21 year old Nick Gray walked into his house which was completely silent. He had had a rough day at the recording session that day and was extremely tired. Slipping his shoes off, he walked up to his room. Shrugging, he loosened his tie and opened the door to his room noisily; barely acknowledging his sleeping wife or his daughter who seemed to be staring at her mother's face with an intense interest.

"SHHH!" hissed the one and half year-old, making him stop suddenly. Nick turned around confused. He looked at her with a questioning look.

"Mommy sleeping," she explained to her dad pointing at her mother with that adorable voice; her blue eyes that she had got from her mom wide with innocence.

Nick smiled looking at the two ladies that had so much impact in his life, one sleeping and the other staring at him with an accusing expression. He walked over and put his hand out offering to carry the younger one, who accepted it with delight. She giggled as her father attacked her little pink cheeks with kisses, being sure not to wake her mother up no matter what.

Nick gazed back down at the figure sleeping on their bed and whispered,"Mommy's beautiful, isn't she, baby girl?" The little girl nodded as if her life depended on it; her eyes twinkling.

Nick laughed lightly and placed a hand gently on her head," Whoa, slow down there, you're gonna hurt your head." She laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

"Well, so are you," he informed her, she sighed dramatically burying her head deeper into his shoulder. He smiled imagining how much of a drama queen she was going to turn out to be when she grew older, just like her mother. He lightly tickled her sides and she giggled and tried to tickle him by scratching his neck.

Both of them were so involved with each other that they hadn't realized that Miley' had woken up.

"Aww, aren't you two just adorable…" She gushed.

Nick smiled. "Hello to you too," he said as he leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her cheek and she returned it with a peck on the lip.

"Mommy!" The little girl yelled and jumped onto her mother's lap.

"Glad to see you missed me," Nick joked as Miley laughed holding onto their daughter.

"I love you daddy." Said the daughter consoling her dad.

"I love you too sweetie." He said smiling down at her to let her know he wasn't serious.

"Hey, what about me?" Miley asked; pretending to be hurt.

"I love you too." Both of them said together.

"I love you both too." She said as she got up. "Now come on, both of you. It's time you both had a bath. Patty you need to go to bed and Nick… your stinking." She said laughing and darting out of the room before he could say anything more.

"I'll get you for that later!" came his answer. He laughed and shook his head to himself. He looked at the picture frame on the night table which held the photo of his beautiful family. Silently thanking god for all that he was blessed for, he made his way into the bathroom; turning on the hot water.

There was nothing more he could and would wish for.


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