This is my creative version of Wizarding Uno.


"Wizard!" shouted Ron triumphantly, as he laid his next to last card on top of the discarded deck.

His counterparts moaned in despair as Ron giggled with glee.

It was Harry's turn now, and he studied his twenty two card hand carefully; he was really no good at this game. He sighed, picked a purple three and laid it on Ron's purple nine.

Ginny studied her hand carefully. She had an orange three, a silver five and a gold eight. She picked up her three, laid it down and said. "Color change"

George was next. The look on his face clearly told everyone, that he did not have a card to throw down. "Thanks Gin-Gin, I really appreciate that." He reached over and pulled from the deck, only to be greeted, with a red card that laughed at him and told him to draw two more. Grumbling George did as he was told. Thankfully his third card was an orange five, and he discarded it on the pile.

Fleur instantly slapped down a silver five. "YES!" she shouted. "Color change and Wizard!" She had one card left.

Bill sighed and pulled from the deck. He pulled a gold two, then a purple six. Signing he reached again. This time he pulled an orange four. This went on for a few more tries (His hand was starting to resemble Harry's) until he finally pulled a silver three, which he laid on the discarded pile.

Hermione looked at her three cards. She had a silver seven, a purple one and a red 'draw fifty.'


She looked at Ron and then to her other players. Everyone was glaring at Ron, this was their third round and Ron had beaten them at the first two. She fingered the two cards she had to choose from. She knew there was a lot riding on this game. She looked over to Harry, Fleur and Ron siblings. They were staring at her with pleading looks, and Ron…well…he was just about bouncing in his chair, cupping his card like a treasure. Keeping her face emotionless, she reached for her silver card, but in that instant, the dusty memory of Ron acting like a git at Yule ball crossed through her mind.

She smiled, grabbed her red draw fifty and slammed it down on the discarded deck.

"No!" shouted Ron, while everyone else shouted "YES!"

Ron muttered a swear word under his breath and reached for his cards; everyone watched as he carefully pulled fifty cards for his self.

"It's okay mate." said Harry as he was throwing down the new color. (Gold) "Now we match."

Run just grumbled.

A/N: 450 word challenge, and I didn't think I would ever pull it off. LOL