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Frustration 17

Turnabout is Fair Play

"So, you want…. What again?" Urahara asked scratching his head.

"It's quite simple," Rukia said as she stood there her face as impassive as any Kuchiki, "I need a device that makes a room totally protected."

"From what," Urahara said as he wiped out his fan.

"From people listening into ones conversation." Rukia said with finality.

"What conversation are you trying to hide? What happened between you and Ichigo? Did you confess? Did he confess? Did you kiss him? ANSWER ME!" Sode no Shirayuki was practically frantic as she screamed at Rukia.

Rukia's eyebrow twitched as she tried to ignore her zanpaktou's ranting. Ichigo's information had better be worth it. Rukia thought to herself.

"What information!" Sode no Shirayuki screamed.

"URAHARA do you have one or not," Rukia finally shouted.

"I do, but be warned while this is activated you will have no way of communicating with your zanpaktou or it you." Urahara said with a concerned look on his face.

"Perfect," Rukia said as she grabbed the device from Urahara's hand. Then using shinpo she vanished.

"Rukia get back here, WHY DO YOU NEED THAT DEVICE?" Sode no Shirayuki screamed as she chased after Rukia.

Urahara concerned face slowly melted into a smile, "There that should speed things along. I'm surprised you wanted me to help them."

"I am merely being a good sister," Benihime said with a yawn, "I'm going back to sleep."

"I am not paying this bill," Isshin shouted into a phone. "Kisuke, you have a plan for everything, stop my retarded son from going crazy."

"It's your fault for not teaching him how to express himself." Yoruichi said with a yawn.

"How is that my fault the boy is retarded," Isshin said. "And I thought Soifon worshiped the ground you walk on couldn't you, you know tell her to forget those damages."

"I told you I would pay for it," Yoruichi said.

"For the bar, but Soifon just gave me a bill for damages on Earth, EARTH. How is that even remotely related to me?" Isshin said in frustration.

"Relax, Isshin this should be over soon," Urahara said as he placed a DVD into a player, "I just got some interesting footage from Squad 4's hospital." With that Isshin, Yoruichi, and Urahara sat and watched the T.V.

Squad 13's barracks

Isane was nervous really nervous, it was so unlike her, but she just had to tell someone. She fidgeted as she walked down the barracks hall looking for her sister. "That's not true," Isane heard Kiyone yell, "I am your most loyal member Captain."

"Shut up monkey, the Captain knows I am his most loyal and faithful," Sentaro shouted back. "In fact, Captain I'll run and grab your bed so you can lay down while you review the paper work."

"No, I'll grab your bed and your couch, so you can truly relax while you work, CAPTAIN," Kiyone screamed.

Captain Ukitake smiled trying to figure out away to disappear and then he saw her, "Ah Vice Captain Kotetsu how are you."

Isane blushed, "I'm sorry for interrupting you and for coming unannounced…"

"No, no I am always glad to have a member of the 4th here and any family member of my squad is more than appreciated here." Ukitake smiled thankful Kiyone and Sentaro were silent for the moment. "What can we do for you?"

"Yes Vice Captain Kotetsu how can I show you Squad's 13 famous hospitality," Sentaro yelled as he bowed in front of Isane.

"She is my sister; I'll show her Squad's 13 hospitality." Kiyone yelled.

"You'll only embarrass the Captain, best leave it to the best representative…"

"I am the best representative…"

"I am, and I am the most loyal, faithful member to the Captain…"

"No, I am.."

"Stop copying me…"

"You're copying me…"

"Please Vice Captain Kotetsu how can I help you," Ukitake asked practically yelling over his two semi vice captains.

"You see you made the Captain shout," Kiyone screamed.

"Me it was your lack of manners that caused his voice to raise, Truly Captain I am sorry for her lack of…"

Isane cut Sentaro off, "Please Captain Ukitake, may I speak with my sister, if that is not too much trouble."

"Of course," Ukitake smiled.

"Oh, thank you Captain…" Isane tried to say but was cut off.

"Oh, Captain you are so kind it humbles me that I am even aloud to be in your presence," Kiyone said with a bow.

"No, no I am humbled to be in your presence my Captain." Sentaro yelled as he laid face down in front of Ukitake.

