undertones, that is ;) This may get a bit darker. I was also delayed b/c I didn't know what I wanted to do with Mor. Poor little guy has become torture-worthy.. As always, Randy's lost his damn mind :P

The pairing names belong mostly to NeroAnne and Seraphalexiel (who were the main authors Jeff was talking about) & you can check NeroAnne, mine, and some others profiles for pairing names.

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