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"It is none of our business what they do or don't do," Zangetsu said as he watched Ichigo wield him in his sparing match against the raven haired shinigami.

"But it's just so frustrating, waiting, hoping," Sode no Shirayuki said in her singing way.

Ichigo shot a burst of reiatsu to break the ice that had incased his arm, "Not bad midget," he yelled as he spun in a circle bringing Zangetsu down on a charging Rukia.

Rukia anticipated the counter and halted her charge allowing Ichigo momentum to pass her before she shot in a short sweep to his forward leg.

Ichigo felt his leg sweep out from under him, "Damn it," he said as he allowed his body to fall placing one hand on the ground kicking out at Rukia.

The kick shot bits of dirt at Rukia causing her to blink in reflex. This momentary lack of vision allowed Ichigo to rush up to Rukia and pin her against the stone wall. Ichigo grinned inches from Rukia's face. Rukia's violet eyes pierced Ichigo's amber ones. They were in gulfed with adrenalin as the starred at each other, "You've learned to control your momentum." Rukia said with a smile. She closed her eyes and slowly moved closer to Ichigo.

Ichigo was shocked at first, is she going to kiss me, his mind screamed. Ichigo's heart started to race, there was only a split second for Ichigo to decide his move. He closed his eyes and moved to meet Rukia. Pain shot through Ichigo's knee, as he felt his leg kick out behind him and his body slam into the rock wall Rukia was just against.

"Never let your guard down in a fight Ichigo," Rukia said as she shot in the air, "Sode no Shirayuki first dance!" A torrent of frozen air shot at Ichigo who barely ducked away from a frozen tomb.

"AH, they were so close," Sode no Shirayuki sang in irritation.

"Excellent counter," Zangetsu said quietly, "Using all her assets to gain an advantage."

"I'm taking care of this on my own," Sode no Shirayuki said slowly fading.

"We shouldn't get involved," Zangetsu said a small smile across his face.

Rukia flipped through the air, dodging Ichigo's attacks. He was going to kiss you, you know that right." Sode no Shirayuki sang in Rukia's mind.

No he wasn't Rukia shot back barely dodging a swing from Ichigo.

Then why did he close his eyes?

Not now I'm busy! Rukia shouted in her head as she spun a voiding Ichigo's swing. Rukia ended up behind Ichigo and she couldn't help but look down, Nice butt, Sode no Shirayuki whispered play fully to Rukia, Will you leave it alone, Rukia said.

Ichigo was frustrated, so she wasn't trying to kiss me, he thought surprised at his disappointment as he used a flash step to distance himself from Rukia. But you wanted her to, Zangetsu's voice echoed in Ichigo's mind, shut up old man. Ichigo said.

Ichigo faced Rukia, his zanpaktou held straight out. Rukia smiled as she faced him, her pure white blade pointing at Ichigo. They stayed there starring at each other, You know he wants to kiss you.

No he doesn't.

Then why did that maneuver work?

He just took me lightly

No, you know you wanted it to work, you were seeing if he felt the same way you do.

Shut up, when did you become so talkative anyway, Rukia snorted in frustration. She saw the quick ripple in Ichigo's stands, he was about to charge. Rukia met his motion, both zanpaktous swung to intercept each other, and then suddenly they disappeared.

The sudden loss of his zanpaktou caused Ichigo to lose balance, forcing him in a forward fall. Rukia let out a yelp of shock as her zanpaktou vanished and her momentum shot her into Ichigo's rushing arms.

The two met in the middle, becoming a tangle of arms and legs as the fell to the ground rolling on each other. When their momentum stopped Ichigo was on top of Rukia. Their eyes locked lavender starred into amber. Ichigo couldn't move didn't want to move. Rukia clung to Ichgio's shirt her breath in heavy waves not wanting his weight to leave hers.

"They're going to, yes they're going to," Sode no Shirayuki sang in delight.

Ichigo moved closer to Rukia, his eyes never leaving hers. Rukia's breath caught in her throat, wanting needing to feel Ichigo lips, his soft lips. They closed their eyes inches from each other, cemeteries from each other. Ichigo could feel Rukia's soft breath on his lips, she could feel his breath caress her face.

"My brother said this is a secret training ground so don't tell anyone ok Toushirou," Karin said as she jumped down into the training ground below, "But it can give us some time alone," Karin finished a crimson color staining her white cheeks.

"That would be great, to spend some time alone with you," Toushirou said.

Ichigo turned at the sound of the voices, the almost kiss forgotten, "HEY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH MY SISTER!" Ichigo shouted startling the two intruders.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, they were so close," Sode no Shirayuki screamed.

Zangetsu shook his head, "Very frustrating indeed."

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