Kiyone looked as if she was about to attempt to dive threw the floor when Ukitake said, "Ah, thank you both of you, but Kiyone please I'm sure your sister is anxious to speak with you."

"Oh, yes Captain." Kiyone said and then turned to Isane, "What's up sis?"

"Ah, can I speak to you, ah in private?" Isane asked her face quite red.

"Oh, sure come on sis." Kiyone said with a smile.

Squad 13 training room.

"Kiyone you really shouldn't argue like that," Isane said as she accepted a cup of tea from Kiyone.

"Argue, when did I argue?" A confused look appearing on Kiyone's face.

"Just now with Sentaro,"

"I wasn't arguing with Sentaro,"

"But, you, Kiyone right now in front of the Captain…"

"Ya you were there when was I arguing?" Kiyone asked as she stared at her sister in confusion.

"Ah, never mind," Isane finally said with a sigh.

Kiyone shrugged, "So, what's so important that you came all the way over here?"

With that Isane, looked around the room to insure no one else was around and then leaned in and whispered into Kiyone's ear, "SHE DID WHAT!" Kiyone screamed.

Squad 10 barracks Rangiku's office

Rangiku was out cold taking her after lunch second nap. Her body was hidden behind several mountains of paper. Ring ring, ring ring, Rangiku's cell phone went off, "No, I'm sleeping," Rangiku yawned, then picking up the phone, "Hello….. SHE DID WHAT!"

Rangiku's door flew open as Captain Hitsugaya stormed in, "Rangiku you are behind in a month of paper…."

Rangiku jumped up and shoved the phone to the Toshiro's ear, "Tell Toshiro what you told me Kiyone." Rangiku yelled.

"That's Captain…. She did what when?"

Ichigo's home

"If they like each other…"

"Love each other," Karin corrected Yuzu.

"Well if they love each other, why are they always fighting and why are they not together?" Yuzu asked in confusion.

"Oh, they're together," Karin said as she crinkled her face at her reflection, "Do I have to wear a dress again?"

"Yes, I want this dinner to go well," Yuzu said, "I haven't seen Jinta in awhile."

"So, you wear a dress."

"I am, but don't you want to look pretty for Toshiro too?" Yuzu asked as she stood next to her twin. "And Rukia said they weren't together."

"That's because she is as stupid as Ichigo," Karin said with a sigh.

Just then Karin's window flew open and Jinta jumped through it, "I just came back from Urahara's office and I saw surveillance footage of Ichigo in the hospital."

"And," both sister's asked.

"The strawberry is fine, but Rukia…"

Karin's door flew open and Isane, Kiyone, Rangiku, and Toshiro came running in, "Rukia kissed your brother."


Squad 4 Hospital wing

"Please Retsu," Isshin cried, "Can't you do anything."

"What would you have me do?" Retsu asked with a soft smile.

"You're the Captain of the 4th Squad surely you can, I don't know put something in his medicine."

"You want me to drug your son?" Retsu asked.

"It's for his own good, something to you know get him over his stupidity so he can confess to Rukia, and so he'll stop destroying everything in a jealous rage." Isshin said as he closed his eyes.

"Isshin I'm a doctor. That's…"

"Come on Retsu we've known each other a long time. I mean a really long time (just how old are you again)…"

"What was that?" Retsu asked quietly.

"Nothing, nothing so will you help me?" Isshin asked.

"Well…." Retsu was about to answer when her door flew open.

"I am sorry for the interruption Captain Unohana and Former Captain Shiba (author's note: oh ya in my stories not only is Isshin part of the Shiba clan but he is also the former 1st 11th squad captain)," Yasochika said with a bow, "But ah Kurosaki… ah I mean Shiba is.. ah… missing."

"What," Retsu said.

"Well reports say Kuchiki Rukia came back to visit him and then….. Ah they both vanished." Yasochika said with a bow.

Smiling Retsu turned to Isshin, "You see maybe drugs aren't needed."

"My friend you just don't understand the level of retardedness my son has." Isshin sighed.

Squad 4 hospital Ichigo's room

"Where did they go," Sode no Shirayuki screamed (author's note: Ok that is a long name from on now I will be saying Sode mostly when referring to Sode no Shirayuki.)

"You, saw her," Zangetsu said, "She came in hit that device and then…."

"THAT LITTLE BRAT," Sode screamed, "And I still don't know what happened."

"I heard soon to be Captain Shiba Ichigo grabbed Kuchiki Rukia and made passionate love to her right there in his room."

"What when?" Sode yelled.

"That's just a rumor, but I heard the real story is that Kuchiki Rukia so moved by the wounds soon to be Captain Shiba Ichigo suffered that she wiped tears of sorrow, and that when soon to be Captain Shiba Ichigo saw them he confessed his love, and then gave Kuchiki the most romantic kiss ever given."

"What, when, where, how ZANGETSU DID THIS HAPPEN?" Sode turned to the two shinigamis walking down the hall but they were so weak that their zanpaktous hadn't awakened yet. "Zangetsu,"

"Sodey please, we only took our eyes off them a second, there is no way any of that could have happened." Zangetsu said.

"But something did happen, I mean for rumors to even begin….. AND WE HAVE NO IDEA," just then Sode and Zangetsu felt a blast of reiatsu from Ichigo and Rukia. "Zangetsu."

"Yes, I feel it they're by the Enchanted Lake,"


As Sode no Shirayuki and Zangetsu left to find Ichigo and Rukia, Byakuya entered the room. Byakuya's usually stoic face was a mask of rage, "Senbonzakura."

"Yes, Kuchiki san."

"Find me that boy NOW…."

Enchanted Lake (night time secluded area)

"Where are they? I'm sure I felt their presence here." Sode said.

"As did I." Zangetsu said rubbing his beard. He looked at Sode, she's at wits end what did the book say again,,,,, Ah yes. Zangetsu said to himself. He spotted a chair. "Please Sodey sit we… we need to think."

Sode closed her eyes and nodded her head. She sat down on the chair Zangetsu moved for her, "Thank you," she said as she sat.

Zangetsu closed his eyes, courage, he thought to himself and then slowly he placed his hands on Sode's shoulders and began to massage them, "Relax we will find them."

"I know, I know it's just… ah that feel nice." Sode no Shirayuki said as she closed her eyes and leaned her head against Zangetsu's chiseled stomached. "You are such a good friend."

Zangetsu's hands tensed for a second, "Is that all I am?" Zangetsu asked as he moved to the front of Sode and knelt down.

Sode felt her face blush, "I did not … I did not wish to imply more than is my place… Zangy."

"And my place if you will have me is by your side." Zangetsu said his strong eyes fixed on Sode no Shirayuki's pink ones.

"But, I thought Haineko…"

"And I told you, from the moment you pierced the boy and came into his position I only had eyes…" Zangetsu smiled and moved his hand to caress Sode no Shirayuki's cheek. Slowly he moved closer to Sode.

"Ichigo you were right, I knew it." Rukia whispered from her hiding spot.

"I knew that magazine wasn't just for reading." Ichigo said with a smile, "So, the old man got the hots for your Sode no Shirayuki."

"Urahara out did himself these glasses are fantastic." Rukia said, "Shhhhhhh, Ichigo I think they're going to kiss."

Rukia and Ichigo watched their two zanpaktou's stare at each other for what seemed like hours, "Come on old man just kiss her (man how long does it take)," Ichigo whispered irritably.

"I know, you don't need all that staring just you know kiss her already." Rukia added.

"Ya I mean come on already." Ichigo said as he placed his arm around Rukia's shoulders. So, raped up in watching their zanpaktou's that neither Rukia or Ichigo felt the reiatsu behind them. Zangetsu was mere millimeters from Sode no Shirayuki's lips when, "Ichigo what have you DONE WITH MY SISTER," Byakuya screamed from behind.

"What," Ichigo spun around .

"Byakuya NO."

"ZANGETSU THERE THEY ARE!" Sode no Shirayuki's sudden movement caused Zangetsu to fall backwards.



"Nii-sama no please." Rukia screamed.

"You were spying on me!" Sode no Shirayuki screamed.

"Frustrating." Zangetsu sighed as he lay on the ground.

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